red update

first, thanks everyone for the lovely comments on the last post. i nearly didnt post anything about mothers day, its not like its a new thing, or something i dont think about every year, but this one felt a little different. not enough to make me post the note though. well not yet at least. the urge seems to have passed (some might say sanity has prevailed).

unfortunately, though, i cant give you a finished object update on the stripe study shawl. its getting very close. im nearly through the second skein of tart, so its getting big. its already bigger than what the pattern suggests. i think i have one more red stripe section to do then im onto the black border. it may not be done in time for the trip to melbourne this coming week however, depends how much more knitting i can stand tonight!

but its cold in melbourne, and i couldnt go there without something warm and fuzzy, and red, to wear around my neck. you might remember last year i made this gorgeous ravelry red clapotis in malabrigo silky wool.

i loved it and wore it lots. but when i pulled out my woollens bag last week in preparation for the cooler weather, it was nowhere to be found. i dont remember losing it, but i dont remember packing it away either. a tragedy! the clapotis pattern is one of my favourite pieces of neckwear, and i was devestated. i did have this earlier one, that i made maybe 3 years ago:

it’s in fibreworks alpaca/wool blend, i think, in the ‘desert sunset’ colourway. once, i did pink. and purple too. not anymore. i wore this to work on thursday and it drove me crazy with its pinkness. then i had a brain wave. did i not know someone with a bit of a thing for dying yarn? so we got together on friday and did a few experiments with different colours and decided the ‘fire red’ would overdye the best. the first dying turned it a very bright hot pink. ailsa left me some dyes and i had another go later in the afternoon, and i really let it have some heat in the microwave until the water ran pretty clear, and then i hung it out to dry:

perfect. in the shadows it looks dark and mottled:

in the sunlight its the most dazzling jewel red:

i love it. what a great way to reclaim an old object and make it new again. i wore it up to sydney to knitters guild on saturday, everyone commented on it as if it was new, except kris who said ‘oh clapotee! really? isnt that so 2004’. funny ukelele playing hipster chick. guild was lovely, as usual. ive been meaning to take some pictures of this amazing venue for ages but forgot my camera again. the phone camera did manage to catch rosered and zena, with crown st behind them

and wittyknitter talking about…copyright maybe?

rosered ran a workshop on ‘pattern grading’ while we ate an amazing morning tea from missfee and jp,

then we hit the street for lunch and much laughter (sorry random passer by)

and then there were baby cuddles when mr rosered and connor joined us. can you believe that connor turned one last week? where did that year ago? i bought him some presents which he liked ripping open – some MoMA pram-hanging texture boards, a maisie book with moving parts (which i dont expect to last long)

and these cute finger puppets.

(no i didnt make them. some poor peasant in guatemala did, although apparently they’re made from acrylic, as yarn snob mummy pointed out! she didnt mean it in a bad way, but it was funny that she noticed). i got to have a cuddle too, wearing my clappy:

a fantastic day all round. it will be a perfect weekend if i can get this shawl finished.

k xx


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21 responses to “red update

  • shellauw

    Oooh Connor has *grown*. And I love what you’ve done with your old clappy. It looks absolutely gorgeous. I can see it’s going to be worn often.

    And I’m looking forward to the photos from Melbs.

    4 weeks, and I get to see ya’ll meself! 🙂

  • missfee

    love the photos- yesterday was so much fun!!

    The clap dyed a treat – and it is such a great red in real life.

    YAY for knitters!!!

    Can’t wait to see your haul from Melbourne…….hope you have a great time

  • Donna

    Someday I hope to have time for social knitting again. I feel a little like a social pariah these days!

  • Olivia

    Yay! great solution to a pink problem. I think dying a garment seems so much less hassle than dying skeins of yarn (never done it, maybe one day).

  • WittyKnitter

    It was either copyright or Grannyg’s new magazine Entangled. I only made two little speeches this month. 🙂

  • Knitdra

    I had such a great time yesterday. Love the re-vamped clapotis, it suits you so well.

  • RoseRed

    I reckon you’ll find rav red clappy sometime. Probably at the end of winter, heh! But overdyed Clappy 1 is a perfect substitute!
    thanks for Connor’s gifts – he was playing with the MOMA touch cards when I got home tonight – he was most taken with smooth yellow oval and quite puzzled by red sticky heart, heh!

  • Melissa

    Well done with the dye job! Looks great. I think that there must be a woollens thief about, I still haven’t found my Haruni 😦

  • Bells

    Oh great reclaiming! Well done! You don’t do purple anymore? Really?

  • Bells

    Oh and I have no idea what pattern grading is. Must find out.

  • kiwiyarns

    It looks like you had a wonderful time. I’ve been meaning to dye some yarn I will never wear in its current colour. Perhaps I will be brave enough soon! I like the idea of finding someone who does do dying to help you though – I think I’ll see if I can rustle up one of those helping fairies myself!

  • jp

    I felt so rushed yesterday and was sad to have missed the post guild nosh up and more importantly chat!

  • 2paw

    What a fabulous dye job, is is scarlet and rosy!! I can see everyone has a marvellous time at your Knitters’ Guild too!!

  • amy

    Late to the mum’s day conversation but would like to add, as a mum, I find the whole thing weird weird weird and not at all anything remotely close to its origins. (Julia Ward Howe, Civil War America, a day for peace. Nothing at all to do with Hallmark!) I really wanted to be a mother, my kids had no choice in the matter, and they don’t need to fall all over themselves for one day proving how lucky they feel to have me. That’s quite a burden for, say, a 6yo.

    I hear you on the other end, too. A lot of how I mother is directly related to how my mother did the job–without joy, energy, playfulness, or creativity. I try to mother with all those qualities. I was never allowed to ask her about my childhood, and now she’s dead, so I never will. And Father’s Day? My father used to go off by himself every year because he wanted to spend “his day” doing whatever he wanted, which didn’t much include spending time with his kids.

    Gah. Families. I’ve spent over a decade building the family I wish I’d grown up in. I’m proud of that. (Oh, and I think the value is in the writing, too. I’ve tried actual communication–sigh–doesn’t work so much but maybe you’ll have better results if you decide to send it. I hope so!)

  • Sarah

    Lovely, lovely rich deep redness – such a fabulous colour on you – great call to dye it – and I’m glad you have found your support network of women – we all need that whether in the more traditionally perceived form or in the way we find them along life’s paths – hope your next shawl is all ready for a snuggle soon

  • 1funkyknitwit

    Great photo of you and Connor !

    I love how your dye job turned out and the pic with the hydrangeas look so lovely – a perfect shade of red !

    I’m sorry I missed Jane’s workshop I’m very interested in what she had to say 😦 – looks like lunch and the day went super 😀

    can’t wait for SS Shawl !!!!! ;D ..woot !

  • Emma

    Nice dye job! You’ll definitely need your Clapotis in Melbourne. It’s far-eezing down here at the moment.

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