long gone

it is a sign of the general ‘boringness’ of my life at the moment that the most exciting thing i have to blog about is a hair cut. the reason this was such a big deal is because it was really long:

there is a lot of emotion tied up in long hair, especially when its curly and very thick, and potentially hard to look after any shorter. but i took the plunge and went to the best place in town. i told Girl with Scissors what i wanted, and she grabbed it all in one hand, like a ponytail, and in one snip took most of it off. well, at least 4 -5 inches. it fell to the floor and made a small hair mountain. everyone in the salon went ‘ooooh’. then she washed it and dried it and took to it with the scissors some more. when i came home, i looked something like this:

its very hard to take pictures of yourself to show off a new hair cut, but im pretty happy with it. this morning it had the real test of me washing and styling it myself. its short enough that i could straighten it like she did, but i will only do that on special occassions. 5 minutes under the hair dryer this morning gave me something very presentable (although you cant really tell from these weird webcam photos!)

and its so light. that’s the best part, no more hair headache! oddly, i feel a bit better able to deal with all the high pressure stuff happening at work now with a more professional hair cut. stupid really, but true. speaking of work, the big day last thursday went great, but lets try and not speak of work again for a while.

i really needed to get out of town this weekend, it can get a bit claustrophobic down here, so i headed up to newtown on sunday to meet up with some knitter peeps. there was coffee and knitting

and tea, and cake and a bit more knitting

and on the way back to where i’d parked the car i took a bit of a stroll down memory lane. newtown is an old stomping ground of mine. it has some happy memories and some not so happy. these back streets lined with terrace houses reminded me how much i miss inner city living

and then i realised i was parked right outside one of the houses i’d once lived in. 55 reiby st.

its been renovated a bit in the last 20 years. i cant say that house was full of happy memories. maybe it was a good thing i’d parked there, just a gentle reminder that the past is sometimes better left where it is.

i drove through a huge thunderstorm on the way home, which has broken the strange snap of hot weather we’ve had, for now, but the garden at the moment is a constant reminder that spring is on its way – that as humans we are completely powerless against the inexorable force of nature and time. the lawn is going crazy from all the rain, and the magnolia has flowered:

i am trying to stay monogamous with my knitting so that i get ‘adrift’ done in time to wear it over a tshirt before the sun returns in all its fiery glory and we all start moaning about how bloody hot it is down here.

i will have this finished pretty soon,if only because my brain is too stretched to deal with anything other than mindless stocking stitch right now, but i would have it done sooner if i didnt have a pile of papers to read and could just sit and knit all day.

where have those days gone?!

k xx


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20 responses to “long gone

  • RoseRed

    Such good hair! Love it!

    My magnolia is almost ready to flower too. Love the lovely magnolias! And so glad things went well last Thursday!

  • jp

    Loving the magnolia display on in our street at the moment.

    Fabulous hair by the way.

  • 2paw

    Yes, very stylish and lovely new hair cut!! It is pouring with rain here, but there are definite signs of Spring!!

  • sue

    Your new haircut looks great. I always feel much better emotionally after having a new haircut too, puts a spring back in my step!

  • 1funkyknitwit

    I love the new do ! ..and can totally relate to all your angst to having it cut and the no more pony tail ache. I do love your hair though, that rich dark colour with your ‘natural’ curls how gorgeous ! Good thing is you can wear it straight or curly 😀

    Sorry I missed you yesterday, I had a spinning date to attend to 😉
    Adrift is growing and monogamous knitting is the way to go, I too am trying this concept and it seems to be working.

  • missfee

    love the new hair – gorgeous

    love the magnolia

    and so great to see you yesterday

  • Ailsa

    Hair! Wow! and Wow! and looks great!

    I completely get how a new hairstyle can make you feel better about work – it’s energising for some reason. The inexorable turning of time I also identify with – today especially because I ordered my first ever pair of reading glasses. 😦

  • travellersyarn

    Your hair is great – I especially liked the post-wash photos – always the test of a haircut!

  • Melissa

    Love the hair! I had a big chop (about 6 inches) about a year ago. Everything was then so much easier, and no headaches!

  • faeryfay

    Your hair looks great. I’m contemplating doing the same. My long dark hair is very thick but also very straight. I think I want to cut it but am not sure. I wear it up all the time anyway. The knitting with cuppa and cake looked like fun!:-)

  • shellauw

    Hot dang girl, you’re smoking! I scrolled down to your new hair and went wow!

    Isn’t it just such a relief to have a literal weight off your shoulders? You look amazing!!! When I get mine (re)done on Wednesday, I’ll share my Emma Watson-esque pixie cut with you. 😉

    And the magnolia tree! Oh, that’s going to be beautiful when it’s in full bloom. Also love your Unst, how is it going?

    • drkknits

      Ah unst! They are lovely, now I’ve got the hang of the pattern, and am headed down the foot. still on sock one though! you can so do the Pixie look, can’t wait to see 🙂

  • donna lee

    The hair looks gorgeous. I love getting a hair cut. It’s like it’s one less thing to worry about. If my hair looks cared for, then the world is more orderly somehow.

    The summer here is winding down. The days are hazy hot and people who love the summer (like me) are getting tired of breathing air conditioned air. Saturday was tolerable for a bit so i sat outside just because I could, until the mosquitos drove me in.

  • probablyjane

    That’s a seriously good haircut – I think in times of stress it’s good to feel on top of as much as possible! Congratulations on project monogamy – wish I wasn’t such a project trollop – might have more to show for it…

  • Kaystir

    Love the hair, jealous that it is springing up down there. It is very hot in Madrid.

  • Leonie

    Very stylish “Do” 🙂
    Sometimes a drastic change is a good thing. When my youngest was 12 months old I went from hair the length of your first photo to hair less than 2 inches long all over. The hairdresser wasn’t sure I was serious but I just kept saying “chop it all off” .
    It’s weird when you wash it too, your fingers run through it so quickly in comparison!
    Adrift is coming along very nicely.

  • Emma

    Ooh, I really like your new haircut!

    Magnolias are starting to bloom down here too. I only wish the weather that came with their arrival stayed around a bit longer…

  • kgirlknits

    good luck with the monogamous knitting – looking forward to seeing the finished article!

    The magnolia is magnificent, as is the new ‘do. You did a great job styling on your own, which as you say, is always the biggest test of something new.

  • Olivia

    Wow, the hair looks great. It also looked great before, but I know how good it feels to have a nice chunk removed. Also I know what you mean about having more professional hair. Even though I rarely do, it’s something I aspire to!

  • Ailsa

    Back again. To this day I still get all gooey and nervous when I drive down the streets of Erskineville where I used to live. They were the best of times, and the worst of times for me too.

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