cardiff was the work part of the this trip and work is what i did. i arrived the day before the conference, after a really great train ride through beautiful countryside,

to find cardiff itself kind of, well, blah.

it was raining, so that didnt help, and cardiff had just been knocked out of the six nations rugby by those bastard irish, losing by only 2points AND at home.  those are rugby balls hanging from that structure outside my window. they were gone the next morning. im pretty sure everyone was depressed, but there were some real bargains to be had on rugby jumpers. most of my time was spent in this wonderful building, the cardiff town hall,

what a place to have a conference! in between sessions i met various people for coffee,  found a nice little italian place in the main queen st mall and walked through pretty gardens.

the only other landmarks i saw was the castle (it was decorated with neon lights on a string. but why??)

an aptly named pub:

and of course, milleunium stadium.

i did discover the wonder of Boots in cardiff though. i had intended to take the friday off the conference and hire a car and drive up to collinette, but it was further than i bargained and then i had to do some interviews in the morning and just couldnt make it work. so my time here ended with another train trip back to london (great knitting time)

this time via gloucester:

then aboard the flying kangaroo:

and the mother country sends another colonial back home where she belongs.

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