in between days

how can you tell i dont have any finished knitting things to show? you get odd rambling posts about my walks to work. or, in this case, my trip to sydney on saturday for this months knitters guild meeting. spring weather is always very unpredictable here, and the last few weeks we’ve had lots of rain and then bursts of warm sunshine. saturday was weirder again with lots of fog on the escarpment as i drove up

the dress code for guild appeared to be red, black and/or grey. there were a plethora of lovely new grey cardigans on display

and lots of busy hands, as usual.

there was lunch at the pub afterwards

and then a drive home in the rain.

i took my art frame project to guild with me because it needed some trouble shooting – i have reached the corner where you would normally just follow the pattern with double joins into the corner of the actual shawl pattern (as per the usual shetland type construction). my problem with this project is no inner shawl to knit into, so a few heads combined to try and work out an alternative (thanks donna, lyn and alison!)

it seems as though the mitred corner using short rows is the way to go, i practiced it just in stocking stitch to see if it would work.

it will, but the pattern won’t hold, because of the short rows.

i either have to work out a different pattern and chart it myself or find some way to do double joins into a corner that doesnt exist. something is telling me to try the latter, with some kind of provisional cast on, but i cant quite picture in my head how to do it. otherwise, i could just do a whole heap of faggotting (yo k2tog) around the short row mitred corner. i might try that first and see what happens. suggestions welcome.

i spent most of the rest of the weekend pottering around the house, talking to journalists about our research which the nsw police commissioner mentioned in the paper, and watching a whole heap of rugby. i nearly passed out during the wallabies game, but they won. just. i also finished the first sock of the ‘evening stockings’.

it is super long, right up to the top of my calf, and is hanging here in the cherry blossom, which is slow to flower this year. a bit more eager is the cherry tomato plant ive got in a pot. its going great guns, i think its the weekly seaweed drink i’ve been giving it (see DrG, i am tending!).

you will note i have actually cast on sock two of the evening stocking. they are a long and sometimes tedious knit, and i thought about starting something else in between, but im frightened i will get distracted and never come back.

best to get them done now before new shiny things arrive in the mail! more about that later in the week.

k xx

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12 responses to “in between days

  • Ailsa

    I have an idea! Make a crochet chain loop for about double the number of rows you need to go around the corner – don’t bother with provisional stitches. Pick up a loop in the crochet chain at the end of each row, and go around the corner. At the end you’ll have a little crochet ring at each corner, with the knitted edge going around it. I think it’ll work..

  • Kris

    OH GOOD GRIEF. Can one of you throw something at my head when you see me sitting like that? My posture is horrifying.

  • RoseRed

    I like Ailsa’s suggestion! I was thinking about an entrelac type technique but I think Ailsa’s will be simpler!

    (also I don’t think Kris’ posture is that bad, heh!)

  • 2paw

    Well done with the extra long sock, that takes great fortitude and persistence!!

  • 1funkyknitwit

    The socks look amazing and your right to not be distracted by something else cause they are worth finishing – dreamy knee-hi’s, love them.
    Best of luck with your frame, it’s looking lovely.

  • Domna lee

    That’s a long sock! Your guild mtgs always look like fun and how cool to have a group of women who speak your craft language.
    We’re having the same kind of odd weather. All sun or all rain. Tpmorrow we move back to the rain for a week.

  • Emma

    oooh the stockings are looking so good!

    I can’t believe you’ve got tomatoes coming out already, I really need to get cracking and plant some very very soon…

  • Sarah

    How lovely that Guild meeting sounds – good luck with the corner I can’t even begin to imagine what you’re talking about 🙂

    Congrats on the rugby, no great escape for England – still at least I can watch the rugby with a little less tension this weekend!

  • Knitdra

    Yes, you need to finish your stockings so we can wear them in the evening together!

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