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once more unto the breach

lots of people have been doing wonderful knitting retrospectives and making me feel ill with their amazing productivity in 2011. like a lot of 2011, however,  i’d rather forget it happened and concentrate on what is yet to be achieved. tally ho, onwards and upwards, and all that (in other words, i didnt get much knitting done and i dont want to talk about it).

i have big plans for 2012 however. my plans are underpinned by one fundamental principle: knit only what i want, and in the yarn i most want to use. so i have trawled through my stash this morning and although i have lots of nice stuff, these are the items that are most loudly speaking to me.

i have even made a list, see, trying to match specific yarns with specific patterns.

there are a couple not yet matched which i can be persuaded about, but for the most part, these are patterns and yarns i’ve been wanting to work with for ages, and this is their year.

lets start with the socks. apparently the siren call of madeline tosh sock can no longer be resisted. i’ve used lots of their yarn for shawls etc, now its time to actually make some socks.

so the plans are, from left to right, spud and chloe fine (thats ‘red hot’ not hot pink thank you camera) for thelonius, madtosh composition book grey for (i think) anniversary socks, madtosh tart for wasabi peas (tarty peas im calling them), wollmeise vamp (up the back) for inlay socks and madtosh thunderstorm for i dont know what yet. i’m sure im missing a pattern i know about there, but i cant remember. dont be surprised if they become hederas, because that’s one my favourite and most versatile sock patterns.

i also have boy socks planned,

this gorgeous knitabulous is set to become whitbys for trents bday in june. best get started on them soon then. and of course, i still have to finish unst number two in that yummy koigu.

i really want to make some matching hats, mitts and scarves sets this year, so i’ve pulled out these beauties.

left to right, the sanguin gryphon bugga is destined for probably another early morning beret and some basic long mitts or wrist warmers. the rowan baby alpaca is for fancy gloves or mitts, im thinking maybe veyla with a matching hat (maybe an ishbel?), and the ruby bluesky alpaca silk is for a pigeon hat to match the celes scarf. speaking of which:

i’m working on two scarves right now, although celes (far right in the bluesky alpaca silk ruby) has taken a back seat to stonecrop, (far left) in the beautiful madtosh prairie in thunderstorm (to match the socks!). in the middle is a beautiful skein of sanguine gryphon mithril, the colour is ‘mayhem’ and its actually a lot darker reddish purple than it appears here. this is currently unattached to a pattern, ive gone off the triangular shawl so we will just let that one stew for a bit. the big skein in the middle is wollmeise lace garn in maus ault and that has shetland tea shawl written all over it (i might start this year but it wont get finished). i also have some of this yummy dream in colour smooshy in cashmere (bronzed lake) colour coming to me to be a line break shawl.

and finally, there’s the garments.

im working on two, although the silver bowl project (‘atelier’ in madtosh pashmina ‘vintage frame’) is in hibernation during the hot days, and its too hard to transport. the new red one on the left is two days old, its ‘amiga’ in the now discontinued rowan calmer, colourway garnet. ive never knit with this yarn before and its amazing. im prioritizing this one because its cotton and i will get to wear it sooner. the final skein is probably the nicest yarn i have in my stash, its madtosh merino light in ink. i have lots of it, and it was originally meant to be an austin hoodie, although im quite enamoured of slow line at the moment.

so there you have it. lots to look forward to. as for 2012 as a year, i expect it will be pretty much like 2011. full of stress and frustration and excitement and achievement at work, and the usual joy, love, sorrow and disappointments from people. another year, in other words.

hope it brings you lots of happy knitting time.

k xx