smells like spring

which means it probably is spring. traditionally, i would rather live somewhere where it snowed, a lot. but i find myself this weekend loving the fact that its warm enough for a tshirt, and being outside feels pleasant and rejuvenating and healthy. it probably helps that ive been pottering around at home, and im starting to feel less heart sick and lost.

i especially love the smell of spring when you live by the coast, and the way the salt air comes whispering through the long grass when you’re out walking. possum and i walked through puckeys this morning

and yesterday we took the dogs for a good walk along the escarpment, where they get to jump and climb and chase things.

there was plenty of water running off the rocks and when theres a gap in the trees you can see all the way down over the ocean. it was lovely. ricco then proceeded to roll in a pool of mud. when we got home they all had baths, and now they are soft and fluffy and smell a little like coconut.

this morning i did some gardening, i am just sticking to pots for the time being, and my tending is going pretty well ( i know, dont all die of shock!).

i pulled out some dead chives and curly parsley and replaced them with the first tomato, some rocket and continental parsley.

the kale i got from the canberra markets is going great guns as well and i cut leaves off it for dinner nearly every night. the side fence is covered with a wisteria which i really should clip back but i just cant, its too lovely and the heavy perfume is one of my favourite spring smells.

oh, and thats one sock that i managed to finish on the plane somewhere above the bight. i did a jenys susprisingly stretchy cast off, which was also surprisingly easy, and this one fits like a dream on its intended recipient (ie, not me). i am also getting very close to the end of the body on adrift, but you wouldnt see the difference in a photo, so im going to try and knit on that solely until its done. with its cute little short sleeves, its a very timely garment.

and finally, the magnolia has well and truly flowered.

so i dont know whether its the walking, the vitamin D or lots of puppy cuddles but im much happier today than ive felt in a long time. i think im even looking forward to summer. good lord, there must be something wrong with me!

k xx

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15 responses to “smells like spring

  • missfee

    I love the photo of the three dogs lined up – what a great day to go for a walk
    I am most envious of your magnolia

  • RoseRed

    It’s the sun and the pups I reckon! Sunshiny days after dull ones always lift the spirits!

  • justthreadtwiddling

    What a great shot of the three dogs together. We have a little more summer to come. This will be one of the hottest so far, with smoke blowing over from the forest fires nearby. I would the the fresh, fragrant spring air about now. The new growth is beautiful.

  • gidgetknits

    Puppy cuddles – always does the trick! They look so cheery and coconutty!

  • Leonie

    Spring is very springy this year, it’s nice to not have the wrong weather for the season. Definitely having a positive effect on my brain space.

  • Ailsa

    Spring always holds such promise – and those dogs are adorable. Maybe I should take storm with you one day, but he’s such a bugger of a dog. No discipline at all. Like my children.

  • kgirlknits

    so good to hear you are feeling so fab at the moment 🙂 There is nothing quite like a coastal Spring – I agree.

    and the dogs look like they are thoroughly enjoying it too!

  • LynS

    This time of the year is just wonderful, but I just wish it would stay this way. I hate knowing it’s going to get hotter!

    Even I think the three dogs look cute.

  • faeryfay

    Looks like heaven! Dogs, walks, plantings, the coast and magnolias? wow! Love it!:-)

  • Knitdra

    Bare feet on the ground might have too, something tells me it was the puppy cuddles. Whatever it was, rinse and repeat!

  • 1funkyknitwit

    There’s nothing wrong with you, this time of the year is lovely and renewing only problem with it is just when we embrace it and start to look forward to it the humidity sets in for what they call summer – blarhhh ! lol 😉

    Happy gardening, lovely walks, and knitting ! So looking forward to seeing your Adrift – fab pattern 😀

  • donna lee

    Probably a combination of all three. There is something about the smell of a green spring that speaks to one’s soul.

    We are very green right now after all the recent rains. July was so hot and dry and August was VERY wet so there’s a huge growth going on right now.

    I’m looking for the cinnaminy smell of autumn. I love that.

  • 2paw

    What a gorgeous picture of all those pups!! they look so happy!! Ricco should pal up with Peri, they’d be a PigPen on their own, together!!
    I am so glad you are feeling cheery and ready for Summer. Your sock matches the garden!!

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