all there is….

i am at work. thats all there is right now. work. its a big week, and today is the biggest day. i have a meeting with the deputy vice chancellor academic to tell him about The Project. then we have the first working group meeting for said Project, which involves 4 deans of faculties in one room. i opted to have that meeting over coffee and cake. im looking forward to it, but im nervous. i had to draft some documents, and i used to make a little mind map. it turned out like a demented USS Enterprise.

im prepared for the documents to be ripped to shreds. i designed them with that in mind, but it still makes me nervous.

breathe, and let go.

then this evening ive been invited to a rare event, the ‘meet the chancellor’ reception. she doesnt come here very often, and each faculty gets to send two people. my Dean thought i should go. i hate networking with a passion. it pretty much brings me out in a cold sweat. i bought some knitting just in case,

but it wouldnt be appropriate, would it?

also, i decided to get my hair cut. the appointment is for saturday morning. that pretty much fills me with terror too.

did someone say breathe?

k xx


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6 responses to “all there is….

  • gidgetknits

    Breathe and go boldly! Where no knitter has gone before! Oddly, I think we all forget the Deans and Chancellors are people too. They become ‘The Dean’. Usually, they’re stressed out, tired, and juggling too much. Good luck with the hair cut!

  • RoseRed

    I hate networking too, but remember perhaps half of the people in the room will feel the same as you, so just be positive and smile and remember to ask lots of questions of the person you are talking too (most people love to talk about themselves!!).

    Hope the big meeting goes well! Aim sure it will. Cake is always good!

  • Sarah

    Am sure all events will go well – it’s only natural to be anxious about all of this (especially the hairdresser if you ask me!)

  • Leonie

    Best of luck for getting through the meetings with the big wigs, and for the hairdresser on Saturday. Maybe some sneak knitting in the hallway when you duck out to the ladies to help settle the nerves? Wouldn’t suggest knitting at the hairdressers unless you are waiting, spiky knitting isn’t the best LOL!

  • donna lee

    I hate the networking/politics thing, too. I am not very good at it although I can talk to people fairly well. I’m just never sure they’re really interested…..

    I think you’ll be marvelous. This is your environment so get out there and shine!

  • 2paw

    Haircut?? With less length or just a trim?? A trim should hold no terrors!!
    It is the USS Enterprise!! We used mind maps at school for our planning, with the children and for evaluations. Now Rubrics are all the go. Good luck with your meetings,which will be all over now!!

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