onward upward

so im over the sad now (thank you for the lovely comments). im not one to wallow, these days. i did a lot of that when i was younger, it got me nowhere. it doesnt get anyone anywhere. there is too much to be grateful for. apart from the job thing, and how promising things are looking there, i am most grateful this week for friends. some people know just what to say. and even when i dont feel like being around people, being around people is just what i need. i have lots of ‘being around people’ happening this weekend coming. as most of us who knit are aware its ‘world wide knit in public week’, with some events being held last saturday, and this saturday is a kind of ravelry meet up in sydney. lots of my favourite people will be there, and i am especially excited about shelley coming over from new zealand (ash cloud permitting). along with our wicked partners in crime, we have scored a very nice secret 5 star hotel deal for friday night, and there will be much giggling late into the night i suspect (no there will not be pillow fights). there will be breakfast, shopping, knitting in public (im hoping for sunshine so i can decamp to the forecourt outside customs house and really annoy people), and then shelley and i are off to the rugby saturday night. then shes coming back to visit in the gong for a couple of nights, and monday we’re planning a little car ride over to balmain. apparently there is some cute yarn store. and macarons.

the problem with all this is not what to wear, but what to KNIT! the current WIPS are a bit meh. i really like these conwy socks and want to get them finished

but cable socks on dpns are a bit tricky out and about. i have restarted work on these lovely regia kafe fasset toe ups,

because they are magic loop and plain knitting, so very practical. but they bore me after a while. i dont want to start new socks (I have yarn and pattern lined up for both unst and a do-over of the ‘evening stockings’ but i owe trent at least one pair of socks this winter, so i must be strong). also, i really want to finish the greenfield cardigan while its cold enough to wear. i finally cast off sleeve one last night

and started sleeve two, but its not at all portable. it might spend a couple of days home alone.

if you are a knitter like me, you will know that the perfect solution to this scenario is to start something new. something soft and fuzzy. something lacy. on the weekend just past i admired greatly missfee’s celes. i have the pattern. i also have 2 skeins here and 2 skeins coming of this lovely bluesky alpaca silk.

i might need a few more to get it as long and wide as i like, but that doesnt mean i cant start right?

so whatever youre doing this weekend, have a great time, knit lots, and remember how lucky we are to be alive and well.

k xx.


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14 responses to “onward upward

  • shellauw

    I’ve bringing over a Hemlock Ring Blanket (I’m just trying to get it to the feather and fan part), and crazy rib gloves…. Now I’ve just got to work out what clothes to pack. 😉

  • LynS

    Oh, I’ll miss you all and all of the knitting this weekend. Such bad timing on my part. I also love Fee’s Celes, so I completely support your starting this on the weekend.

  • trent

    I hope that you and your knit “wit” friends have a great weekend.

  • RoseRed

    I was going to suggest starting something new, so I am glad we are on the same wavelength. The blue sky is Gorgeous! Yum yum yum!

  • Tia

    The Celes in that red will be just gorgeous! I think I’ll be missing the WWKIP fun this year, with family birthdays and being otherwise booked up by other people.. sad. Have loads of fun and I can’t wait to hear reports!

  • Yarna

    Yay! After working practically every weekend this year and late nights / long days this month I am SO looking forward to an indulgent afternoon of knitting!I have been knitting the Stripe Study shawl but might need to start soemthing new just because…

    See you Saturday!

  • 1funkyknitwit

    Celes will look gorgeous in that red ! ..it’s a YES from me ;D

  • gidgetknits

    You guys are gong to have way too much fun! Sob. Don’t forget to tweet so I don’t feel quite so left out!

  • Emma

    The WWKIP event in Sydney sounds like it’s going to have a cracker! Hope you have a great weekend!

  • ‘Twas the night before chaos… « Artificially Mythic

    […] it is 11 at night, thanks for noticing). I never sleep well before flying, so I may as well join DrK in her buoyancy and anticipation of a great weekend with the ladies. There will be knitting. Oh my […]

  • donna lee

    It’s serendipity (one of my favorite words) that Pk and I were having that same conversation this morning as he looked at our lottery tickets and said “we’re still poor”. We are definitely not poor, especially in all the ways that it really counts. We have so much to be grateful for. It’s good to stop and be mindful of them once in a while.

    Your weekend sounds just wonderful. Friends, knitting, food and possible pillow fights. Just about perfect. Have fun.

  • 2paw

    Knitting ennui, it comes to us all, but this too will pass. I am sure you will be knitting something red and alpacary with your friends before you can say Jack Robinson!!

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