FO: adrift cardigan

before i started the previous two new projects on the weekend, i had actually finished something, and a rather ‘epic’ something, in the form of the ‘adrift’ cardigan. all the photos of me have a stupid look on my face (me and photo-taking not good at the best of times, but in a busy cafe this morning? eep!). so you get headless shots, but you know, its about the cardigan, not me, right? so here it is

pattern: adrift by carol feller. a really well written pattern, with a lovely short row collar, and easy top down construction. yarn: elsbeth lavold silky wool in ‘bristol red’. sticks: 4.5mm knitpicks options. mods: well, the sizing, mostly. the actual pattern is written for malabrigo lace. i will burn in hell before i knit another garment out of that stuff. its called lace for a reason, and even then it felts if you look at it. i chose the elsbeth lavold because of my experience with it for summer solstice. very light and pretty durable. but of course, its an 8ply (although i really think it knits more like a 5). so i looked at the numbers and my brain exploded. thankfully i’d done a swatch, and the brains trust was able to work out that from my gauge, i could just mostly knit the 36inch size. this seemed to work out, for the most part.

i do think its probably a bit big. the body seemed to take forever, and the back of it seemed too short, so i kept going, not realising that that was also going to make the front of it way longer. d’oh. so sometimes i feel like im wearing a blanket, albeit a very lightweight one.

i like the style, generally, but the curled up stocking stitch edges make it very casual. it really only goes with jeans. i tried it with a flowy skirt and tights the other day. not a good look. and quite possibly, the whole flowy foldy thing will be way out of fashion next year. all that aside, i would knit this again, but i’d make it shorter and probably do the 3/4 sleeve option.

for now, its a good seasonal-transitional piece that i’ll probably wear a lot before summer kicks in with a vengeance.

k x


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10 responses to “FO: adrift cardigan

  • shellauw

    I don’t know what you’re talking about with the length – I have a cardi like that you can pin the front up with and it looks good. (Have a play)

    It looks so comfy and light, and it’s a lovely colour. Well done you – I can see you wearing that often. πŸ™‚

  • RoseRed

    I love it! I like the longer length and the flowy drapiness of it. And of course I love the colour! I think it could work with a skirt, but it would have to be a straight skirt, I think.
    And who cares what is in fashion. Wear what you like, I say!

  • 2paw

    It’s gorgeous, and I love the extra front flowiness. I think you should ignore fashion trends and wear what you like, and what looks fabulous on!!

  • Ailsa

    Great work again. IKWYM about the ‘blanket’ thing, but I reckon it’s just a characteristic of that style of garment, they’re essentially rectangles with spaces for heads and arms aren’t they? The great thing about this is that because it’s in a super block primary colour, you’ll be able to wear other blocks of bright colour with it in summer and be very trendy, wendy.
    It might have felt like it took ages to knit, but you seemed to finish it pretty quickly to me..

  • 1funkyknitwit

    Looks fabulous and I like the way you’ve styled it it works very nicely indeed. These drapey style are a fave of mine too, I don’t think it looks like a blanket, like you said a very versatile piece that I think you will chuck on over stuff more than what you imagine – looks lovely Kylie πŸ™‚
    I seriously need to knit one – time where is it…lol

  • gidgetknits

    Love that it matches the sneakers! Great look!

  • LynS

    I think it looks wonderful.. I like both the length and the informal rolled edges that you’re uncertain about. I agree with Margarita – keep trying it with various combinations of clothes – I suspect you’ll find lots of things that work. Love it.

  • Michelle

    It looks really good – I can’t wear drapey longer cardigans, but you wear that look so well. Looks great with the jeans, and would also look good dressed up with some black trousers, I reckon.

    And isn’t that yarn the best? One of my favourites to use.

  • missfee

    i love it too – the length and the size all good

    and the colour

    I would never knit with malabrigo lace again either the felting drives me nuts!!!

  • donna lee

    What a wonderful bit of color! It looks soft and beautiful.

    According to the NY Times fashion police, we will all be wearing floral prints next…….

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