FO: conwy socks

it feels like forever since ive had something finished to show, and something relatively substantial. hats dont count really, do they? and of course, its pouring rain and the light is bad and i cant get a decent photo, but let’s plow ahead anyway. so here they are:

the conwy socks! this is the only shot from outside that’s usable –  i wanted natural light to show the depth and complexity of the colour in the yarn but you’ll just have to take my word for it. its wollmeise twin in mitternacht that my wonderful friend george bought back from pfaffenhoffen for me, and its divine. the photo below is close to the true colour:

these socks represent a couple of firsts for me. they’re the first socks ive made in wollmeise, and they’re the first cabling ive done, ever. its only a little two stitch cable and rosered showed me how to do it just slipping the stitches, and after the first few repeats i had it worked out.

its a lovely simple pattern, like all things nancy bush, and i followed the instructions as written for the most part. a couple of modifications: i knit the legs on 2.5mm needles because they seemed pretty tight and were destined for man legs, then swtiched to 2.25mm for heel and foot. also, i used 3 needles not 4, so i modified the toe decreases slightly and kitchener stitched them closed.

the yarn was beautiful to work with. at first i found it a bit splitty but that was mostly from my cabling inexperience, once i got better at that it was lovely and smooth and the resulting fabric is so amazingly thick and woolly and luxurious.

of course, i am giving these away (these are the first knitted thing trent will have from me in about a year!) but i see some red wollmeise socks in my very near future.

here’s hoping it stays cold a while  yet and he gets some wear out of them.

k xx

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