FO: hat – a study in stripes

its getting cold out there. this weekend i am willingly driving myself and my dog to a place where i know it gets REALLY cold. i was going to camp on site, but reason has prevailed, and ive booked into a pub about 20kms away from the farm we’re working on. gotta love those old country pubs. especially good to know they have all the good beers on tap (sarcasm). seriously though, im really looking forward to it. apart from the 6 hour drive. its hard to knit when youre driving. also, did i mention it would be cold? so, i made a hat.

its the corbin hat, and the pattern uses sock yarn, but i used the filatura di crosa sport wool i got from clegs in melbourne recently. the colours are similiar to the ‘tart’ and ‘cloak’ from the stripe study shawl, buts it not really meant to match. i just love those colours at the moment. i did do the hem with the last bit of tart

and its nice and smooth against my forehead. i have, however, made it slightly too long

i wanted to get the aesthetics of the stripes right, and to stop a repeat earlier would have made it too short. it should sit down on my head a bit snugger than this,

but apparently an air pocket at the top is good for keeping the heat in. i knit the pattern pretty much as is, except for the extra repeat, and i used 3.25mm needles for the slightly chunkier yarn. it really is very warm, and i’ll be glad i have it for this weekend, but thats enough with the accessories now. i started the first sleeve of the greenfield cardigan last night

and was reminded again of how much i hate sleeveland, made worse by the use of magic loop and doing garter stitch in the round. ugh. but it will be worth it, this yarn and pattern are turning out to be a perfect match.

so im off early tomorrow morning, and not back till late sunday night. im pretty confident 3G phone coverage will be less than adequate but hopefully i can squeeze out a tweet or two!

have a great weekend, whatever you’re doing.

k xx


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16 responses to “FO: hat – a study in stripes

  • Bells

    It is just like the shawl! Do they look good together or like too much of a good thing?

    Sleeveland in magic loop is never fun. I am sworn off it for a while.

    Very glad you’re staying at the pub. Much more sensible, if a little less adventurous.

    • drkknits

      i probably wont wear them together apart from this weekend, the colours in the shawl are much more heathered, being hand dyed, so it doesnt quite match in real life. and style wise they dont match at all. but its nice to have them be similar at least!

  • Ailsa

    Do not speak to me of sleeveland. I’m marooned on sleeve setting in island with kelmscott. Up to attempt four. Ugh.

    Have a great time this weekend. My kids are going to scout camp, husband going overseas and I’m going to be ALL ALONE. I can not wait.

  • 2paw

    Nice hat and it looks warm and cosy too. It matches your shawl in that nice not a total match way. I am sure it will keep you very warm.
    Eeew, garter stitch in the round. I am over my personal Greenfield disappointment now, so I am cheering you on!!

  • missfee

    love the stripe hat – really cool

    and sleeveland how I hate thee, another mountain to climb and descend

  • LynS

    I’m also in love with stripes just now – and this hat has such a perfect colour combination. I think staying in a country pub does rate above camping, but it can also have its challenges. But I’m sure there’ll be some good stories! Enjoy yourself.

  • RoseRed

    Pub is a much better choice than camping, smart move, DrK! (see, I knew they handed out PhD’s to smart people, heh!!!)

    Love the hat, think it looks great – much better to be a bit long than a bit short.

    Sleeve land will go quicker than you think, I’m sure – especially once you check out Fleegle’s no-purl garter stitch in the round (I’ll send you the linky…). Weeeeeeee!

  • donna lee

    I don’t know why people hate the garter stitch. I purl faster than I knit (just part of of uniqueness). I love the way the hat fits.

    Oh, and I would totally stay inside when it’s cold. camping out is ok when you’re not freezing but I hate being cold

    Conference in Baltimore? Just say when.

  • Laura

    I was just about to dig out the link to the no purl garter in the round – haven’t tried it but it looks really clever.

    The hat’s lovely. Hope it keeps you warm.

  • Sarah

    Happy adventures in sleeveland with that no purl garter and a warm well decked out bonce 🙂

  • kgirlknits

    have fun away!!!

    I love the hat – the brim is very smart and the wool has that lovely slightly heathered look to it that adds another sophistication. I don’t think it’s too long – all the better to keep ears/neck warm and yes, that pocket of air keeps you all over much warmer according to my nanna 😉

  • yogaknitdra

    What a great theme in your knitted wardrobe. Do you have socks in similar/queued? You’re set for whenever you need a little grey/red striping. Love it, and I think the hat looks great on you and you might be quite fond of the extra length at the back after a cool weekend! I’ve never been to Warrumbungles and have talked about it for over 20 years now, so I really must just desist and do it. Will look forward to your write up on your return.

  • Emma

    Cannot get enough of the red/grey combo! I think the hat looks great on you.

  • 1funkyknitwit

    How COOL does that hat look ?! looks cloche like and it really suits you ! it ! 😀

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