walk (clean) knit

i am not one for delaying gratification. i have a long and messy history of giving in to what i want when i want it. i dont really have a problem with that way of thinking, but sometimes the consequences dont make me feel good. which then defies the purpose. so, in my attempt to restore some balance to my psyche, i’ve been trying to do things i DONT want to do before i do the things i do. if you know what i mean.

so ive been walking. im aiming for 4-5 times a week, for at least 40 minutes a time, plus incidental walking around campus during the day etc. and i dont mean strolling. i can do that any old day. both me and possum need to get moving a bit more (a quick aside on the unfairness of life: the three other male creatures in this house eat more than the two female, walk less than us, and all lose weight quicker than us. proof that god, if real, is a male).

to try and help us keep on track ive been using runkeeper. not because im in training for anything, or because i need to prove anything, but  because somehow, the tracking thing works. it keeps me accountable i think. also, the two legged male creature in the house thinks he can walk more kms than me. we’ll see about that.

yesterday we went walking through the bush up on the escarpment.

it started out really warm, and possum had to take a little dip

the dogs love it up here, so much to explore

and i love seeing the traces of history on this path,

once used by cedar cutters and now a waterpipe/firetrail. i love the way the dogs run on ahead and get lost for a while, and you can hear ricco barking as he chases something, and then you whistle and they come running.

if i get too slow, jem comes back and touches my hand with his nose and trots along beside me for a while. sometimes i get nervous up there on my own, what if i tripped, what if someone was up to no good up there, but nothing ever happens, and the car is always just were i left it.

and i always feel good when we’re done. i smelt smoke up there yesterday, and this morning i can see why:

summer is definitely on its way. its another lovely day today and ive done the grocery shopping, some housekeeping, hung sheets on the line and cut back some of the wisteria. now i can sit down and knit

the dilemma is what to work on? atelier, which trent has dubbed the silver bowl project’, is looking good:

i am alternating three balls now and have figured out the pattern construction, and i want to keep going on it while its still cool enough. but there is my sisters frame to finish before november, and i have a sudden urge to cast on something large and seriously lacy in the wonderful glenora weaving alpaca silk 2 ply. im thinking a rectangle this time. all the ones in VLT seem a bit ho hum. suggestions?

i wont do it today though. there are three football games in a row on tv, including the wallabies at the international tournament of the odd shaped ball, so i think it will be back to some mindless socks.

thats kind of sounding like a pretty well balanced day isnt it? hope yours is as well.

k xx


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17 responses to “walk (clean) knit

  • RoseRed

    I know exactly what you mean about instant gratification (sometimes I wonder why I am a knitter!). It’s a good habit into doing the tedious or boring things first, then the fun things. And there’s nothing like a bit of competition to get you going (just don’t lose, ok!).

    I will have a think on the lace shawl issue and get back to you!

  • RoseRed

    Ok, I am back!
    How about Simurgh. Madli’s shawl (possibly without the nupps?). Baltic Sea Stole. Hanami. Juno Regina. India Stole. Nefertiti Wrap. Chrysler Crown Shawl.

  • missfee

    I love walking and your aim of a bit at a time is great. Those gorgeous dogs must be the best company.
    spring is most definitely here and summer on the way too.

    I am like you having issues with the need for instant – and like you and Rose red wonder why on earth am I a knitter.

    The lace dilema is just that a dilema – perhaps start with the shape and size that you would wear – then the colour to match into your wardrobe.

    I like Maldi without nupps….

  • gidgetknits

    I like to think we girls are simply built for long distance and endurance… it’s just a bit of a nuisance when we don’t have the time to go on an epic adventure that requires those attributes! Love the silver bowl project and I love flirting with some of the shawls in the Twist Collective. I will get there one day…

  • dressingmyself

    It looks as if you live somewhere quite lovely.
    I try to walk 7km a day, and wear a pedometer. If I did not have a target and a means of measuring I would kid myself.

    Regarding ‘instant’ – I try to make little bargains, such as ‘first I will empty the dishwasher and then I will do the crossword puzzle’. Sometimes it works…

  • 2paw

    Oh, Jem is so sweet to come back and check on you, Harki used to do that. I LOVE the Runkeeper thing, though I only walk, I made one for us!! Well done on your walking, those dogs are so lucky to have a wonderful place to walk: water, smells, bush!!! Poor Possum, Peri and Gilly are always watching their weight too. So much nice knitting happening at your house, t seems all very nicely balanced!!
    PS I love seeing pictures of the dogs having fun!! Ricco is so big now.

  • kgirlknits

    You have a great place to go walking!

    I’m going to go with RR and say madlis sans nupps

  • faeryfay

    Sounds like a perfectly balanced day to me! That bush walk looks gorgeous and the dogs are having a ball! Lovely!:-)

  • faeryfay

    By the way….I’m knitting Madli at the moment in alpaca purple lace. I’m doing it with the nupps! Am I crazy? Probably!:-) I’m quite enjoying it though!

  • Leonie

    Good luck with the exercising, any is better than none! Nice choice for the yarn, I hope you have better luck with this one than the Leaving cardigan.

  • donna lee

    I watch my two legged male do the same amt of exercise and then he can crow ‘I’ve dropped 5 pounds’ while I struggle. So not fair.

    I make myself do the work first, all that puritan work ethic here. I finish my chores and then I can sit and guiltlessly work on what I WANT. Problem comes when the chores take too much time.

  • Ailsa

    I want to do that walk with you one day. I’ve never been on that trail, and it’s so close to home ..

  • Emma

    Run Keeper’s such a good motivator for getting out and about I think. I’ve started running and I’m slightly addicted to tracking my distance and speed.

    Your walking track is much more picturesque than mine!

  • 1funkyknitwit

    Great for you aiming to achieve your weekly walks, a little goes a long way. I must look at that runkeeper it may get me more motivated. Where you walk looks so lovely and green, I bet your pooches just love roaming through there 🙂 ..happy knitting !

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