instead of going to perth

i have been trying to rest. really i have. its a bit annoying workwise that my flight was cancelled, but it was kind of fortuitous because i was worried about how i was going to cope with the 2 days of back to back meetings while hacking up a lung. when my flight was cancelled and all the necessary phone calls made i went to the medical person (who is not ‘really’ a Doctor!) and confirmed the presence of an upper respiratory tract infection. the only cure of course being rest. this is me screwing up my face at medical and caring family/friend types who think that sitting at the computer, or in front of the tv, or paying social calls, or doing the shopping, is not actually resting. it is so resting if you are knitting.

but even so i havent done as much of that as i’d like. ive finally managed to turn the heel on the second conwy sock

this is lovely but taking forever. i also made it through one repeat of the celes chart mistake free

and have inserted the necessary life line. i dont think i’ll need it though, this is a pretty straight forward pattern. i have also watched the end of buffy season seven, again, plus the last three episodes of ‘game of thrones’ (i am up to volume 3 in the book and cant wait for more on tv), and the last three episodes of the american version of ‘the killing’. usually i hate american remakes but this was really very good, and i now have the original danish version to watch as well.

i have also been doing a little running around helping a certain someone to get his car back. for the last year this has been the view from my bedroom window

a dead nissan patrol. this was ‘gifted’ to trent by his dad while he was still alive, and about a year ago the engine blew up. a crack in a piston, apparently a known problem with that model nissan engine. the estimated repair cost was over $10 000. of course, being a poor student, trent didnt have that kind of money lying around, so the plan was to wait until the estate of said father was finally settled. that took 3 years and finally happened earlier this year, not long before a certain earthquake and tsunami washed out all nissan part manufacturing plants in japan. there wasnt a single nissan patrol engine in the country. it could be months before one arrived, if ever. and then, lo, one appeared. it was hastily acquired and before anyone could argue, a tow truck was called

and took the patrol away.

i was rather excited to see this empty stretch of street outside the house.

then some smart arse across the round came and parked his own white patrol out there the next day just to screw with my mind. anyway, it took the mechanics nearly three weeks to get it done, and now its done. it rolled up the driveway yesterday making that distinctive diesel engine sound. trent’s excited and has been busy playing with and cleaning it ever since.

the dogs were excited.

this car symbolises road trips to places dirty muddy and smelly, so they love it.  i was excited too. not about the patrol per se, none of this is actually about the patrol. its about the fact that for the last 12 months ive not only been sharing a house with my ex-partner, ive been sharing a car. confusing, much? testing of ones patience? somewhat. but im so proud that we managed it, with really one actual squabble about ‘who gets the car this weekend’. its a testament to our friendship i think that we can work through something like this.

bon mots about personal growth aside, im just glad to have my freedom back. where shall i go first?

oh i know, the car wash….

k xx

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12 responses to “instead of going to perth

  • RoseRed

    After the car wash, you can come to my house! Weeeeeeee!

    Heh heh, I think I like the guy across the road with the white patrol!

  • Ailsa

    Has that engine had a Geiger counter reading done on it? Make sure he gives it a good hose..

  • gidgetknits

    Now those are some happy dogs! I’ve decided it’s better I’m not driving… I’d be tempted to pack the wee one and set off and never return!

  • donna lee

    I hope by now you’re feeling better. I hate having to go places when I’m coughing. I feel like everyone around me is thinking “ewwww germy woman”.

    I’ve never seen a Patrol before. I think I like them. (well, except for the whole cracked engine thing)

  • 1funkyknitwit

    Not nice to read about you still not well, however knitting progress looks nice and this is one good thing about lazing about the house .D

    Great news about the car – bad neighbor..ahahha

  • shellauw

    FREEDOM! Oh hooray, I’m so glad you’ve got your car-independence back. Feeling better yet?

    • drkknits

      i have been infected by the Bug That Will Not Die. seriously, its so annoying! better than it was, just slow moving and worse at night. back to work tomorrow though, so im fine really!

  • shellauw

    Btw – your conway is just glorious and I’m seriously considering the Celes now too…

  • Emma

    I hope you’re feeling better, it sounds like quite a nasty bug.

    Seriously impressed with your Conwys, the colour you’re using is so nice.

  • 2paw

    Hope you are feeling all recovered and your knitting is proceeding well. You did an amazing job sharing a car, and those pups make me laugh so much. If mine make it into the car, they refuse to get out. Even Harki and she was the best behaved Labrador in the world. They believe there WILL be a ride in the offing!!

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