wip it good

if you are my age you will now have Devo playing in your head. you can thank me later. and yes i deliberately mispelled it because i am going to talk about some of my Works In Progress (wips).

but first, thank you so much for all the supportive comments in the last post. i am feeling much better about things, and was reassured by all the ‘get a cleaner’ comments. i used to have one when we lived in terry hills in a very big house, and i dont have a problem with employing someone. there are a few possible changes happening in the housemates circumstances that may effect that decision and i should know this week sometime, but i at least feel like i can do something about that issue!

i think this has been helped by ‘wipping’ (haha) a few other things into shape in other areas of my life as well. part of my overwhelm feeling was that i wasnt looking after myself, and that means nutritionally as well. i had a day last week where i just couldnt be bothered cooking and i ate sandwiches or toast for every meal, and i was sick as a dog for three days. actually, not ‘as a dog’ because dogs get sick and move on, i was worse. i felt like my gut was being twisted. i couldnt move, could hardly breath. it took three days to subside. i’ve been having increasing reactions to bread, pasta and rice and that precipated a discussion with my friend kris who i knew had done low-carb eating before. so i have made a decision to change my life in that regard.

i am not one for diets. i dont believe in short term fads. and i get very angry about all the ‘stuff’ that is caught up with women, weight and body image. if you think fat is not a feminist issue you’re probably a guy. my thoughts on this matter are best summarised by naomi wolf who wrote about how impossible it is for women to be politically active (or active in their lives in any real way) when they are busy starving themselves to death. (if you havent read that book you really should. right now). and i get extremely frustrated with all the bullshit tv shows and pseudo weight trainers who make money by objectifying and humiliating overweight people. the problems caused by a society in which its ok to automatically assume overweight people are  bad, lazy and unhealthy do little to help the issue and in fact make it worse. i must declare my own self interest here, i am overweight, and have struggled with that since i was about 16. it runs in my family, everyone is overweight. but im lucky. my dr says im in perfect health. low everything thats supposed to be low. i think its mostly because i dont drink and smoke (never have smoked, thankfully) but also im still young. i cant rely on that luck forever.

so my big decision is to mostly remove carboydrate from my diet. i’ve been working on it since tuesday. i’m well under the recommended 100g a day by taking out bread, pasta, rice and sugar. of course, i pretty much want to kill someone for a timtam right now. and i dont intend to never eat those things again (sugar in particular. in fact, if i get through a month sticking to my plan for 6 days a week im going to make a pavlova). but i cant tell you how great i feel already. just a little thing like changing my breakfast from grains to protein has changed the whole shape of my day. im not hungry. not at all. this means im not thinking about food. this is a huge step forward for me, being one of those people who has an emotional relationship with food. i feel alert and energetic, am sleeping really well and feel like this is something i can sustain. i always was a meat lover, so this plan works to my natural strengths! dont worry, im not going to blog about it endlessly, because there really is nothing more painful than diet blogging (get a life people). but i think its important to acknowledge the change and to let you know if it works!

but what i really want to talk about, related to the issue about obesity above, is the expense! my groceries are not cheap anyway, i already eat mostly fresh food. but when you take out a sandwich for lunch or toast for breakfast, and start getting your fibre wholly  from fruit and veg, you’re looking at a lot of money being spent on food. which is what makes me so angry when we have newspaper columnists running around talking about how much fat people are going to cost the health system and NOT talking about the fact that macdonalds is cheaper and easier. i had someone living a very comfortable middle class life once tell me there was no class in australia. you want to start linking obesity to postcode and try sell me that one again? i can see it here, near where i live. the coles supermarket closer to the housing commission area has dreadful quality fresh food and a very limited range. the woolworths not more than 1km south is like gourmet world. yet another social problem that we blame on the individual, yet another great big silence. im lucky, i can afford to make this change. we should think about those who are less so before we rush to judge them.

and on that note, i shall stop pontificating and get to the knitting. i am feeling more in control at work by setting some clear boundaries about my time and availability, but instead of just resting with that, i decided it was a good time to take on a knitters guild responsibility. apart from being co-secretary of my own guild group, i have offered to co-cordinate the sydney royal easter show feature display. this is not the competition part, its different. every year a particular craft gets a separate space to showcase its best work, hold displays, talk to the public etc. the knitters guild will be part of this display this year along with the handspinners and weavers and the machine knitters. its already started to be bigger than ben hur, and my spare computer time has been taken up this week with endless spreadsheeting and emailing. so much for taking things off the desk.

