the week that was

its been a big week. a few milestones passed and hurdles climbed. the most interesting is that this week marked two years since i moved into this house. of course, i didnt just move into a new house. i started a whole new life. these kinds of milestones always make me pensive, and because i dont want to drown in an ocean of sad ive not been thinking or feeling much, just trying to get through the days. it hasnt always been a great two years, but its been productive. ive learnt a lot, grown a lot. knitted a lot. watched a lot of buffy. she saves my arse. a lot. ive been round a lot of people this week but havent felt like ive got much to say. what is there to say really? you get on with life or you go under.

it helps that im so busy at work, with the ‘death’ of ERA and an interesting new project working with  nsw police on alcohol and sexual assault in the pipeline. and in the big news, my position was made permanent this week. this doesnt mean i will be in that position permanently (there are always plans afoot to move me into something bigger and better but i’ll believe that when i see it) but it does mean whatever happens, im safe and secure. it means i can start thinking long term, including ‘talking to bank managers’ type long term. the little communist in me hates the idea of becoming a property owner, but as a 42 year old single childless female (with no intention of changing that status. ever.) im also a realist. i took a small step and joined a health fund. thats enough excitement for one week surely?

despite the ‘pensive’, i have had a great weekend of socialising, starting friday night with meeting jp at the sydney film festival.

we saw ‘sleeping beauty’, a new australian film. i put my knitting away before it started.

i really wish i hadnt. good lord, what a load of self-indulgent pretentious TRIPE. i get the theme, i get the whole ‘disconnected young female’ thing, but is that really a story worth telling? and if you are going to tell it, then for gods sake tell it in such a way that doesnt make half the audience burst into hysterical (and relieved) laughter when its finished. i applaud emily browning, she did a great job, but that movie is a prime example of why novelists should not be allowed to make films. and i can say that because i was once a novelist who tried to make films and i sucked. at least i know it. it was a great fun night though, but i abandoned jp during the film-makers Q&A to go spend the night at missfee’s house. and what a lovely little house it is, and what wonderful hosts are fee, matt and po and tom. it was lovely to spend some one on one time with the mr and mrs sock victim. and also, i saw fee’s stash. im not allowed to say anything about that. oh i wish i could. but i wont.

saturday morning it was raining in fee’s backyard,

but it stopped by the time we got to bourke st bakery for coffee and croissant, followed by second breakfast at the book kitchen with a few others

followed by knitters guild meeting in surry hills

followed by some knitting in public

at a coffee and a yarn in newtown.

it was so much fun spending all this time with people i love and who are so easy to be around. even so, by about 3 oclock i was exhausted, and drove home to a dinner of vegemite toast and hot milo. i was asleep by 10 and slept right through until 730, a big sleep for me. then i headed up to the southern highlands to poke around in antique and patchwork stores and have a pub lunch and buy lollys with some of my favourite people.

so lovely to see them, and are little ones not good for the soul? then it was a drive down macquarie pass in the pouring rain,

and i felt like crashing out straight away, but instead i played with my own stash for a little while. thanks to missfee and the webs sale, i added some more silky wool to my garment stash

this is going to be a summer solstice-meets-adrift. then i decided that some of my nice yarn needed to come out of hiding and warm up my lounge room.

i moved the harry potter box set to make way for some STR, koigu, wollmeise, knitabulous, bluesky, jade sapphire, madtosh, lornas laces and frogtree, among others. its makes me smile to look at it.

less smile worthy is the ENDLESS hell of sleeveland, i am still on sleeve one of greenfield, but if i got off the computer i might actually get it finished today. so on that note….

k xx

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17 responses to “the week that was

  • jen

    the wool enclave in your sitting room is enough to make anyone smile.
    congratulations on no longer being impermanent.

  • RoseRed

    Wow – two years! Really! That time has flown. I’m glad you’ve had a lovely knitting and friend weekend so far, I’m so sad to have missed you on Saturday. And I don’t think you mentioned you’d bought more stuff in the Webs sale, heh! Great colour and yarn!

  • Bells

    that silky wool looks like the one I’m using for my shawl at the moment. Resounding approval from me on that one! Love the plans you’ve got for it.

  • Melissa

    I have a whole bookcase full of yarn on display in my living room!! Makes me smile everytime I walk in the front door!

  • kgirlknits

    sounds like a very full weekend! hit and miss with the film festival, but you get that I s’pose…

    and I LOVE the feature cubby on the bookcase – too too lovely it must be to look at every time you enter the room 🙂

  • sue

    Your yarn shelf looks full of beautiful skeins there. I guess time does fly by when your having fun doesnt it. I cant believe where the last few years have gone, maybe I am just getting older.

  • Ailsa

    Has it really been two years? Time flies..

  • gidgetknits

    I love the juxtaposition of books and yarn! And home owning is okay as long as you keep it in perspective – it’s temporary. Eventually it’ll pass on to someone else. And the dogs will think it’s their’s in the meantime, anyway!

  • Leonie

    Congratulations on becoming a permanent member of staff, that would be such a relief for you.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful knitting day yesterday as well. It certainly looked interesting!

  • 2paw

    Permanency means so much especially if you can have a house of your own!! A girl needs a house of her own, there are no princes on white chargers to rescue us!!
    Nice KIP photos, no wonder you were worn out!!

  • donna lee

    You have such good taste in colors. the shelf of yarn in the living room is warm and inviting. People are going to want to touch it.

    I’m glad for the permenant position. Not knowing if you’ve got a job or not is tough on the stress levels. I can’t believe it’s been two years since you moved your life into the little house. So much has changed. You’re so much more YOU now and more confident and seem to be more at peace. A lot of growth in a short span of time.

  • missfee

    books and yarn = my idea of heaven – and so good to show off your wool
    love the rainy garden – and great photos of the knitting weekend

    thanks for the visit and company it was tops

  • shellauw

    Two years for you means two years coming up for me. And gosh, what a two years it has been! You have done so very well, so congrats on everything! The whole life begins at 40 thing must be true, eh? So chuffed about your job now being permanent!

    And I am absolutely smitten by your yarn shelf. I can’t wait to fondle some of it. And to see people and places and spend some time with you. After 2 years, we can both gauge how much we’ve changed through absence. I’m excited! 🙂

  • Jane Lithgow

    Your comment about Miss Fee’s stash made me laugh. My friend Rachel is coming round on Sunday to see mine – she’s not allowed to say anything either….

  • LynS

    This is just exactly my kind of ideal weekend (well, maybe without the driving). Was great to catch up with you on Saturday – which is already so long ago.

    There’s a great deal to be said for having a ‘permanent’ job, even if it’s not your ideal job. I’m old-fashioned enough to think that it enables you to be a bit more risk-taking in your thinking and the way you approach your work, as well as being able to take a longer view of plans and developments.

  • 1funkyknitwit

    I can’t believe its been 2yrs already, you’ve handled everything with such courage all the while taking small steps forward. It’s wonderful news about your job and the plans your making.

    wonderful weekend and I’m lov’n the yarn shelf 😀

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