doing and not doing

this is what i am doing

those are four separate project piles. i have a deliverable on each of them within the next month, three of which are peer reviewed journal articles.

this is what i would rather be doing

i bring it to work with me everyday in the hope i will have a proper lunch break and be able to knit a round or four (four being a pattern repeat). everyday i go home with it untouched. at night time its too dark, too cold and im too tired to do anything other than knit on adrift, which is looking really good. then i fall into bed and watch some of Le Tour (allez cadel!) while i read a couple of chapters of songs of fire and ice book four and think about how much i hate the greyjoys.

then i get up and do it all over again. im not complaining, im kicking major goals at work and some really exciting opportunities are opening up. but the knitting, oh the poor neglected knitting.

also, its raining.


k xx


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10 responses to “doing and not doing

  • justthreadtwiddling

    That poor lonely sock. I know it will forgive you. I’m glad work is going well. You sound happier with it than a year or two ago.

  • missfee

    on the work home sleep merrygoround too at the moment

    sleep, wake, feed cats, shower, tea, drive,tea, work, coffee, eat, work, tea, work, drive home, play with cats, eat knit a few rows, read a few works play solitaire sleep

    poor neglected knitting – thank goodness it is the weekend

  • RoseRed

    Il pleut! Toujors pleut!

    It’s a bit annoying, but overall really good, that you don’t have any knitting time during the day at work! Peer reviewed articles sound good! We can say we knew you when!

    In other knitting news, I have my own personal mountain to climb with Grafting my skirt! Omg it is taking FOREVER!

  • Sarah

    A mindlesss knitting project is essential for when the work takes over!

  • LynS

    There’s a lot (a positive lot) to be said for routine. Comfort; productivity; sanity; a knowable world.

  • 2paw

    That’s a very Yoda title today: Do. Or do not. There is no try.
    Sometimes there is just so much work and little time for anything else. The rain doesn’t help. Your sock does look so nice!! Hope the rain goes away soon.

  • donna lee

    It’s been too hot here to pay attention to patterns. I have some “comfort” knitting to keep my hand busy while I listen to some books but sometimes even that is beyond me. It takes a lot of energy to keep a body cool in this heat and I don’t have a lot left at the end of the day. I did one row and fell asleep with the needles in my hands.

    We got a heavy rain storm the other night. It made for a lot of very humid hazy weather. And not much green.

  • Leonie

    Oh the balance between what you should do and what you really really want to do! I’m pretty sure I’m not as good as you at getting it right, the balance that is. The socks look interesting and at least you know that once the “work” is done they will be waiting patiently for you. Good luck with the articles.

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