new ways of starting things

i started two new knitting projects over the weekend, but lest you think i’m out of control, i did also finish something. a fairly large something in the form of the ‘adrift’ cardigan. i even wore it to guild on saturday but i failed to get a picture of me wearing it. i could take pictures of it hanging up or artfully laid across the back of a chair, but i wont, because the whole point of a cardigan like that is what it looks like on. so that one can wait till later this week.

as soon as i’d finished it, i felt lost without a garment on the needles. i have other things i could be working on, and i did for a few hours. plain socks for trent, the celes scarf or evening stockings in wollmeise for me. i had a go at all of them. but i needed to know that there was something big happening, at the same time.

so i unravelled the ‘leaving’ cardigan that i’d started ages ago and decided i didnt like, and i finally chose another pattern for the lovely madeline tosh ‘pashmina’ in vintage frame’ to become. that was ‘atelier’. i really like heidi’s patterns, and her sizing is always really good, so i decided to just go ahead and use the swatch i’d already done for gauge.

i also decided to try something new and take the ‘harder’ option, making the i-cord version. rather than plain stocking stitch edges that roll up everywhere, i opted for the more formal and neat finish. ive seen i-cord edging on a few things now and love the look. but ive never done one. so out came the books and the knittinghelp videos, and i ended up with something that looks like this:

i wasnt sure if i had picked up and knit down the correct side, but i like the look of it so far anyway. the actual pattern doesnt make a lot of sense to me right now, but im sure i’ll have one of those lightbulb moments if i just follow along and see where it takes me. and its just lovely to be knitting with the pashmina, so i dont really care what happens after that!

i also started the project i talked about before, for my sister (the knitted artwork frame). i decided to go with wollmeise, not jitterbug, just to keep it slightly finer and lacey. i decided on this pattern:

the trellis border from the leaf and trellis shawl in ‘victorian lace today’. everything else seemed a bit ‘girly’. my sister’s not really the ‘girly’ type. instead of doing a slip stitch at the beginning of one row, and the knit-together-with-the-shawl at the end of the next (there being no shawl to knit together with), im just doing 3 knit stitches along the inside edge. i figured that should keep it pretty stable.

and as per jody’s suggestion, i did a provisional cast on, and hopefully when i work out the corners and come back around, i can just graft the two ends together, and it will be a square! i’m also using 4.5mm needles because thats what the pattern uses. im not sure if this is making the stitches too ‘open’ or not, but it seems ok so far so i’m just going to keep going for a while. its only twenty stitches across and wont kill me if i have to rip it and start over. i hope not though.

it feels weird to have started two new projects in ways i wouldnt normally use. i feel like im flying a bit blind, no real idea how either of them might turn out. its not a bad feeling though. it feels like maybe i’ve got a bit more confidence in myself to work things out as i go.

let’s see how long that lasts!

k xx


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