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one of the things i left off my knit plans for 2012 was the desire to try my hand at some kind of fair isle. i’ve never done any colourwork more complicated than stripes in the round in a  hat, and everyone says its easy, and two coloured mitts cant be that hard right? but as you saw from the list, i have a few other things planned, and probably won’t get to it!

i have been thinking about colour more broadly though, but mostly in relation to home decorating. i am still very much on holidays (another week after this one, and i’m loving it). so this last week has been a great mix of socialising, knitting, hanging around at home, swimming and watching cricket. on wednesday, i met up with some of my favourite people in sydney and we went to see the picasso exhibition at the art gallery of new south wales.

it was a really terrific collection, all of picasso’s own picassos, which he gave to the french state in lieu of taxes owed. they are now the bulk of the collection at the musee national picasso in paris, which, being under renovation, is shipping its entire collection around the globe. i’m a big fan of picasso, probably my third favourite painter after van gogh and vermeer. i particularly liked the way it was curated, chronologically from room to room so you get the progression across a life, and i really loved that these were the pieces picasso himself had kept. drawings from when he was just a boy in the early 1890s, right up to the beautiful and playful bathers statues from 1956 and and beyond. what an amazing artistic life. i grabbed a few mementos

including a large print of the ‘still life on a pedestal table’ (the same picture as on the cover of that notebook in the middle). it’s destined for the lounge room, which made me think that things in there needed a little freshening up. this is what its been looking like for a while.

then yesterday, i had an ikea play-date with pru and jane and a little ikea pixie called fiona who kept slipping things into my trolley.i tried to be disciplined, i even planned what i wanted from the catalogue.

after the obligatory meatballs for lunch,

we set out and i was pretty soon overwhelmed with just how many great things they have and how i pretty much want one of everything. we stopped for sustenance and a bit of knitting

before proceeding to the checkout.

i appear to have not got many of the things that were actually on my list, and a whole heap of soft furnishings instead. which is good, because now my lounge room looks like this:

a subtle but noticeable difference. the next thing to be replaced is that blanket hanging from the window to keep the morning sun out. curtains and rod have been acquired, they just need to be installed. i’m feeling a bit lucky today and might try my own hand at drilling. then again, perhaps not.

my next task is to do something about the colour scheme in my room. the problem here is that the walls are yellow

not a colour i would have chosen. and the air conditioner is in a stupid place which means i had to put that gorgeous rothko to one side. that beautiful blue and white quilt was made for me by george and i really want the rest of the room to work around that, so i probably need to start with a new quilt cover for winter. and i probably need to do something about all these red trinkets hanging off the fireplace.

or can you have red white and blue together in a room with yellow walls? i am not naturally colour minded, but i have some idea of what goes with what (as opposed to just throwing some balls of yarn on the floor and seeing what works). there is not much else about this rented house that i would change, but the yellow walls are one of them. they are unfortunately, here to stay. any ideas for what sort of colour scheme i can work with in there would be greatly appreciated!

in the meantime, i am keeping the knitting fairly simple, but still colourful. i am making good progress on the amiga cardigan in the rowan calmer “garnet’ colourway we picked up from janette’s rare yarns.

this is a fantastic yarn, a cotton/microfibre blend that is soft and stretchy and smooth, not like some of the rough cottons we’re usually subjected to. such a shame it took me so long to discover it, and that its now been discontinued.

a red cotton cardigan. a bit of a departure for me. must be something in the (brightly coloured) summer air!


one perfect day

i have been really putting in some hard yards at work lately. the main project im working on has passed the data collection phase and now i have the hard work of trying to sift through what i found and rephrase it so it makes sense to other people. this is harder than it sounds, because my target audience this time is the uni executive, and im asking them to think very differently about something. so im doing a lot of thinking, and my head hurts. im lucky to be able to work from  home when i need to, and i really need it at the moment, lots of reading, lots of drawing mind maps.

but all work and no play makes kylie a very unhealthy girl. its one of the constant struggles in my life, balancing my mental and physical needs with work and the needs of others. to be quite honest, my mental and physical health are really the most important, and i copped a hiding from a bad virus earlier this year, and i need to get myself strong before summer kicks in. so ive started taking my walking gear to work and doing a circuit of the campus during my lunch hour, rather than sitting and knitting. i dont like it, but it has to be done. today, the sun is shining, its a balmy 17 degrees, and i made arrangements to meet knitabulous down at north kiosk for lunch.

to get there, possum and i drove down to the beach (about 3 minutes from here), and set off through puckys nature reserve

and down fairy meadow beach towards north gong.

possum loves the ocean, she is crazy for all things water, so she had a great time running, swimming and barking at surfers:

when we were done with all that, we sat in the shade and waited for knitabulous to finish her run

before we ordered lunch,

ate, gossiped, coffeed, then headed back up the coast.

there is no perfect place in the world to live, im sure, but whenever i think i want to be somewhere else, i look at this view and cant remember why. to have so much gorgeous coastline, right on  my doorstep, where my dogs can run free and people are happy to say hi as you pass them on the beach, and the food is fresh and the water clean, well, it doesnt get much better really. with everything bad thats going on in the world, it helps to get out of my head and into the fresh air and remind myselfow lucky we are down here in the antipodes.

of course, i am back among the papers now, and STILL not knitting (im actually quite disciplined when i have a deadline), but i will be working on either of these things later – unst socks, on which ive turned the first heel finally

or adrift, which is about ready to divide for the arms.

and then i will cook dinner, watch the latest episode of true blood (i think its time eric got his gear off) and maybe some football, and i will have had a perfect day.

lucky me.

k xx