FO: ruby stockings, finally

ah yes, i do knit, why do you ask?

ok so its been a while since i actually finished anything, but thanks to the little jaunt in the previous post, i finally got the ruby stockings off the needles! so lets cut to the chase shall we?

pattern: evening stockings for a young lady by nancy bush (we love nancy).ย (by the way, everytime i say ‘young lady’ i think ofย little britian, but anyway).

modifications. a slightly shorter heel, thats all. i cast on 75 stitches using a double strand (very important). i used 2.5mm nickel dpns and knitted them over three needles. i knew that with my calf size they wouldnt go all the way up my leg, i would have had to cast on more and then modified the decreases so i opted instead to just knit a slightly shorter heel and and have them not be as long. the heel is very long, with 20 slipped stitches on each side. i think i probably did my usual 16 or 17 on each side. they fit really well.

its a dutch heel, it was unusual but i like it. i especially love the way the pattern panels from the leg run into the rib panels in the heel. i also really love the decrease panels down the back. just so well thought out technically, and very aesthetically pleasing (we love nancy).

the pattern repeat was easy to remember and really shines in this gorgeous yarn, which is wollmeise twin in ‘ruby thursday’, bought back from pfaffenhoffen for me from the lovely german fibre whore DrG!

i definitely need more wollmeise socks, and i need more Nancy socks too. hence, i’ve already cast on ‘Unst Redux’.

we love nancy. oh, did i say that already?

k xx

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