it also means i havent had a lot of knitting time, although i am finding by sticking to only a few things i am making some progress. for example, the restarted wasabi pea socks are now at the heel (turned it today)

the amiga ‘rowan calmer’ cotton cardi is well down the body (although i keep adding front increases which doesnt help)

and the ‘different lines’ shawl in the hoslt garn silk wool is nearing completion. another one or two black stripes and it will be onto the final red band.

these are all proving good summer projects, its been warmer here this week and i cant imagine touching anything heavy and furry. but already, we’re at the end of january and i’m worried i wont have the things ready i want to wear this winter!

oh time time time see whats become of me…from devo to the bangles in one post. dont say i dont do anything for you.


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11 responses to “wip it good

  • missfee

    wow so much knitting – I haven’t gotten past the rib of my wasabi socks

    wip it good!!!!

  • RoseRed

    Mmm, Bangles. I do love that song.

    Go stripes! Red stripes go faster!

    I would be interested to know what protein you are eating for breakfast, and what you replace sandwiches with. But maybe you can just send me an email, heh!

  • crafting, with chocolate

    Bangles? I’m dissapointed in you Dr K, that was Simon and Garfunkel! The bangles cover was pretty good though I admit. Thanks for the Devo earworm, I’ll be humming that one for days.

    Good luck with the new eating plan. I’ve been thinking about what you were saying yesterday and I have similar issues with carbs making me sleepy and lethargic. I just wish I could get my kids to eat salad!

  • gidgetknits

    Oh, the Bangles are my favourite! Good to see all the WIPs. As for diet… try being gluten and semi-dairy intolerant. I kept making rude noises at the ads for the supermarkets that would say ‘because everyone eats bread’. No, not everyone does. Make the healthy things cheaper! It’s ridiculous that it costs me more to put together a salad or simple pasta than to buy a frozen pizza. And that’s the end of my rant. 🙂 Those socks are looking really good…

  • kgirlknits

    Wips are going great guns – go you! Love that everything on your sticks is coordinating atm, too.

    good luck with the more restricted food groups, hopefully it helps get you feeling better. I eat a high-protein lunch most days, swapping a sandwich for a good serve of protein and a salad, or soup in the winter. Felt so much better for doing it, have to say.

    I’m not touching the Bangles…!

  • 2paw

    I see a nice colour theme in your knitting!! Glad you are feeling better and yes, proper food is so expensive, it’s what I spend most of my money after bills on. I get cross when they have cheap food from overseas countries with a poor record for food safety, yes, poor people they can just eat pesticides and melamine, can’t they??
    Re being overweight, my mother sees it as a personal and moral failing, being naturally slim and having no chronic illnesses herself. I am not sure how she would cope if she put on weight.
    Yes, I have a Devo ear worm and if I had a hat- or an orange traffic cone, I’d be wearing it now!

  • Sarah

    Good for you and your positive changes – and for your lovely knitting 🙂

  • 1funkyknitwit

    You had me at.. ‘wii it good’ …lovely wips and lovely reds .)

    I like that you are taking positive changes to your life, regardless of what your weight or age is, it’s important to look after the one vessel carries you through life. Very few of us take great care of it, and clean eating and some excerise is really the best way to do it for good wellbeing throughout our lives. It’s that simple, really 🙂

  • jp

    Drk always impressive and from Devo to the Bangles (yes it is a Simon and Garfunkel cover) but for a great movie Less Than Zero.

    Your wips are making me jealous with my monogomous squares. But I want them finished so squares it is then breaking out once I finally complete.

  • donna lee

    We don’t eat much processed foods and have cut way back on eating out but are spending more money on foods. I feel fortunate that we can afford the meat and vegetables but always feel a jolt of shock when they tell me how much I’ve spent at the store.

    This is the start of Reclaim our Health week here. We are hitting the gym and that’s always good for motivation to eat better. Who wants to do all that work and then sabotage things by eating crap?

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