stops and starts

at our knitters guild meeting this weekend, we did a round the room ‘what i learnt about knitting this year’. i said i learnt that if you work on one project it gets finished, and then lyn said something that really resonated with me – that i dont like knitting patterns i dont like. i’ve always struggled with KALs, and i was really disappointed with the socks that the majority voted for in a group i helped initiate on ravelry. they were good patterns, just not the ones i really wanted to knit, especially in a year where knitting time has been so hard to come by. so i started one or two of them, and then opted out.

this doesnt just apply to KALs though. this year i have also learnt if i’ve decided on something, and i start it, and im not feeling the love, frog it. it wont get finished and it will sit in the basket under my coffee table unfinished. for example, this jaywalker sock, which i discovered on sunday when i was cleaning out said basket.

it has no sibling, because as much as i love the yarn (its online supersocke bamboo blend and its so lovely and so soft on), i really loathe that jaywalker pattern. so even though the basket is now tidy,

and that sock is back in there, there probably wont be a second one. at least, not in the forseeable future.  while cleaning out said basket, and with lyn’s words ringing in my head, i looked at the lovely madli’s shawl in gold silky thread. i havent knit it for ages. why? it bores me. i opted for no nupps, and i hate to admit it but i was wrong (yes yes i said it, take a picture). it needs the nupps so it doesnt look so repetitive, and in that superfine yarn, it really needed the nupps to give it some definition. so it got frogged. because i do want to be knitting some lace, and because fiona is my own personal test knitter at the moment, i have started jared flood’s stonecrop instead.

missfee supplied me with the yarn, which is the beautiful madtosh prairie in thunderstorm (much bluer than it looks here). i wanted to do this because i have some of that colour in madtosh sock, and i love the idea of a shetland/orenburg construction with NO KNITTED ON BORDER. whats not to love about that?

i have been trying to practice what i preach in the monogomous knitting department as well, and concentrating on getting a pair of boy socks off the needles in time for christmas. i achieved that today with these lovely stripey creations.

then i noticed a little problem.

hmmm. i think i will rip that second toe back to the same length as the first (which fits the recipient) and then kitchener it.

so that would be something i obviously failed to learn about knitting this year: look at the first sock before you start the second!


k xx

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18 responses to “stops and starts

  • RoseRed

    Can you come and tidy my knitting basket? No frogging though! You are too free and easy with that for my liking, heh!

    When you fix that toe, the stripes will be almost matching! Cool! Heh heh. Can’t believe you knit the second one so much longer!

    Love that Thunderstorm colour, just gorgeous.

    Something else I wanted to say, but can’t recall…sigh. Old age! Heh.

  • RoseRed

    I remember! How about a different pattern for the second sock in that stripey bamboo yarn? I reckon even a plain stocking stitch would be cool. I do love matching but not socks!

    • drkknits

      Oh that’s a good idea, i love mismatched socks too, and its a really lovely summer yarn. and there would be frogging of any WIP over a year untouched if i cleaned out your basket. So best i not do that!

  • jp

    So organised cleaning up. T keeps looking meaningfully at what I must call my pile on the second couch.

    The lace looks great

  • justthreadtwiddling

    I love how we see something we have learned about ourselves, as well as the knitting. Sometime I am going to have to try monkeys and jaywalkers as well as clapotis. I’m always a few steps behind the times.

  • gidgetknits

    Oh those socks made me chuckle! I’m trying to wrangle the WIPs. It’s satisfying seeing things get finished!

  • yogaknitdra

    I was thinking a different sock pattern to complete the pair too. Good on you for frogging it, though perhaps a case of Nancy was right to include the nupps?!

  • donna lee

    I put the Madli’s shawl away for now to finish some holiday socks. It’s not an exciting pattern even with the nupps but I’m hoping it’ll be pretty when it’s done. I have a pair of Bayerische socks with one completed and one half done but I don’t want to finish it. It’s all twisted stitches and cables and probably will never get done. Unfortunately, I love the color.

  • missfee

    i’m with you and Maldi – i lost interest and enthusiasm quite fast even though I was doing the nupps

    I am loving the new Mr Flood shawl though

    I’d knit you a second jay walker if you like!

  • LynS

    Joint New Year knitting resolution for 2012 – only knit patterns we really like! That should be an easy one to carry out throughout the year.

  • Yarna

    I too have visited languishing WIPs and consigend them to the frog pond. It is quite liberating.

  • travellersyarn

    Back to the WWNBD t-shirt idea… I’m inspired by you and am going to do some frogging tonight. I have a half knitted sock in Wollmeise 100% that is doomed because I am not knitting any more socks without nylon.

    Love the KF Regia socks. So glad that there are still new colourways coming out!

  • 2paw

    Oh I think you are right. I only like to do things I know I like and can do well now. Actually I was like that as a child and would sulk if made to participate in things I had poor skills in. I am glad you have found something that cheers your heart and your needles. Oh, nupps: I love them and I hate them. Nice to see the socks can be easily fixed!!

  • faeryfay

    Ah, you make me laugh! I love the socks that don’t quite match up. Reminds me of when my mum once knitted three sleeves for a jumper as she lost count and place in the pattern! You are a brilliant knitter and everybody starts some things that never get finished! I’m struggling a bit with the Madli right now! Actually I really should just get off the computer and get into that basket under my coffee table, pull out the Madli and try to finish it!:-)

  • Leonie

    Without having read the previous comments, that “pair” of socks is hilarious. I think all sock knitters get a free pass on unmatched foot lengths at least once 🙂

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