another FO: greenfield cardigan

obviously im on a bit of a roll with the whole ‘finished object’ thing. it feels particularly good to have this one finished, firstly because its an actual garment and i didnt think i would get one done this year, the rate i was going, and also because winter has hit with a vengeance here, 100kmh winds roaring up off the snow and icy pacific, and i really needed something warm and woolly to wear. and boy, did i get what i asked for. i am wearing it for the second day in a row, and managed to get some pictures this morning:

so here it is, the greenfield cardigan from new england knits , in the berocco ultra alpaca light i originally picked up at looped yarn works in washington DC. they had a whole wall of it, and i fell in love. it was a beautiful yarn to knit with, and its come up really well in the garter stitch after blocking. it did grow where i wanted it to, length wise, so im glad i stopped knitting when i did, and it does get a bit of fluff pill on it, it is alpaca after all, but its really easy to just lift off as i see it. however, i made quite a few modifications to this pattern. i didnt do the neck cast on as directed, i could see from the picture it was already very scoopy, and i might be wide in some places but across the shoulders isnt one of them. so i followed someone elese modifications on ravelry to cast on less stitches and then start the raglan earlier. its worked out quite well, and sits pretty much where i like it.

i didnt do the leaf pattern on the front panels, i actually had an idea to make little pockets and sew them on, and i might still do that because i have two whole skeins of yarn left. i also added slightly different shaping in the body. the pattern says to do some decreases then increases, but i skipped the decreases entirely. i increased under the arms every 8 rows the entire length, and then about half way down i added some back increases to add some swing (every 4th row i think). i didnt want it to be a tent, but i did want flare. i think it sits pretty nicely.

(god i need a hair cut and that is so not my actual colour!). also, i added button bands. i started knitting the buttonholes in to the bodice as directed, but i could see i would need a bit of extra width across the bust, and some stability as well to stop the garter stitch from stretching. so i picked up and knitted 3 stitches in every 4 along both front edges and added three button holes. when i sewed on the buttons tho, the third one sat too low so i cut it off and am sticking with two.

a note about the buttons. they are a present from knitabulous who picked them up in liberty in london when she was there earlier this year. they make a lovely contrast against the black, and go with my winter colour scheme of red, black and grey. they make me smile everytime i look at them!

im really happy with how this has turned out. its not particularly fancy, just a basic black that will go with everything. i wasnt sure about the garter stitch, a bit wary of the possible bulk, but the yarn is not quite a DK so it sits pretty flat, especially after blocking. and the garter stitch with the slightly flared sleeves and the top buttoning actually gives it a kind of classic 50s look. i might not knit this pattern again but i would definitely use the yarn. its lovely and soft and not at all scratchy or heavy, and most importantly, really really warm! im just a little bit happy that its freezing cold and i can wear it lots!



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