from little things…

today is the beginning of a new phase of my working life. we’ve made a little change, just one small little thing, but i think its flow-on effects will be fairly major. i wear a few different hats in my current position, but we have a longer term plan to move me out of that position entirely, and this change is part of that plan. the little thing is as simple as working in a new location one day a week. the significance of this location is two fold: one, its on our new ‘innovation campus’ and two, its with one of the university’s big research groups (i’ve always been a member, but now i have a desk). so the move is designed to have me be a more active part of the group, and to give me space away from the chaos of the main campus to concentrate solely on writing. i do work from home one day a week already, and its mostly reading time (it just never stops, the reading. you read one thing, theres ten more to read. its like a virus. or a rash). i still needed dedicated writing time though, and i didnt want to do it at home. its too easy to get distracted at home. i like working in my shared space on the main campus, but its impossible to say to people when im sitting right there ‘im sorry, dont talk to me, its my writing day today’. so the writing was getting done in grabs, time snatched from in between other things. which meant that nothing was getting done how i would like, and i was getting stressed. so this is our solution.

another good thing about this move is that its easy for me to get to via public transport and a good walk. where i live now is past the boundary of the direct to uni buses so i drive. a 10 minute drive vs 45 minutes and 2 buses. i dont like it, but those are the facts. but this morning, i set out on a little public transport adventure. of course, i took some photos, so you can enjoy the trip with me (yes i know lots of people catch the bus or train every morning, but i havent done it in  years so its an adventure today. just humour me!)

first, i walked about 20 metres up my street to the princes hwy that runs all the way from the northern suburbs into wollongong. on the princes hwy, there is a bus stop. or something like it.

a blue bus comes along here every 20 minutes or so (i checked the timetable first so i only had to wait about 2). it cost me $2 and took 10 minutes to get on the bus and go about 4 kms to the shops at fairy meadow.

i pressed the stop button at the aldi store, got off and walked down elliots rd

crossing the northern distributor and the trainline. the ocean is just at the end of that street (its pretty grey and overcast out there today sorry).

then i cut down a side street and turned into the ‘campus east’ precint.

the old migrant huts are still here, though they’ve been restored and used for other cultural things these days.

across the street a convenient path takes me right through the middle of campus east, which is where a lot of our students live

and then the road takes you right through to the still-in-progress innovation campus.

this place is going to be bigger than ben hur.

a division of bhp billiton recently moved in to that big brown building on the left, and my building is the last one on the right there. its so new and shiny!

and here is my little office space. its very sparse right now (must bring in pictures!), but its away from the main offices, and i dont have to share with anyone!

because i walked a bit, you can see i switched to a backpack, and i even wore my nikes, swapping to my red converse once i’d settled in. i also have a nice view of the construction works

and now im working on a paper about the relationship between the humanities and the health sciences (you know, that annoying thing called social context). and at lunch time i will sit in the sparkly new kitchen and maybe knit a bit. i am concentrating on finishing the evening stockings at the moment, so i can start some new ones for the southern summer of socks.

just as soon as we get summer back. what happened there?! at least its not too hot to walk some of the way back home again.

k xx


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12 responses to “from little things…

  • jp

    Nice to know you are working on your writing – well blog writing at least.

    Your new space looks bright and light (which is always a plus and solo peace is brilliant.

    It is amazing how other people’s journeys can be so fascinating and yet your own mundane (unless of course it is new).

    How long was the walk it seemed a decent walk. But a nice change to your week.

  • missfee

    I went past those buildings last week – and was curious to know what it all was – now I know

    Great journey Jody is right your own journey each day is quite boring but so interesting to see what other people do

  • justthreadtwiddling

    I’m glad your changes are positive ones. You are quite right, working from home can have many distractions.

  • RoseRed

    It’s just like being on the bus and at work with you, heh! I hope the time on the innovation campus will have the desired effect!

  • 2paw

    It is a perfect commute, just the right amount of bus ride and walking and so cheap too. I enjoyed your walk!! It will be so nice to have a special place for writing and being reflective. The professional reading never stops!!

  • donna lee

    I’ve been a long time train rider and take it for granted. It’s nice to let someone else fight the traffic and arrive at work without the stress of rush hour.

    Having the quiet time to read/write is wonderful. It’s hard to do that if there are other folks around.

  • tracy

    That was fantastic. Living here I miss the tram at the end of my street almost more than I miss anything else. It is so very good to get out of the car I reckon. Enjoy your new space.

  • LynS

    I’m just amazed by the space. Coming from UTS where any building project is like a vastly complex rubic’s cube puzzle – moving people and functions in and out of spaces – this all seems amazingly generous.

    I hope the small move is the beginning of what you want to achieve from your work. Such a luxury to have time and space (and encouragement) to write.

  • Leonie

    It sounds like your work life is coming together for you. That’s wonderful. The new building looks interesting and being able to watch the adjacent construction would be interesting.

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