i woke up at 530 this morning to yet another cool grey raining summer day down here in the antipodes. im not complaining. im very happy about La Nina, she can stick around as long as she likes if it means rain and cooler temps, after 10 years of drought and raging bushfires. but when i heard the rain and realised i was cold, i thought ‘i need more knitting time’. there is the cotton cardigan on the needles i need to finish, and ‘atelier’ i need to get out of hibernation, and a new one i want to start. so much knitting, so little time.

and then there’s socks – i managed to fix up the wasabi peas and it now slides on perfectly.

all i had to do really was reduce the amount of stitches in the decrease rounds. the pattern says purl 5 together. im just purling 3 together. much better. im enjoying these otherwise, but i need to knit other pairs for other people too. and lets not even start on the unscheduled knitting that was NOT ON THE LIST, some for the easter show, some for people who insist on having babies.

and if i didnt think things could get any more demanding at work i was wrong. i feel oddly calm about it however. perhaps its the calm one feels right before the executioner chops off one’s head? at any rate, there’s no point stressing about it as that wont help me get it done. i just need to make lists everyday and break everything down into tasks and tick them off as i go (and delegate as much as i can. i still have minions for that thankfully). i am also happy to report the home/cleaning/dog caring situation has improved, with my house mate now able to work remotely (as in, from home) for the rest of the summer, so he will be able to help with stuff around the house and with the dogs. he’s real good like that. as part of my new energy efficient eating plan, i also committed to 15 minutes house work a day. when you just do it in little chunks it doesnt feel so overwhelming.

but of course, instead of just relaxing into that little bit of breathing space, i’ve gone and added something else to my agenda. i joined a new choir!! im so excited about it, it was a huge leap for me to join this particular group – its the illawarra choral society and they do Serious Music. last year they performed Handel’s Messiah for their christmas performance, and when i arrived at rehearsal on monday night they handed me this

oh yes, Mozart. the whole entire requiem, to be performed in april. i havent sung classical since my high school choir, and i also have never learnt to properly read music (altho i can follow it), so sections like this are proving a bit of a challenge:

but they told me i did really well on monday night and are happy for me to come back. im singing in the alto part, i’m at the higher end of the range but operatic soprana doesnt come naturally, so i’m happy to be where i am. its a big group, maybe 50 people, and oh my god, they sound amazing! if i had been walking past i would have stopped and listened. so incredibly beautiful. its a real step up for me, from ethnic folksongs and rearranged beatles tunes to my favourite composer. i have the whole requiem on high rotation just trying to get the rhythms in my head – the lacrimosa was in my head when i woke up this morning so it wont take me long to get the hang of it.

a bit of a change from the usual ‘chemical brother’s (hence the post title) or ‘boards of canada’ i listen to while im working. and practice everyday is going to cut into knitting time, but i dont mind. singing makes me happier than just about anything else i do, i dont know why, i guess its true what they say about music and the soul. and theres just something about mozart -he’s always been my favourite but now to be part of these beautiful, complex and crazy harmonies, it makes me appreciate his amazing talent even more.

im so glad i took the risk to try out for a choir i thought was well beyond me. i was so anxious before i got there, so sure i wouldnt be good enough, i nearly turned around and came back home. you never know what you’re capable of until you try do you?


ps anyone up for a sunday afternoon in wollongong? i can arrange the group booking!

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11 responses to “music…response

  • Ailsa

    lucky you didn’t say remotely working. i used to subscribe to the flylady (a kind of odd american organisation/cleaning help site) who gave me some good advice. I sometimes put one of those little white timer things in a room, set it for ten minutes and start tidying up. When it buzzes, move rooms whether you’ve finished or not, and re-set the timer. You’d be suprised how much you can get done in ten minutes per room. Dear me, what have we become? Talking about housework and diet. I’m ashamed of us!

  • DrK

    heh, and here was i thinking i wrote about mozart!

  • RoseRed

    Heh heh, good comments! I should do that 10 minute thing too!

    I would love to hear you sing (not that I would be able to pick your voice, I am not remotely musical, sadly). I will see if I can get a leave pass. I am very glad you are doing this, I think it’s fabulous.

  • 2paw

    Oh, happy singing in the choir. When I was at school a small part of the choir sang in the wings for part of The Messiah. It was great. Hooray for socks that fit. I think breaking things into small parts is a good idea. How I long for minions….

  • crafting, with chocolate

    I am so glad you’re singing again. I love singing (and singing loud) but unfortunately I can’t carry a tune in a bucket I can only imagine how enjoyable it would be if I could actually sing!

    And the socks look fabulous!

  • donna lee

    Singing is good for the soul. It’s what I do when the stress builds up, put on the music and sing. I have sung in choruses but am only mediocre.

    What a simple solution to the fit problem. and it kept the pattern intact. I am still fiddling with the crocheted socks. They’re oddly fascinating.

  • Sarah

    Oh your choir sounds wonderful – breathing space comes in all different guises doesn’t it and I can feel from your writing how energising this is for you. Well done on the Peas fix too and when you find some more time send it my way šŸ™‚

  • Emma

    Am glad you managed to fix up Wasabi Peas, they look lots more comfortable now.

    Tis amazing how breaking things up into chunks makes things more manageable. I’m a terrible procrastinator and get overwhelmed pretty easily, but of late I’ve started doing things in 30 minute blocks. The world’s been much easier to deal with since doing that.

    Did you end up seeking out Geogaddi by Boards of Canada? Dawn Chorus from that album is great.

  • yogaknitdra

    So great you’ve joined this choir, what wonderful way to lift the spirits. The Requiem piece of music is a favorite of mine, though I’ve never heard it sung first hand, just recorded versions. I’d love to come and hear your performance, it’s in the diary. Heh, chemical bros and Mozart may have had more in common than we’ll ever know…:-)

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