if in doubt…

probably the most important thing i’ve learnt as i’ve progressed in my knitting skills is to trust my instincts. it turns out i am usually right. for instance: happily knitting along on the wasabi pea socks, added a few extra stitches, figured out how to stick to the actual pattern, loving the madelinetosh sock yarn (its even better for socks than it is for shawls). fits great on the leg, do the heel and sort of gusset decreases as directed, try it on:

houston, we have a problem. you cant really tell from these pictures but its too tight across the instep

it fits great everywhere else, but its just too tight there. theres no real stretch in it, and the pattern is meant to go down the foot,

whereas mine stops about one centimetre after the instep.

i knew it wasnt right, and continued for a bit, but the little voice inside my head wouldnt shut up, and so, you know what i must do. if in doubt, rip it out. as they say.

so thats a bit of a bummer, and ive been putting it off, but i will do it today. hopefully it wont be too stressful, as i am a bit wobbly today. the change in eating pattern (i do not use that D word) is going really well. im really super surprised by some of the changes, including a noticeable increase in energy and mental clarity, let alone the lack of stomach pain. everything is, for the most part, functioning normally. yesterday tho, i was really busy at work and went well below what im meant to on the carb level, and pretty well started sliding into a quasi-coma from about 8pm. i was so tired, and a bit headachy and the strange taste in my mouth, and this morning i woke up tired and cranky and crying.

of course, that could just be a delayed shock reaction from the week i’ve had at work. there is lots of movement at the station because of the new BossMan and ive been given a number of new (some rather important) projects. im determined not to let them stress me out and just do what i can each day, and ignore the fact that my boss just SMSed me. at noon. on a saturday.

perhaps i’ll just make a nice cup of tea before i start on that sock!

k xx

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10 responses to “if in doubt…

  • gidgetknits

    Nice cup of tea sounds perfect. The socks are looking great. The fixing up will be well worth it. And yes, definitely ignore the SMS. Seriously, we are not in a life and death business I can’t figure out why we’re suddenly working 24/7.

  • RoseRed

    Bugger about the tightness, but at least you didn’t get all the way down the foot before you realised. A nice cup of tea will help! As will ignoring weekend texts from work people, heh! (actually, that probably won’t help – it’s a fine line, keeping work and home separate and keeping sensible boundaries, without being perceived to be some sort of slacker. Geez, that capitalist work nonsense! Heh!)

    • DrK

      oh i have no qualms about ignoring him on a saturday (i dont think that would make anyone a slacker!) its funny how he has a thought and texts me tho, i should take it as a compliment i guess!

  • crafting, with chocolate

    That sock is looking fantastic, shame you need to rip back but it will be worth it. Love red socks!

  • 2paw

    Bah Humbug. I am glad it is not to arduous a task to fix the lovely sock!!

  • Sarah

    You look after yourself – tea and knitting definitely are weekend priorities!

  • faeryfay

    Yes, a cuppa fixes everything (I wish). Good luck with the socks!

  • lynshoemark

    I always have my doubts about these fancy schmancy sock patterns knitted on the bias – now if you’d just stuck with Nancy!

    Glad the change in eating patterns is helping. I think one of the sad but true facts about the world is that your diet really is important to your well-being.

  • donna lee

    The sock pattern is pretty. Can you just stop the pattern at the ankle and use a plain foot? (but you probably already thought of that)

    Since I have a 30 minute train ride to/from work each day, I use that time as my boundary space. I psyche myself up in the morning to go in and let myself decompress in the afternoon on the way home. Once home, work does not exist.

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