work trip, with shawl

i may have mentioned that i was headed to melbourne for work this week. i know lots of people have been to melbourne lots of times, and some people i know even live there, but i do like it very much. it has lots of charms, like good coffee

and cute alleyways

and lots of shopping options, much better than sydney. i was in the market for a new work bag, bigger than a hand bag, and i saw plenty i liked but they were out of reach budget wise. i will have to reassess that situation. is there a perfect bag out there, that can carry work things, files, computer, books AND knitting? ive been looking for a few years now, i just might have to take out a small personal loan to get it! i did manage to spend some time in yarn stores. the morris and sons melbourne store was very pretty, with a really lovely little sit and knit corner,

and a big table for classes etc. a much better space than either the sydney store or granny square. but nothing new yarn wise. i headed down elizabeth st looking for clegs. last time i had been there they had a wall of rowan that i wanted to revisit. except, it was gone. it was now a wall of patons and cleckheaton. they had some nice yarns from naturally nz, and a few bits and pieces of rowan, and then a whole heap of crap. the only thing that interested me was the filatura di crosa range, and i picked up 4 balls of this new sportwool ( a nice lofty soft DK) and a variety of colours in the unbelievably soft baby alpaca.

i dont know any stores in sydney who stock these guys properly, like a full range of the good basics, and it annoys me. its beautiful stuff, all from italy, great colours, and wears really well. its not always cheap, but its value for money. of course we dont want that, do we? sigh.

anyway, i spent wednesday night in my lovely spacious hotel room desperately trying to finish the stripe study shawl.

i wanted to wear it to my meetings on thursday, and i stayed up late and got a cramp in my hand casting it off. i couldnt block it obviously, but i lay it out on the hotel floor and figured it would be wearable as is:

which it would have been, if only melbourne hadnt been so damn warm! it was no cooler than it was when i left sydney, and although it was cloudy and people looked at me weird for wearing sunglasses, it was nowhere near cold enough for a heavy big shawl. so i didnt end up wearing it, which is kind of ironic, really. im glad i didnt, the meetings on thursday were hard work, and i needed to be on my toes. they went really well though, it was a totally wothwhile trip and the people i talked to at the uni i visited were extremely helpful, really above and beyond what i expected, and they looked after me all day and made time for “very important people” to talk to me, and i was completely exhausted at the end of it!

i slept very well thursday night, and woke up to another cloudy day on friday.

i didnt want to spend any more time in shops looking at gorgeous things i couldnt afford, so i headed across the river for breakfast, then walked along southbank

and up to the arts centre and the gallery, which i hadnt been to before.

it was really great, a very impressive collection of european art, with an emphasis on italian renaissance. there was a lovely tintoretto and some wonderful dutch pieces, including a couple of rembrandts. i stopped for a break in the really lovely tea room

peppermintally refreshed, i headed up to the small but impressive contemporary collection that included a rothko, through the gallery store (where i bought nothing! unheard of for me), and then out through the fantastic foyer.

then i walked back across the river

and into the city

to pick up my bags and head home. i crashed pretty early friday night, and hardly had time to breath before jumping in the car yesterday and heading down to kiama where some ladies that i knit with had an exhibition and sale at the old fire station.

i had been hoping to put some stuff out myself but i just havent had time, so i was content to sit and knit and watch the passers by admire and pay money for some lovely things. i took girasole down with me, and we found a spot for it on the wall.

oh look, its a circle! easter show people, if you’re watching, this is what it could have looked like. then knitabulous and i headed outside and she took some photos of me wearing the stripe study shawl.

i wont bore you with the project details, you can check it out on ravelry if you arent already knitting one! but i am really happy with it. its big enough for me to wear comfortably, although i do want a shawl pin to hold it on myleft shoulder there

and the yarn (madeline tosh sock in ‘tart’ and ‘cloak)’ is just gorgeous. smooth and soft and very warm.

i ended up using almost all of a second skein of tart, and i wouldnt have got another row plus cast off out of the cloak, so it needs more yarn than the pattern says for a really big one, but its worth it. i dont have a photo but the point does come well down the back. i am not a huge fan of the triangular shawl for wearability, but i think this large, more contemporary style, suits me more, and is definitely something i will wear a lot.

now i just need to finish the greenfield cardigan and i will feel ready for winter.

k xx

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20 responses to “work trip, with shawl

  • gidgetknits

    Great shots of the shawl! It looks fantastic. Wouldn’t you know our weather, after being so cold, would stop being shawl weather just when you finished? Glad you had a good time here!

  • travellersyarn

    Wow – I love the stripe study shawl – and Ailsa also did a good job of the photos.

