knitting in public, and other things

im home sick today, and waiting to find out if flights to perth (scheduled for 10am tomorrow) get cancelled due to ash cloud activity. secretly, i kind of hope so. the idea of 5 days away from home with lots of people to meet and talk to for work while hacking up a lung doesnt really appeal. and yes, im going to the doctor. its nothing serious im sure, just a reinfection from the flu that i had a month ago and never quite got rid of. but its annoying, the way they linger these days. a sign of encroaching old age, i think.

thankfully, i didnt get sick until late saturday night, so i have plenty of pictures from the weekend! the fun started about 230 friday afternoon, when i met up with shelley at our swanky hotel in the city, got changed out of my work clothes and headed off. first stop lindt cafe,

hot chocolate and waffles with lindt icecream

then the morris and sons sale, shoe and bag window shopping, and kinokunya where we met up with jp and randomknits and knitabulous. jp was off to the film festival, so ailsa, donna, shelley and i headed to liverpool st and had some excellent tapas for dinner. apparently a litre of sangria isnt really all that much! shelley, who was tired from her very early morning flight across the ditch (pacific ocean), headed back to the hotel to sleep, and i persuaded donna and ailsa to buy tix to the film festival and see the new jane eyre.

i loved it, its my favourite bronte anyway, and this was an excellent adaptation. great acting, editing, costume and cinematography, a lot like bright star, aesthetically speaking. and mia really was jane, one of the best ive seen. catch it if you can.

saturday morning we headed off in search of coffee,

and some more window shopping before the secret squirrel business, which was yum cha for donna’s recent birthday.

it was so much fun, trying to keep this a secret from her, i think she was pleasantly surprised. i took care of the birthday cake, red velvet cupcakes of course!

then we all headed down to circular quay for the official business of world wide knit in public day. it was all very well organised, with lots of new faces, although i was a bit overwhelmed by how many people and how crowded it was. it was a lovely day outside, so some of us decamped to the verandah

and later to the courtyard for drinks.

it would have been nice to stay there all night really, but shelley and i had other plans, which was a super rugby game out at olympic stadium.

the waratahs smashed the brumbies in a rather pedestrian display and are into the semi finals (im sure you’re all thrilled about that). we knitted in public there too,

and it was freezing cold, and i had a sore throat on the way home. grrr.

sunday morning was lovely and sunny as well and i dosed up on cold medication before taking shelley down to the beach for breakfast at diggies, of course, with more knitting,

then we did some touristy type things, checking out the sights from the lighthouse and the lookout.

a glorious day, finished with cake, pizza and more knitting. monday we drove up to balmain to visit a certain little yarn and fabric store

and have coffee and macarons (salted caramel butter) with donna.

some jitterbug may have fallen into my bag, and i also picked up an order that had arrived a while ago from rosered:

the jitterbug is the oyster and the blue, the 3 large reds are spud and chloe fine and the darker reds are more blueksy alpaca silk, for celes. speaking of which:

as usual, with jarod’s patterns, surprisingly easy to remember. i have also started some new socks for me,

these are nancy bush’s ‘unst’, and i had my arm twisted by knitdra and mrs-sockvictim, we’ve been waiting for certain yarns to arrive. and no, i still havent finished either of the two pairs of socks im knitting for trent, or the greenfield cardigan, and suddenly i have 5 WIPS not 2, and its all because of my evil enabling knitting friends!

so, a great weekend, exhausting and sometimes frustrating, but a great chance to connect with friends old and new. next year, for WWKIP though, im going to go sit in a park. which means it will rain of course. but thats what pubs are for right?

hope it was a good one, wherever you were.

k xx


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13 responses to “knitting in public, and other things

  • gidgetknits

    I love all the photos! What a fantastic time and hope the flu-thing gets better soon.

  • Melissa

    What a great weekend! Love the lindt photos. I hope you are feeling better soon!

  • RoseRed

    Waaahhhhh, now I want waffles and Lundy ice cream etc…might have to make do with easiyo ice-cream and caramel topping…speaking of caramel, where was my salted caramel macaron, hmmmm? Heh heh

    What a lot of lovely Kipping! Go you and Shelley!

    And hope you are feeling better soon. Hacking up a lung is not fun.

  • RoseRed

    Stupid autocorrect. LINDT ice-cream, not Lundy! Is Lundy even a word??seriously!

  • faeryfay

    What a fabulous time you had -full of knitting and good friends! Wonderful!

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  • Ingrid

    Please stop the coughing. It was a lovely WWKIP Day wasn’t it? I love your purchases, and will try to refrain fro finding out the glory of Spud & Chloe…

  • donna lee

    The waffles and ice cream look wonderful and the very idea of a salted carmel macaroon is making my mouth water! (yes, it’s 8 in the morning and I haven’t had breakfast yet). I did some knitting and spinning in public this weekend. I was quite the spectacle at the park on Sunday.

    Take care of that cough. You don’t want it to last for another few weeks. Coughs are so annoying and painful.

  • Tia

    OMG! What a huge weekend! Even with feeling unwell for part of it, you look like you had a blast! I’m sorry to have missed WWKIP etc… looks far more interesting than what I had to do.. πŸ˜€

  • 1funkyknitwit

    Next year I will join you in that park and knit right along with you πŸ˜€

    Lovely weekend and sadly I missed it right along with Donna’s b’day surprise due to the same lousy cold that seems to have gotten everyone these days – hopefully your cold will disappear quick smart !

    Nice yarny haul ..! the Jitterbug’s look very nice indeed…ahhaha

    get well lovely πŸ™‚

  • 2paw

    Oh so many things: I hope your cold went away and not the ash cloud. Your knitting out and about looks enormous fun and so nice to see you and Shelley!! Rugged up very well. Oh famous name macaron!! And very nice wool selections!!

  • 2paw

    Oh so many things: I hope your cold went away and not the ash cloud. Your knitting out and about looks enormous fun and so nice to see you and Shelley!! Rugged up very well. Oh famous name macaron!! And very nice wool selections!! And a new Jane Eyre: I shall have to seek it out.

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