ebbs and flows

blogging mojo, like knitting mojo, appears to have a mind of its own. i havent had much to say, and i havent been reading much either. i’ve had a few personal and relations-with-other-humans issues the last few weeks i’ve been struggling with, and a birthday (43) and a sobriety anniversary (17) coming up next week. the 17 years has felt a bit shaky lately, but like everything else it will pass. i have to say i just laugh out loud when i hear people talking about not even being able to do 2 weeks of something like dry july. come talk to me when you’ve got through 17 years with no mood or mind altering substances, apart from chocolate. its no wonder i get a bit edgy sometimes.

also, its been raining a lot, which put a dampener on my walking routine, but i’ve got back in the swing of it this week. i took possum and ricco down the beach yesterday, where we had a number of run ins with seaweed, bluebottles and aggressive little white fluffy dogs and their crazy owners.

the walk itself was a bit of a dud and i was feeling pretty angsty about the whole exercise thing, until i had a huge breakthrough this morning. this will make you laugh, but my 630am half hour walk around the block today was pain free! ive been struggling with cramps and stiffness, and a really rapid lactic acid build up in my calves that almost had in me in tears somedays. but this morning, i tried to keep things a bit loose and not take all the shock in my heels and knees. i went a bit slower and tried to make sure i spread my foot and put my toes down first. i also took kris’ advice, and watched the camber of the road, making sure i walked on the flat footpath or the very crest of the road. it helped a lot, and i felt good when i finished for just about the first time ever. this certainly makes it easier to get out of bed next time. i did forget to eat breakfast before i left the house though. oops.

now i am at work, thinking about all the things i have to do. i said no to a project yesterday that would have been major kudos for me if i could have done it, but it involved an impossible timeline that would have put me behind on other things. managing my workload and constantly prioritising is one of the best ways i know to stay sane.

im also finding being in the garden quite therapeutic. i am concentrating most of my efforts on the pots outside the back door, and did some tending and replanting on the weekend.

possum helped with the lizard control while the tomato plant continues to grow overnight. nearly time to plant another one i think.

i also spent a great deal of time and money in the hair dresser chair one night last week getting my colour fixed. mostly its been returned to its natural dark brown, with some lighter stripes underneath thrown in for effect.

it made me feel a lot more professional when i travelled to queensland and back last friday for a one day workshop

i could have stayed overnight but even though i was tired, it felt better to just go up and back in the day and sleep in my own bed and wake up with the dogs there in the morning. our little morning cuddle and biscuit routine helps remind me what really matters in my life!

i spent most of the rest of the weekend watching the rugby world cup. neither result went the way i tipped, or wanted, and i still cant think about the wallabies loss without weeping like a welshman. the wales-france game was a particular tragedy, even possum couldnt bare to watch.

but life must go on, and last night, knitabulous popped over to help me with the corner of the art frame issue. her instincts about a crocheted ring in each corner look like being right

i just keep knitting into the ring and following the pattern, and eventually it will turn a corner without me having to do any joins etc. well, at least we think that’s what will happen! sometimes i think all knitters are secretly engineers.

so thats it from me, pretty ho hum, but thats life isnt it? im hoping to get some time today to catch up on other peoples blogs, and hope life has been treating everyone well.

k xx

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12 responses to “ebbs and flows

  • jp

    I am in awe of your 17 years young lady! Totally in awe.

    I think spring is the season for a retreat into oneself. I always have a quiet period of socialising and even blogging unless I plans something (like Blogtoberfest or a series of events) to counter it. I sometimes wonder if it is just a natural ebb of life a period of rest and recovery.

    Well done on the walking breakthroughs are always a great thing.

  • faeryfay

    I love the look of where you walk your gorgeous pups! How’s the Madli going?

  • RoseRed

    Go you good thing on the 17 years (totally amazing!) and the walking breakthrough – good stuff lovey.

  • gidgetknits

    Good for you! 17 years is terrific. And I’m intrigued by the corner – looking forward to seeing how that turns out.

  • Jess

    Wow, 17 years, congrats. That can’t have been easy.

    Good on you for progress on the walking!

    Also, love the hair 🙂

  • 1funkyknitwit

    You are doing just fine ! and you should be rather chuffed about all that you are doing. Your hair looks lovely as always, and omg doesn’t cost a bomb to go to the hairdressers plus they hold us hostage cause like once you find someone good your pinned to their chair for life !..lol

    keep on keeping on lovely 🙂 xo

  • donna lee

    You are having the same kind of thoughts as I am having. Maybe it’s the change of seasons. I have nothing to say and don’t want to clog the internet with my ramblings. I also have a birthday coming up so maybe that’s something as well.

    17 years is no small feat. Make sure you take a bit of time to pat yourself on the back for that. You’ve come a long way and have a lot to be proud of.

    • drkknits

      oh you know, someone else said that to me the other day, that this time of year is kind of ‘meh’ for a lot of people. i think im over it now tho. hopefully you will be soon too. happy birthday to us xx

  • kgirlknits

    everything in this life is fluctuating, is it not? ebbs and flows are a good thing; like being in the ocean and just letting the tide rock you gently (just remember not to go out too deep and let the current take you, I guess?!)

    17 years sobriety deserves acknowledgement and respect. Waivering resolve must have come and gone during that time more than once, you will ride this time out as well, I’m positive


  • 2paw

    Happy Birthday/Anniversary, well done. I love all the dog pictures.Looks like you get a lot of gardening help. Nice hair do, a new hair cut always makes me feel good. I think there is nothing nicer than bedtime/waking up rituals. We have a treat at bedtime!!

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