  • 2paw

    While your Girasole looks perfect up there on the fishing line, you and your new shawl look stunning!!!! It is beautiful and you look so happy wearing it: warm or not!!

  • Bells

    I’m going to Melbourne twice in June – you’re whetting my appetite to really get there and make the most of it now, even if one of those trips is just a day trip for work.

    Love love love the shawl. It’s stunning and perfect for you. Great effort to get it off the needles in time, even if you didn’t wear it!

    And yes that’s how a shawl ought to be hung!

  • knitabulous

    That hotel room looks tops. Wish I could find one like hat for WWKIP day that didn’t cost the earth.

    Nothing worse than window shopping for things you can’t afford, it makes you feel a little sick, and eminently inferior. You need a tote! A nice sturdy roomy tote. Kikkik has a leather-look one.

  • RoseRed

    Loving the stripe study!! Wonderful shawl and suits you perfectly (and nice sunnies, lady!)

    You’d think it wouldn’t be that hard to hang a circular shawl, hey. You proved it!!

    Glad you had a lovely time in Melbourne exploring, and also for work too, work trips with unsuccesful outcomes are so pointless and annoying. But not for you, weeeeee!

  • LynS

    Love the shawl(s). The colours you chose for the Stripe Study work so well.

  • RoseRed

    Oh yeah, I meant to say, how good is that hotel room!! Wow!

    • drkknits

      the hotel was oaks on market, great room, good service. had a big kitchenette and bathroom too, less than $180 a night! And Ailsa, I fondled one of those kikki k bags, I have the catalogue in front of me. They’re gorgeous, real leather, and $450. I think I’m gonna get one tho.

  • shellauw

    The shawl is beautiful! And the colours look amazing on you. And didn’t your girasole look beautiful all hung out nicely and open? I can’t wait to see them IRL.

    I’m glad Melbourne was successful. I hope you get the opportunity to visit it at a more leisurely pace soon. But I agree re: the yarn stores. Completely.

    And I know that bag… I think that’s a great idea.

  • LynF

    Great photos of the shawl, it looks stunning and so do you. Beautiful Melbourne it is wonderful isn’t it
    I used to spend a lot of time there in my working life
    and I miss it so much now

  • kgirlknits

    oh, you just listed nearly all my favourite places in Melbourne! I love a day at the NGV, and then wandering around town afterward.

    and the eternal Quest for the Perfect Bag – it’s quite torturous, isn’t it?? I sometimes think that I’d be better off biting the bullet, spending the extra $$ and being so very, very happy with my fabulous bag! but then my bank account begs to differ 😦

    the shawl looks marvelous and warm – Tart is a great colourway. sorry we were too unseasonable warm to wear it, cos it would have been a very Melbourne splash of red on a gray day 😉

  • missfee

    love the stripe study – looks FANTASTIC

    and your trip looked like alot of fun – I love the water feature at the gallery too

    the kikki k bag looks like a winner I must say !

    and not to forget that your circular shawl looks a million times better than at the show!

  • Sarah

    Yay for the finished shawl, gorgeous on you, such terrfic colours – though I’m sad you didn’t get to wear it for your meeting- we’ve got some cold weather I’m sending you so you can get plenty of use out of it 🙂

  • Emma

    Your Stripe Study Shawl looks awesome. Apologies for the warm weather causing a delay in its debut. I promise it has actually been really cold besides those days you were down.

  • Sue

    LOVE the stripe study shawl – great colour selection. I was going to suggest the KikkiK bag as well -great minds thinking alike!

  • probablyjane

    That shawl is spot on – just your colours! I’ve done one myself in grey and lime green – it’s such a satisfying project – have you seen Veera’s new design, Different Lines – might have to have a go at that too.
    Thanks for the Melbourne travelogue – I might be back thare at the end of the year and it made me very wistful. last time I was there my friend jacqueline showed me some fabulous little shops in The Nicholas Building on Swanson Street. I would never have found them in a million years as it looks like an old office building to me but the shops, Buttonmania, one of the best button shops I have seen, run by such a helpful woman, Kimono House Japanese Textiles (wow, just wow…) and L’ucello which had loads of vintage haberdashery are not to be missed.

  • 1funkyknitwit

    What a great trip ! – the yarn your after “Sue’s at Cherryhills” has a great stock of Filatura – reasonable prices and great yarns ! 🙂

    THAT SHAWL !!! …I want !!!!

    You look lovely it – great photos – and great colours on you – enjoy wearing it !

  • faeryfay

    Ooooooh Melbourne looks lovely! I’d love to go one day, especially to the Morris & Sons store! Girasole is truly remarkable! Love the shawl:-)

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