fo1: unst redux

the first finished objects for 2012 are the lovely unst socks by nancy bush

this is my second attempt at these socks. i messed up the pattern AND sizing the first time and then messed up the yarn (spud and chloe fine in ‘shitake’) when trying to rip back. but i wanted to do them so much because i had initially started them as part of a KAL with alison and fiona, and they finished and i didnt. so i picked up this lovely koigu yarn from calico and ivy in perth, and started again.

im glad i did. this is a really easy pattern, with only 4 pattern rows, two of which are knit, and the actual stitch pattern easy to remember. its the ‘columns and arches’ stitch pattern and it comes up a treat in this tightly twisted yarn

(apart from where the knitter makes mistakes, but in socks for me i dont care). i did make one serious miscalculation however. i upped the stitch count by a whole pattern repeat (so from 56 stitches to 70). 56 stitches is way too small for me, especially on 2.25mm needles. i forgot however, that koigu skeins are a bit shorter than usual. so i ran out of yarn right near the end of the toe

i decided to just finish the toes with what i could reclaim from the aforementioned spud and chloe. it was a pretty good match, and i dont think you’d know if i didnt tell you. i will wear these a lot, they fit well and the colour goes with everything.

i would defintely recommend this pattern to start with if you’ve not knitted nancy bush socks before.

im enjoying knitting socks at the moment, and started another KAL with fee and al yesterday at lunch after knitters guild meeting. this time its wasabi peas from interweave knits

but i am not a green yarn lover, i dont own or wear a single green thing and dont intend to start anytime soon. so, in line with my ‘knit what you want with the yarn you want’ motto for 2012, i’ve started mine in madelinetosh sock in ‘tart’, which is my favourite colour of hers and will match my stripe study shawl. im calling them ‘tarty peas’

we’ve made a few mods to this pattern so far, including upping the stitch count, changing the cuff and modifying the actual stitch pattern! i’ll let you know how they work out, and hopefully there will be no mishaps with pattern or yarns this time.

k xx

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8 responses to “fo1: unst redux

  • RoseRed

    I like these socks, I especially like how the pattern flows right from the cuff, no ribbing in the way! And you definitely can’t tell the different yarn at the toe, unless you were really looking for it. Yay for Nancy! Yay for first FO of the year!

  • Yarnosophy Bron

    Love the look of those socks! I’m going to start new socks soon and might just visit Unst 🙂

  • LynS

    I’ve loved this pattern for so long that I can no longer remember why I’ve not yet knitted Unst socks. Maybe there’s no good reason so I think they’ll be the next pair on the needles. The Spud and Chloe emergency toes were a great solution.

  • gidgetknits

    Great socks… but can I admit I can’t wait to see the Tarty Peas? So many mods! So much excitement!

  • 2paw

    I love those two sock colours together in the last picture!! Hooray for your finished socks, and I cannot even tell you ran out of wool at the end!!

  • donna lee

    Unst is one of those patterns I’ve had on the list for a while. Your photos show off her pattern better than the ones in the book.

    “tarty peas” hee hee!

  • Emma

    Geez, that Spud and Chloe matches well, I’m struggling to see the end of the Koigu and the start of Spud and Chloe!

    The colour and the pattern are lovely. You know, now that I’ve finally started, I think I’m hooked on Nancy Bush sock patterns…

  • crafting, with chocolate

    Ooh I like these… maybe Nancy isn’t so bad after all! I would never have noticed the spud and chloe toes if you hadn’t pointed it out. Yay for your first FO for the year!

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