its a thing!

i have had my knitting time seriously encroached on this week due to Other Things like work, and singing practice, and a little thing called ‘organising the fabulous fibres feature display at the Sydney Royal Easter Show’.  im really enjoying being the co-ordinator of the display (where the knitters guild will have a large area to display our work and run demos and chat to the public etc) for the two whole weeks of the show, but good lord, the organising. lots and lots of spreadsheets and emails, trying to keep track of all the different elements. im lucky, i roped in some good people to take on specific tasks, and theyve been great, but sometimes collectives are harder than just doing it yourself. so much consensus building, and in a group as diverse as the knitters guild, consensus is a nice ideal! (Turns out I would have made a good facist dictator). but mostly, its been a good experience in staying focused on the goal and not sweating the small stuff.

i did manage to get one thing finished, one single lonesome sock, the first tarty pea (recovered from its little surgery).

this fits really well now and i like it a lot. the madtosh sock yarn knits up a dream. im not going to start the second one straight away. i owe someone a new pair of socks. these are the current knitted man socks in the house (missing one patonyle gansey – who knows where that is?)

as you can see some of them are faded and semi felted. sigh. so im going to start the first of these

and make one before returning to the tarty peas. that way he might have new socks by june.

i was also distracted this weekend by a little unexpected BUNT knitting. we decided for the stall to have some knitted bunting. bunting is a THING, mostly in sewing circles, but knitted anything is better, and my own guild group have decided it will be the thing they contribute to the stall. there was a string of them already on display at saturdays meeting, and i couldnt resist, i had to come home and make one:

this is some left over yarntini self striping. i have some cherry tree hill left overs too, and maybe a bit of wollmeise lying around. it could only be more of a THING if you put a bird on it, right?

k xx

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13 responses to “its a thing!

  • RoseRed

    Heh heh, I am bunting as I read this!

    That is great yarn for the boy socks. Nice choice of pattern. I think they will work up super quick! And then you’ll be able to make a bunt out of the leftovers!

  • lynshoemark

    I’m bunting and blogging about bunting (how’s that for one-up-personship, RoseRed?). I think we will have bunting of Guinness Book of Records proportions. Love the Whitby sock pattern – very classic.

  • crafting, with chocolate

    Love the tarty pea sock, and really love the self-striping bunting.

    I’ve been trying really hard to resist the bunting, but I keep thinking about all the gorgeous sock leftovers in my stash… not sure I can hold out much longer!

  • donna lee

    Um, I’m almost ashamed to say I don’t know what bunting is (I guess I could go look it up). In my mind, a bunting is a pouch-like thing you put a baby into. You know “bye baby bunting, daddy’s gone a-hunting” kind of thing. Oh, or a decoration kind of thing. Am I missing something?

    I never mind making socks for my husband because he actually wears them and makes sure to sit with his pants leg pulled up to show them off. I just have to make sure to use some yarn with nylon in it since he tends to be hard on them.

    • DrK

      you know that stuff that you guys put up for parades and elections etc, like strings of flags? we call that ‘bunting’. and yes, the baby stuff too, but mostly the flags and streamers and stuff.

  • sexyninjamonkey

    Damn, you bunted that out quick. I haven’t even looked at the pattern yet.

  • jp

    Bunting is happening everywhere it’s almost reinvigorated my languising number seven.

    And the yarn for the socks. My tribe have been moaning about socks recently. Must knit some. Stripes for O and some nice green or dark ones for T.

  • Yarna

    Yay! Bunt on, I say!

  • 2paw

    I am so glad your sock fits and that it will soon have its pair!! I remember bunting was always at service stations. I wonder if the put a bird on it show will come here?? Sometimes someone just needs to take charge and make a decision if there is a lot of waffling on!!

  • yogaknitdra

    Love your TartyPeas, actually read it first as tea party so maybe that’s a sign to do so in our peas socks when they’re all done. I’m only just onto the 2nd one. I have begun putting a bird on my bunting!

  • 1funkyknitwit

    Lonesome sock it may be but it looks very pretty and seriously needs it’s mate. Love the photo of all your socks hanging on the line. It takes me back to a time where you could find the good old Hills Hoist in every backyard full of flapping clothes, sadly a rarity now. Enjoy knitting Whitby.

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