one perfect day

i have been really putting in some hard yards at work lately. the main project im working on has passed the data collection phase and now i have the hard work of trying to sift through what i found and rephrase it so it makes sense to other people. this is harder than it sounds, because my target audience this time is the uni executive, and im asking them to think very differently about something. so im doing a lot of thinking, and my head hurts. im lucky to be able to work from  home when i need to, and i really need it at the moment, lots of reading, lots of drawing mind maps.

but all work and no play makes kylie a very unhealthy girl. its one of the constant struggles in my life, balancing my mental and physical needs with work and the needs of others. to be quite honest, my mental and physical health are really the most important, and i copped a hiding from a bad virus earlier this year, and i need to get myself strong before summer kicks in. so ive started taking my walking gear to work and doing a circuit of the campus during my lunch hour, rather than sitting and knitting. i dont like it, but it has to be done. today, the sun is shining, its a balmy 17 degrees, and i made arrangements to meet knitabulous down at north kiosk for lunch.

to get there, possum and i drove down to the beach (about 3 minutes from here), and set off through puckys nature reserve

and down fairy meadow beach towards north gong.

possum loves the ocean, she is crazy for all things water, so she had a great time running, swimming and barking at surfers:

when we were done with all that, we sat in the shade and waited for knitabulous to finish her run

before we ordered lunch,

ate, gossiped, coffeed, then headed back up the coast.

there is no perfect place in the world to live, im sure, but whenever i think i want to be somewhere else, i look at this view and cant remember why. to have so much gorgeous coastline, right on  my doorstep, where my dogs can run free and people are happy to say hi as you pass them on the beach, and the food is fresh and the water clean, well, it doesnt get much better really. with everything bad thats going on in the world, it helps to get out of my head and into the fresh air and remind myselfow lucky we are down here in the antipodes.

of course, i am back among the papers now, and STILL not knitting (im actually quite disciplined when i have a deadline), but i will be working on either of these things later – unst socks, on which ive turned the first heel finally

or adrift, which is about ready to divide for the arms.

and then i will cook dinner, watch the latest episode of true blood (i think its time eric got his gear off) and maybe some football, and i will have had a perfect day.

lucky me.

k xx

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13 responses to “one perfect day

  • Leonie

    Are you onto the new series of True blood that’s airing in the States? If you are then you are not going to be disappointed 🙂 We were watching some last night, Jules gets the eps from his mate at work.

  • Ailsa

    It’s true, in spite of it’s shortcomings, it is a great place to live. I particularly think climate wise, it’s the best part of Australia. One whiff of spring and we forget how bitter it’s felt in the past few weeks. It was good to have fish and chips AFTER the exercise, wasn’t it? Nothing clears the cobwebs like fresh air and invigorating movement (not just swift sticks!)

  • LynS

    Some truism about ‘simple pleasures’ is unavoidable.

    I actually enjoy that work stage of trying to frame complex concepts so that make sense within different contexts. I don’t like the writing up that inevitably has to follow this stage!

  • Sarah

    Sounds like a great balance was achieved – and those beach shots – well – it looks like an awesome place to live 🙂

  • RoseRed

    I hope you ate a piece of fruit aftwr that fish qnd chips, heh!

    I agree with Lyn – coming up with the concept is the fun part, writing it clearly is the hard part! Am sure you will do wonderfully, especially after lovely wlk and a bit of knitting!

  • faeryfay

    what a gorgeous part of the world. I dream of the beach! It’s so beautiful. I also love the colour of those fabulous socks!

  • 2paw

    Lucky Possum to have such a wonderful walk and play!!! It looks so beautiful. I admire your restraint and self control with the non-knitting and working and also doing the walks at lunch time. I feel happy when I am walking with The Labradors. Anticipation is worse than the actual thing sometimes!!

  • 1funkyknitwit

    What beautiful photos, so glad you got out to smell the fresh air and catching up with friends makes it even better. Love the knitting, those patterns are pretty special, can’t wait to see Adrift finished especially.

  • donna lee

    That sounds like a lovely day. I love where I live (although I’d like to live closer to the coast, right on the coast if I could afford it but it’s so expensive). I can spend time in the woods or the beach with just an hour’s travel time. I can also pop into the city for a museum visit or a concert. Our weather is usually moderate but the last few years have brought us more snow and more heat so that may be changing.

    Your home looks wonderful. I love the idea of allowing the dogs to run on the beach and having a beach to walk along for exercise.

  • probablyjane

    I was brought up on an island so miss the sea terribly living in London. Thank you for giving me a moment of sea air while the city festers damply at 30 degrees…

    Looks like my sort of perfect day too.

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