lace lessons

i’ve been knitting for a few years now, and there are some things im pretty good at. remembering some of the basics about lace knitting doesnt seem to be one of them however. shall ย i explain? oh yes please do, i hear you groan.

i started madli’s shawl the other day. you may have heard me mention it. i cast on the required stitches (101) using my go-to needles, knitpicks options with the nickel plated tips. i prefer metal tips for the easy slide, and they’re slightly pointier. however, i have not used them with superfine yarn before. in fact, i’ve not used superfine yarn at all before, and when i say superfine, i do mean proper 2 ply. i dont think its quite cobweb, but its really bloody close. its slippery as all hell. the cast on required a double strand. i lost count about 3 times. on the third try i got to about 3 rows in, made a mistake, tried to tink it, it got tangled (hello silk) and i just yanked it off the needles and started again. that little bit of yarn got thrown in the bin and i changed tips to knitpicks harmonies, you know, the bamboo ones. muuuuuch better. so off i go again on my merry little way.

then i ran into a bit of trouble on about row 15. i dont know why but i was missing stitches. well, i do suspect why. as donna reminded me, the most likely cause was forgetting a yarn over in amongst all the k2tog. tinky tink tink.3 rows i tinked. you know what would have made that easier? yes, you guessed it. a LIFELINE.

how many times have i knitted lace do you think? how many times have i told myself to put in a lifeline? why did i think i wouldnt need one this time?

so i put one in. in case you’re living under a rock somewhere, and dont know what im talking about, here’s how i did it. you slip the thread through the little hole in the end of the knitpicks tip

then you knit along a plain or purl row, dragging the thread through the stitches with you (not KNITTING with the thread though. that would be stupid. ask me how i know).

then voila, it comes out the other end!

you cut it loose from the tip and tie a knot to stop it just sliding through the knitting, and off you go again, secure in the knowledge you’ve done the Right Thing.

i did get a bit paranoid after that, and put one in halfway through the pattern repeat, and then left it there when i made the transition to the centre chart, putting another one at the beginning of that as well.

it paid off. madli’s now looks like this:

its not tightly stretched so still looks a bit wonky, but im pretty sure its mistake free.

next time i start a lace project, someone refer me to this post ok?

k xx

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