i have been very lucky over the last few years to be able to travel for work.

in 2006 i went to amsterdam for the european social science and history conference.

in 2007 i visited rome for workshops with the international gramsci society, with a slight detour to florence because i could. because i had to. this was followed by a ferry ride to sardinia for the international gramsci society conference.

in 2009 i visited london because it was on the way to cardiff. and how could i not?! and then on to cardiff for the 50th annual royal college of nursing international research conference.

of course, these were all very important busy conferences to go to, but i did manage a bit of sight seeing. click on the links to see what i thought and did.

in november 2010 i am hoping to go to washington DC in the US. isnt that kind of close to new york????

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