weekend at georgies

once upon a time i lived in the nations capital, canberra. actually, ive lived there twice, once when i left home and went to uni (the first time) and then again when trent and i moved there for his work. i have a soft spot for The Can, there is a lot to like about the lifestyle there, although the people can be a little standoffish. mostly thats because they all work together (public service) or have families, and have already formed groups. it can be hard to get to know people. i started making friends there by going to stitch and bitch groups, but i was very glad when one of my existing friends, dr george, (who i had met through another friend in wollongong!) got a job there and came to stay with us for a while during the week until the job was made permanent and she could move her family down. it was good to have a friend in town who wasnt from canberra and that i could talk honestly with. (canberrans can be a bit defensive about the foibles of living in canberra). now i have left The Can, but george and bertie and james and grace are well and truly settled there. i dont get to see them often enough, so i made the trip down this weekend just gone, and had a lovely time.

firstly there was the weather. it has been raining here for a couple of weeks off and on, so it was great to see some sunshine and to sit in the lovely yard and feel the vitamin D on my skin.

but i really do love canberra in winter. it has proper winters, with snow on the mountains surrounding, and thick fogs in the morning, like this:

it stayed cold all day sunday, i dont think it got above 3 degrees. bertie very graciously let george and i loose sans kidlets, and we went to the old bus depot markets, where it appeared to be vintage day. i grabbed some hot caramel macadamias, and a couple of punnets of my new favourite vegetable kale to put in the garden (i got the purple russian and the cavalero nero type. yum). and, as i am wont to do at the OBDM recently, i got some jewellery, a lovely hand made sterling silver brooch from a designer from Finland.

im going to use it as a shawl pin and a cardigan closer. it almost exactly matches the silver bangle i wear all the time. george picked up the score of the day though, a fully adjustable dress makers dummy for only $75. she has been christened Giselle by bertie’s niece sabrina, who had arrived from germany early saturday morning. i didnt get to see much of her as she was buried under two very excited and loving cousins most of the time!

it was lovely to see james and grace again too. i love having some friends who have kids. it means i get all the fun without all the hassle, i get to find out about the latest lego, and i get cute pictures drawn for me and kisses and cuddles from two little people who call me ‘our kylie’. so sweet.

george and i also managed to finally secure a table at the very groovy and very in-demand a bite to eat, where we crafted

and ate chorizo and baked eggs for brunch.

truly divine. i also knitted some of celes on saturday night while chatting and watching rugby:

on sunday i pretty well had to rip back what id done though. apparently watching the wallabies smack the springboks while knitting lace doesnt go so well. and speaking of sport, i may have shed a tear or two watching cadel wear the yellow in france. allez cadel!

a great weekend, on so many fronts: friends, food, knitting, shopping, sport. hope yours was as good.

k xx


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16 responses to “weekend at georgies

  • RoseRed

    Excellent shawl pin thingy! Lucky I wasn’t there or I might have had to fight you for it, heh! Look how miss G has grown! Wow!

    Glad you had a lovely weekend! How good are those caramel macadamias?! And go Cadel! Woo hoo!

  • justthreadtwiddling

    Visiting good friends is always a welcome break from the usual. I’m glad you had nice weather and a good time!

  • missfee

    love the pin- and I would also fight you over that one.

    What a great weekend knitting eating and playing whoot

    Go Cadel go – even though I am a firm non sport understander or watcherer I did watch a few minutes last night double whoot

  • Donna

    Brrr! But yay for good company, good food and good knitting!

  • Ailsa

    It makes me very happy to hear that you like having friends with children. I seem to have picked up a lot of knitting friends without them, but I would ho

  • Ailsa

    I got cut off on my iPhone there. I was about to say that it shouldn’t matter between friends. I always say this but whatever you may feel about being a mother, I envy your freedom. I didn’t know George wasnt from canberra! And cute kids are cute.

    • drk

      I was wondering what you were hoping! I love the fact that my friends have kids of all different ages too, including ones who like the same movies as me 🙂 and I must confess to enjoying my freedom too!

  • donna lee

    The kids are growing up so beautifully. “our kiley” What a good way to be known, it would make me feel like I belonged and that’s a good way to feel.

    You have to keep these cold blustery days in your memory for when the summer comes and you’re being blasted about by the sun.

  • 2paw

    Sounds like a great weekend on all fronts: lovely friends, delicious food and wonderful knitting. I love proper seasons and our Winter i delivering too, lots of minus degrees overnight and it was -11 in the Midlands last week!!!

  • jp

    Is there anything quite so wonderful as being treated like family at a friends place. Fuss (because you are special) but not so much that you can’t put the kettle on and just get on with things.

    As for Cadel…totally awesome.

  • drkknits

    thats a great way to put it JP, friends who treat me like family. and not a dysfunctional one!

  • LynS

    Love all those cold weather photos. Not quite enough to make me want to move to Canberra, but enough to make me fantasise for a few minutes.

  • Leonie

    Sounds like it was a gorgeous weekend. So nice to have one of those occasionally 🙂

  • Sarah

    Yay for a great weekend – and super cheers for Cadel – I was delighted for him x

  • shellauw



    Well done. The shawl pin is stunning, the celes is looking amazing and that chorizo must have been delicious.

  • Emma

    You know, even though it’s been weeks since you tweeted about it, I’m *still* thinking about how delicious those caramel macadamias must be. Definitely seeking those out next time I’m in the Berra.

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