so what have i been doing with my holiday i hear you ask? apart from whinging and railing against the world, that is. it mightnt look like it but i have been relaxing. ive finished season six of buffy. that last moment always makes me laugh, poor bastard. ive taken a dog for a walk every day. ive done a lot of washing, even though it pretty much hasnt stopped raining. ive done some knitting, although probably not as much as i’d like. its hard to tell because the greenfield cardigan is just garter stitch, and lots of it. lets just say it’s getting longer and i’ll spare you the photo. i am headed down the foot of the first conwy sock,

i had hoped to have this finished before knitcamp but looks like its coming with me. speaking of camp, ive been quite busy getting ready for that. one more sleep! on tuesday i drove up to visit yogaknitdra who lent me some saris and bindi powders to take (the sat night dinner theme is bollywood of course)

arent they lovely? the royal blue is mine. it goes with my eyes, ive been told. im going to do some baking to take (these) and ive already picked up a few essential camping supplies:

most importantly, ive been thinking about what knitting to take. the greenfield cardigan obviously, because garter stitch is easy when youre busy talking, or laughing, or eating, or drinking, but because the endless black is a bit boring i’ll take the stripe study shawl just to mix it up a bit. and because they’re both kind of large projects, and you cant be never not knitting at knit camp, socks are also essential. even though the conwy’s seem to have booked a ticket, i was hoping to start the second of the long evening stockings, but i have had a little stocktake on those. on tuesday, i saw alison’s version, knit in gorgeous red wollmeise. they are super long too, and mine are not.

i dont have as much yardage in this spud and chloe as the pattern calls for, or as much as there is in a skein of wollmeise. i do love how these have turned out, but when i saw alison put hers on, mine felt inadequate. for fear of making them too small around the calf, i have instead made them too big, and the pattern doesnt stretch out like hers. the foot is just a tiny bit too short. and they arent really long socks at all.

you know where im going dont you? i consulted the brains trust, and i decided to frog them. not right now, and i will reuse the yarn for unst, as originally intended, but im going to cast on another one this weekend in either of these wollmeise reds:

the wound up ball is ‘vamp’ reclaimed from the disaster that was ‘rick’. the skein is ‘ruby thursday’. i love them both, the ruby thursday is a bit darker so maybe a bit more ‘vintage’. the vamp seems to want to be something more modern. what do you think?

so all in all, its been a great week off so far, and im very excited about heading up the hill with most of the regulars this weekend. and its going to be cool too. the rain has stopped today, but the leaves are nearly all gone from the magnolia,

which means we might be in need of the big fire in the lodge. that would be just perfect.



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9 responses to “stocktake

  • Ailsa

    But who is going to light the fire? We will be without our usual fire warden.

    You’re way ahead of me in organisation, I’m still thinking about pyjamas! I buy a new pair every year, it’s my little pre-camp splurge.

  • shellauw

    So. Very. Envious. And yes, use the darker red… 🙂

  • Bells

    i’m sad I’m not going to camp but I hope you all tweet. Do you have a suitable hashtag yet? If not, please get one!

    I’d forgotten you did and abandoned Rick – great way to find a use for it again.

    Conwy. Sigh. I NEED to knit them. You are torturing me with that book.

  • RoseRed

    So organised for camp already! And so sad to be missing camp again this year. Next year for sure!
    I think the ruby Thursday for the socks, definitely. And gosh you’ve done so much of the conwys even since Tuesday! Go you!

  • RoseRed

    Ps comment from my new iPad! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • donna lee

    I just finished a pair of socks and one is over an inch bigger than the other. I changed needles (moved from metal to wood) and obviously I knit much tighter on the metal ones (they were the same size) so I’m going to have to frog one and reknit it with the metal needles.

    Knit Camp sounds like a treat. I imagine it’ll be fun and you look quite well prepared.

  • missfee

    great pink socks and the blue ones too

    I can’t wait to cast on unst with you – but that is another whole 2 months away – I think

    I am also dying to see the photos from camp this year and how the blue looks on you

  • Leonie Tewierik

    I vote for the darker of the two reds for the long stockings they will look smashing!
    I hope you have had an awesome weekend with the knitters and got lots of fun stuff (ie knitting) fitted in around the eating and drinking. Didn’t see any chocolate in that packing picture, there would have been a few blocks in mine 🙂

  • 1funkyknitwit

    I love your Conway socks a divine blue, a real shame about your evening Stockings however I “completely” understand why you frogged. I too would have done the same after all you know what happened to my SS Shawl after seeing yours 😉

    Ruby Thursday will look gorgeous, that’s my pick.

    Your camping supplies came in very handy, thanks for the cookies and coffee 😀 well as sponge cake with lashings of cream and jam… Y.U.M !!

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