the festival of scorpio

one of the best things about having my birthday at this time of year is how many other people i know do as well. i love the fact that oct23-nov22 turns into a month long celebration of someone, with gifts, hugs and cake being exchanged all over the place. and also, it helps that most of my favourite people are scorpios!

i dont have a good history with birthdays usually. i try and not care about them, mostly because i’ve always had expectations be disappointed. but this year has proven me quietly wrong. quietly is the key word. i really had no expectations and no plans, just a dinner on thursday night (my actual bday) at a new pizza place in town. yet i was showered with love and kindness all day. early morning text messages, orange and almond cake for breakfast, countless well wishes on facebook, and surpise packages in the mail!

from donna, a liberty notebook & gorgeous pen, and from jane, smooshy sanguine gryphon yarn

and a very cool knitted tea cosy

from my favourite Canberrans, beautiful red beads and me jumping out of a plane (because it was going to brisbane and i didnt want to go there. indeed i didnt, james).

and then a kind of a planned surprise – some of my prints from various overseas journeys finally properly framed and blockmounted. a reproduction of a page out of Pliny’s Natural History from the Laurentian (Medici) Library in Florence

now hanging properly over the mantlepiece in my bedroom

and two Rothkos, one from the Tate Modern exhibition i was lucky enough to see a few years ago, and one from the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, from the Christmas trip last year.

this particular Rothko is one of my favourite paintings ever and is now hanging next to my bed (without the reflection of me!)

in real life it was huge, half the size of my actual bedroom wall (i have a big wall). i dont know why i like rothko so much. blocks of colour on a massive canvas really shouldnt have the power to make one cry. anyway.

then out for dinner with trent and ailsa and the kids, to Lupa, it was wonderful, pizzas (nearly) as good as any i had in italy

with a fantastic tiramisu (my favourite dessert).

festivities continued yesterday with the monthly lunch at diggies before SnB,

and we had some special visitors from sydney, lyn and margarita, and another present hand made by zena.

how gorgeous is it? im using it already, as you can see. there was chocolate too, but i ate that already.

so its been lovely really, thank you everyone. and there is more to come next weekend when about 10 of us knitter peeps hit the victorian countryside. 4 of us are scorpios. one day, we will rule the world.

in other news, i am a bit all over the place. i mentioned something about an ‘old flame’ last post, and i dont want to say too much, but its proving interesting. exciting, and fun, and really scary too. who knew that 13 years in one relationship and 2 and a half years out of it could play so much havoc with your self esteem? im trying not to overthink things, and just enjoy the ride, whereever it goes.

if you know anything about scorpios, you’ll know how hard that is! wish me luck, wont you 🙂

k xx


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15 responses to “the festival of scorpio

  • justthreadtwiddling

    Belated birthday wishes, and I hope the ‘old flame’ provides lots of fun and good feelings.
    On a sadder note, we said good bye to Lucy this week. Please hug your pups for me!

  • gidgetknits

    Long birthdays are the best!! Keep enjoying it!

  • Shelley

    Scorpios are the best people. 😀
    Looks like you were thoroughly spoilt, and I am well impressed.

    Big hugs from this side of the Ditch.

  • RoseRed

    Oooh look at that pretty bag from Zena! With a zip! Clever!

    Glad you had a lovely birthday! I love Scorpios too (heh heh, I can’t help my bias!)

  • 1funkyknitwit

    Kylie it was so wonderful catching up with you all yesterday and ALL your gifts are just so lovely, but most all I’m extremely happy that you are in a happy place right now !
    Apart from being the most loyal friend one can find scorpio’s do tend to over analyze stuff and over-think everything at times (much to their detriment ) when sometimes like you mentioned you just need to go along for the ride – do take that good piece of advice of yours and just enjoy what ever comes your way.. personally I’m thrilled to bits for you 😀 …hold on tight and enjoy lovely ! xo
    Oh and no luck needed, luck is on your side right now .)

  • Knitdra

    What a wonderful combination of gifts and prints and catching up with people, old(flames) and more recent friendships. I couldn’t wish a better birthday festival for anyone, and it’s not over yet!

  • Nettie

    Belated birthday wishes, Kylie. No need to stop celebrating, really. (I agree that, even with low expectations of birthdays, it’s so nice to feel a bit special and a bit more loved than usual on that day.)

  • faeryfay

    Sounds like a fabulous birthday! 🙂

  • missfee

    Wow I love Rothko too – what a great birthday – and what lovely presents – I am sure it is not the end of the celebrations or presents yet…….

  • LynS

    These are just the kind of birthdays I love – the ones where you have few expectations and then the bits and pieces of celebration and remembering and kindness just sneak up on you. It was good to catch up on Saturday – thanks for all your thoughtfulness in providing transport for us.

  • kgirlknits

    perfect birthday thus far!

    (And all the best people are in the Scorpio clan 😉 )

  • Emma

    Happy birthday for last week! Looks like you had (or are having?) a great festival.

  • 2paw

    Happy, happy birthday, I am so glad you had a wonderful time and received so many lovely gifts. I’ve seen that tea cosy somewhere else!!!
    In our family most of the birthdays are between July 12th and September 13th. It is strange, isn’t it??

  • Leonie

    That looks like a wonderful Birthday you had there. Nice!

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