on a mission

one of the best things about going to brisvegas was seeing my sisters flat. its been a few years since ive been up there and shes moved a few times since, finally moving out of a share house into her own place. shes a professional designer with a really unique sense of style, i knew she would have found some cute little place and done it up just so. indeed, she has.

a small but ample space, neat as a pin, and gorgeously fitted out. she found that lounge in an antique/recycled furniture store and had it reupholstered (its a 50s original), and shes painted the walls all white (it used to be pink). its lovely and light and airy, and now all it needs are some of her gorgeous drawings on the wall.

so i was a bit chuffed when she said that she wanted me to knit her something. its hard being a knitter for someone who lives up north. i did get her some socks knitted this year, and a slouchy hat, but i wasnt really happy with either of those projects. i will make her more of both for next winter, but right now she wants a picture frame.

and not your ordinary old frame. she wants something lacy and blue, with lots of points, and she wants to put it up on the wall to frame something about an A4 size. so it wont be some dinky little thing stuck on a dressing table. it wont be on a backing board. its going to be attached directly to the white wall. so it needs to be PERFECT!

we had a quick look at ravelry together and my first thought was that using some of the borders or edgings from victorian lace today would be the way to go. i also knew i had some blue yarn in stock, in particular a skein of jitterbug in salty dog, and a lovely blue wollmeise. i showed her a picture of the jitterbug and the colour was just what shes looking for.

today ive taken a few photos of some possible patterns. i think the wollmeise would work as well, although it would be a bit finer and less stable perhaps, so something flowing and wavy like this would work

i really like this spider pattern edging, as far as patterns go, but im not sure its “pointy enough”, or the jitterbug fine enough:

the easiest type of design would be this kind of geometric shape, which would work in either yarn:

but i think i like something a bit more lacy. i will have to do a tension square and work out the maths, figure out how to make a knitted on border without knitting it on to anything, and then work out how to turn the corners. considering ive done a few shetland shawls in my time, my head is telling me this is entirely possible, i just need to start and it will become obvious.

thoughts and tips appreciated! that means you too ms narsty.

k xx

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10 responses to “on a mission

  • trent

    like! cute to see where Nardy is.

  • RoseRed

    I love that lounge! I had a chair like that when I was at uni, and I got rid of it (insert sad face here!) I so wish I’d kept it! Oh well…

    Re lace frame – either yarn would be perfect, and you can totally do eet!

  • gidgetknits

    Now, that is a really neat idea to give someone in Brisbane! Clever! I do love the colour of the Jitterbug – it’d look beautiful against the white walls. I’ll be no help on the pattern, though!

  • donna lee

    What a great idea! It will be so beautiful on the wall. Both of the blues are so vibrant (and so will suit her personality).

  • 2paw

    Your sister’s flat looks so tropically nice, love the boards on the floor and I can’t even imagine the walls being pink!! What a clever idea for you to knit some ‘art’. I am looking forward to seeing it in place.

  • travellersyarn

    I love your sister’s sense of style – v jealous. As for the knitted edge/art – I’m sure that you can pull it off…

  • Ailsa

    I can’t wait to see your blue frame, the print o the wave is gorgeous, one of my favourites.
    Also Narsty’s house looks gorgeous – as good as orson and blake. Does she do commission design work? I may need her in the upcoming months..

  • Sarah

    Your sis has a lot of style – I love the idea for this frame – can’t work out how the corners will go but I’m sure you can – your trip to Queensland sounded good overall – nice to have that time with your sis anyway

  • 1funkyknitwit

    I love that lounge set, very cool ! ..in fact great place it has a wonderful feel about it. Your sister is very cool wanting a knitted lace frame, love the idea and love the blues you’ve picked so far, personally I lean towards to Wollmeise as for the lace good luck they are all so lovely – it’s great book !

  • Leonie

    How goes the blue? Was a final decision made or have you been too busy in Perth?

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