forward planning

once upon a time, summer used to put a stop to my knitting. mostly, that was when i lived in canberra where its hot as hades in summer and sucks the soul right out of you, let alone the will to knit. but now im back with the gentle sea breeze and find i can handle wool all year around. i do make some slight adaptations, and ive been busy planning them in my head. last night, i actually started one:

madli’s shawl from knitted lace of estonia, in glenora alpaca/silk in the ‘camel’ colour. lace is perfect for summer, and this is a really fine thread, definitely the finest thing ive ever knit with.

i had wanted to do something from ‘victorian lace today’, but nothing really struck me as ‘lacey’ enough, and i definitely wanted to do a rectangle for a change. also, im already knitting something from VLT, which is my sisters frame.

im sure some people think this is a very weird project but its coming along really well. its the ‘trellis border’ from the large rectangle in leaf and trellis pattern, and its so perfect in the blue wollmeise, ive decided that the whole shawl is going to be my next summer lace project, in some gorgeous wollmeise lace in the maus ault colour that george the german fibre whore got me in pfaffenhoffen. its making a lovely winding vine

which will look beautiful pinned to my sisters white wall with one of her drawings in the middle.

i am also planning socks for summer. i have a mindless self striping pair on the needles for outdoor knitting which will be finished soon, and the evening stockings are going to be a longer term project, so i am already thinking about what else to cast on! i do, after all, have a rather nice little top shelf of sock yarn to choose from…

you may remember the southern summer of socks group on ravelry, and we are going to start it up again soon and i have some ideas for KALs and NOT-KALS and competitions, including ‘who can knit the most nancy bush patterns’. im going to start with another attempt at unst in some mushroom coloured koigu, followed by some whitbys for trent in knitabulous, and maybe the anniversary socks in wollmeise. after that i have some madtosh just dying to be a pair of cookie a socks…which ones will be the question!

and by then it will be winter again and we can start the cycle over! what about you? what are you planning to knit this summer?

k xx

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22 responses to “forward planning

  • tds

    nice , vry nice….

  • travellersyarn

    Love lace knitting over summer, and will join southern summer of socks, but I’m not a very good completer of these things…

  • gidgetknits

    I have two shawls cast on that I should really get back to… all that silk should be perfect for the summer!

  • RoseRed

    You know I have a serious case of knitters envy with your Madli…that has been on my must-knit list for ages!

    I haven’t really thought about summer knitting in an organised way…but I think I will be knitting a cabled cardigan (heh!) for me, definitely a stripy cardi for Connor, socks for husby for Xmas, and I might just have a huge circular shawl already started in WM lace that I should really try to finish, heh!

  • sue

    The blue lace looks gorgeous. The summer sock knitalong sounds like great fun, and NB patterns are always great to do.

  • Shelley

    I’ll be knitting an Icarus Wedding Shawl, a Miss Lambert’s Shetland Graduation Shawl , the Fountain Pen Shawl (for me). Finishing Kells, knitting Chartres, Sequoia, Winnow… and something mindless in Jitterbug for me. (har har har).

  • 2paw

    You have such a beautiful sock wool selection, though it is sadly lacking in the green department!!
    The camel lace is so fine and it looks like you are knitting a spider’s web it is so delicate.
    Your sister’s blue art is looking great too.
    It is far too hot here in Summer to knit, I try socks, but with no sea breeze and inland heat, it’s not very satisfying.

  • Olivia

    I’m never the slightest bit organised about what I knit in winter or summer. Projects always take longer than I think, sometimes much longer, so there doesn’t seem to be much point to try to be strategic!

    I am really looking forward to seeing your frame finished – and assembled with the drawing, if you are able to post a photo. I’m intrigued.

  • donna lee

    The frame is coming along so nice. It will be striking on the wall. I’ve wanted to do Madli’s shawl but haven’t found a yarn I like for it yet. I may make that my next big shawl. I don’t plan for summer/winter knitting. There are always socks otn and then whatever I feel like. Lace is always interesting and sweaters (which always seem to be for someone else) just come out when I feel like it. I do plan the spinning around the cooler weather. I spin much more in teh fall/winter. It’s hard to play with the fiber when it’s hot and humid.

  • lori

    I made the Kai-Mei socks in madtosh sock (colorway crow) and absolutely positively 100% adored them the 3 times I wore them in the house on soft carpet until the heels wore out in giant holes. that’s all i got to wear them. i never wore them in shoes, outside, handwashed them gently and air dried them exactly twice. and the yarn didn’t hold up. i never use madtosh sock for socks, after that, but it does make a great shawl!

    but Kai-Mei, recommended heartily!

  • jp

    The shawl looks gorgeous

    I am planning a cotton linen shirt or dress (madness perhaps).

    I have baby stuff to do for a former colleague and also a summer cardigan for me

  • kgirlknits

    ooh, I do like a good planned list 😉

    the lace projects look beautiful already, especially the Madil; so fine…

    I’m going to be working on a laceweight cardigan for summer frocks and some small, instant-gratification projects this summer

  • missfee

    Love the shawl – that has also been on my list for a long long time mmmm perhaps a knit along – would that be wrong?

    I am so there with the sock nancy summer love fest

  • Ailsa

    My knitting plans aren’t seasonally based, because i really only knit 4ply or finer. my current list includes finishing my crochet hex scarf, get some headway into the cobweb medeterranean lace shawl, knit daffodil, another wollmeise audrey in unst, a bohus pullover and a black cardigan. side projects – a pair of socks, marlenes – and possibly a blanket/wrappy thing from the new jared flood publication.

    You know I almost died when I saw that alpaca lace. The colour. oh my god.

  • faeryfay

    Wow! I love your knitting plans! Good luck with the Madli, I’m having trouble with it for some reason. Rows 7 and 9 of main lace trips me up every time! I’ve only just discovered sock knitting and have a feeling it is going to become a terrible addiction!:-) Your glenora alpaca silk looks truly divine! Happy Knitting!

  • Emma

    Socks and lace make good summer knitting fodder I reckon. I can’t wait to see how your Madli’s Shawl turns out, that yarn looks so lovely.

    This year I’m planning to make a couple of tops. Both are a bit lacy so hopefully it won’t end up being too warm to knit with!

  • 1funkyknitwit

    That alpaca lace is such a beautiful delicate colour and the wrap will look amazing in it. I love your wollmeise project, I really can’t wait to see that finished with the final pics – a wonderful concept and idea. 🙂

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