name: borahview possum
breed: koolie
date of birth: august 1 2004
nickname: feather brain

oh my little possum.

lets start with the breed thing. possum is a working dog, bred to work sheep. her DNA (if i could be bothered testing it, like some Krazy Koolie people do) would show her to be descended from the very first introduced breed of working dog in australia. in the 1820s, the free german settlers brought with them, to south australia, a long haired blue merle collie type of dog called a Tyge. it is from here that the Koolie descends (with a K, not a C. the C refers to the racist habit of colonial australians to call imported cheap labour Coolie).  over time the shorter haired versions were preferred because of the tendency of long australian grass and seeds to get caught in the coat, and because there has been a tendency for farmers to breed them with a bit of everything, they are not a standard kennel council breed. i dont care, this is one amazing dog.

shes from a farm up in gunnedah, north west nsw, and she was an adorable little thing since the day we picked her up. she had strange fuzzy hair on her back legs so i called her possum pants. she fell completely in love with jem, he was her lord and commander. humans were a bit of nuisance for a while there.

we got her to do flyball with but for a long time we didnt think she would be able to. she is a very ‘high strung’ and head strong type of dog, a little bit fearful but not as anxious as a kelpie, and much more forceful. she spent her first year a little bit isolated in our country house in jamberoo and it wasnt until we moved to canberra and trent took her to obedience that she started to overcome a lot of her fears and anxieties. to learn to work with her properly, i found out about this guy running sheep herding clinics at belgenny farm, an historic working farm in camden. ‘this guy’ is an australian yard dog champion and i cant put a price on what we learnt from him. to see a little dog run around sheep like poss did, with so much natural instinct, it makes you marvel at the wonder of nature. she knew what to do from day one. of course, i had no idea, and so our journey began. today she is a different dog. she is sweet and gentle and affectionate, friendly with other dogs she meets, patient with ricco biting her tail. her favourite thing is swimming, or rather diving in and then getting out just so she can dive in again.

she works sheep like a professional and we have done some yard dog trials where i consistently let her down!

and flyball. what can i say? shes a champion. once trent got her running she took to it like a duck to water and has never looked back. she ADORES it, she lives for it! shes fast and powerful, and the thing i like most is how hard she tries. shes like that with everything now, puts her heart and soul into everything she does and just wants to please us. she is a really amazing creature. i love my possy.

her personal motto is ‘shes so pretty’! she is, isnt she?

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