where’s my head at…

work, apparently. i appear incapable of more than once a week posts again as things go from crazy to insane at work. the melbourne trip will be followed up by a visit to a perth university in a couple of weeks, and i have two journal articles to finish editing, one to write from scratch and two conferences to prepare for. the promotions project continues to take more than the two days a week im meant to be working on it, and my other research project is about to move into phase two, which means i have to do stuff. i had some odd media attention this week about that, except my research is on risky sex and they wanted to talk about planking.

not quite the same thing but anyway. so i feel like my head only has just enough space to remember all the things i need to tick off my to do list everyday, and the more i tick off, the more things go on there. im still recovering from a chest infection, plus im a bit blah emotionally anyway, and i end up wishing i could just crawl into a cave somewhere. a cave with a doona. a big white fluffy doona.

i left the house long enough yesterday to spend some time at least with nice knitter peeps, including lunch at diggies

i had trouble deciding what to have

i ended up with the croque madame (a very fancy ham and cheese toastie with an egg on top)

but i ending up wishing i’d had the pear:

then it was up to the novotel for our monthly local stitch n bitch.

i didnt feel much like talking yesterday, and there was a new person who really annoyed me and i figured it was just wise to be silent and knit the hat.

thats also where else my head is at, desperately trying to make a new hat by next weekend. the cashmere beret is lovely, but hardly suited to a weekend camping (yes camping) and chasing sheep around a paddock with my dog in the middle of nowhere, which is where i’ll be. the hat is this pattern made with the  filatura ‘sport wool’ i got in melbourne. its a good match for the stripe study shawl, and for the hem that gets turned under im using the left over madtosh sock in ‘tart’, just for the matchy thing, and also cos its softer on the skin than the sport wool.

i blocked the shawl too, and it did grow a bit, and became very soft and drapey, and i love it even more.

otherwise, im a bit over people at the moment. i get like that sometimes. a busy week at work and a weekend away with possum should sort things out i hope. so long as i dont die from camping in the cold.

k xx


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13 responses to “where’s my head at…

  • trent

    This is a great post, I love everything you do.

  • shellauw

    I’m enamoured with your shawl, and the lovely looking winter weather you’re having.

    But what a lot of travelling you’re doing! Perth! Good knitting time on the plane though – that’s a bonus.

    I love your stripey hat! The camping and time with your pup chasing sheep sounds like it could be great fun. I’m not entirely sure about my beret. The yarn I used has no elasticity, and is still far too big for me. Hmmm…

    And you’d best not freeze to death, I’m looking forward to seeing you too much. 🙂

  • RoseRed

    Camping! In winter! You are brave! And will need the woolly hat and so on. And a nice furry dog to keep you warm too, heh!
    I would like to read your article, oh wise DrK!

  • 1funkyknitwit

    Camping is brave regardless if your unwell ! .. get well Miss K, life’s pretty blarh when your not well 😦

    I’m still drooling over your SS shawl and beware if you stand too close to me I may steal it from you 😉 ..I’m lov’n the hat matchy match and all 😀

    look after yourself and GET WELL ! 🙂

  • gidgetknits

    Dogs are cool. And I have two fluffy white hens that apparently make fantastic doonas.

  • 2paw

    Ah, menu envy. The scourge of dining out!!! Still, both plates looked yummy. Oh, you’re famous. It is all about the competition with planking: no risk, no fame really. The young think they are invincible. I hope your ennui goes away. Sometimes, if I meet a new person and I don’t think I will meet them again I don’t learn their name: is that bad of me???
    Nice matchy knitting and Possum will have so much fun!!

  • Melissa

    Lunch with nice knitter peeps would make anyone less grumpy! Loving the hat, and I have just realised that I am copying you with the red and grey accessories this winter!

  • Bells

    i’m sure the stripey shawl is even more glorious after a wash and a block. I want one.

  • Sarah

    Ah people – yes you can have too much of them 🙂 Enjoy your dog time

  • amy

    Planking. Had to Google that one. And now I’m, well, sort of speechless. And people think knitting in public is weird?

  • Ailsa

    Far out. That really is in the middle of nowhere.

    I’m a little grouped out atm too, I know how you feel.

  • donna lee

    Please don’t die of the cold! With all the handknits you own there’s no excuse for being cold.

    I get that way about people. Sometimes, I just want to be left alone to do my thing.

  • yogaknitdra

    I’ll say it again, love the stripey shawl and red/grey colour combo!

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