on the fourth day…

i went to the Show.

the flyball competitions were all over,

my ex team had already beaten all comers to win Division 2 making them the National Champions, and while i was a bit sad to not be there, i was really happy for them because it makes up for the nightmare that was the nationals in melbourne last year. i was also really happy for trent, because jem got to run in that team, and there have been people in flyball with an agenda against trent and jem, and he hung in there despite it all, and the 9 year old wombat ran great the whole time and finally got to win some silverware again. seriously, living well really is the best revenge (although i do still have fantasies involving screaming and lots of blood).

on easter monday, possum wouldnt get out of bed so we left her at home and just took the boys up to do the demonstrations throughout the day. jem ran again for the 4th day in a row (did i mention hes 9  years old?)

and ricco got to have a go and finally did his first full run!

not bad for a dog who doesnt get any regular training! that was really the highlight of the day, that and meeting up with some of my favourite knitting peeps to indulge in  some baked goods:

food on sticks:

and the critical evaluation of the knitting displays:

i have had a bit to say about this on ravelry and i feel too dispirited to bother saying much more. i will let the pictures do most of the talking. this particular cabinet contained the 8ply or over garments.

that THING in white took second prize. you tell me if that’s finishing of a high quality? the gorgeously perfect hipster cardigan that kris made earned nothing more than a staple in the arm. when you turned around from this cabinet you saw this:

yes thats my 150cm across CIRCULAR shawl with the sunflower pattern in the middle. the very same sunflower pattern that had been the central feature of the shawl, was now all bunched up, wound about with fishing wire and used as a hanging point.

one point was NAILED to the wall, while the other has had fishing wire threaded through the actual lacework and tied in a very tight knot that will need scissors to undo.

i pretty well nearly cried. not because i didnt win anything, that was a given for me, it had mistakes in it that any good judge would see. but i wanted it in there because it was big, circular and coloured, with a modern looking design. there was room in this cabinet for it be hung fully extended. there was not a single other circular shawl entered. there were hardly any other coloured shawls. it was a sea of cream and nupps. if i’d known the secret criteria for winning was to knit something from ‘estonian lace today’ i would have entered my ‘lily of the valley’ scarf. oh wait. it was red.

apart from the introduction of a long overdue accessories category (with some really excellent pieces by clever people i know),

the whole thing was just a big disappointment. luckily kris and i had some fun taking photos and tweeting about kids singing and dancing badly to beiber on the food court stage (glee has a LOT to answer for)

and ogling Fonzy, the tallest steer in australia.

‘oh my god that is a really big cow’  was possibly the funniest thing i heard all day.

so my emotional attachment to the show takes another beating, which is probably a good thing. i wont be entering knitting again, and i didnt miss the bad parts of the flyball. (the early mornings for one thing, the continued stupidity and immaturity of some of the competitors for another). so thats a plus.

time moves on, heals most wounds, opens new doors.

and brings us to within 2 sleeps of knitcamp2011. Bring. It. On.



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9 responses to “on the fourth day…

  • Bells

    sigh. I’m really glad there were some good things about the day because the whole knitting thing just makes me so very sad. I think my determination to enter any shows in future has pretty much died, too. But good on the people who entered with great stuff, whether they won or not.

  • RoseRed

    Notwithstanding the disappointment of the knitting (the display of yours in particular), looks and sounds like a great day! Especially the cheese on a stick. I am SO trying that next time I go to the show.

    And go Jem and Ricco!

  • LynS

    You went to the Show and you didn’t go to the woodchopping? Unthinkable.

    I agree it’s a shame that the knitting isn’t dealt with better, particularly when it’s really clear what’s needed –
    *transparent standards for each category and feedback to competitors
    * attractive displays (I think this was significantly improved this year. If you disregarded how individual items were treated, they were much better and more attractively arranged within the cases)
    * most importantly, someone who knows enough about knitting to assist in displaying the important features of each item without damaging them – then we might have such outcomes as shawls hung the right way out with the important design features visible, and no snags, cuts or stretching of the garments.

  • Ailsa

    Who is that person standing next to Donna? She looks like she’s all ears!

  • justthreadtwiddling

    When I was in high school, I entered a very large crocheted, ruffled doily. I didn’t win anything because I hadn’t seen the part about no starch, and as the dense ruffle was 3 inches tall it was heavily starched. I haven’t tried to enter anything since as I obviously can’t read directions.

  • Sue

    Good to heat that you enjoyed yourself despite the travesty of the knitting competition. Things will never improve whilst more and more people get disappointed and disheartened. It’s just soul destroying to see mediocrity rewarded again and again. But perhaps the RAS doesn’t really want knitting in the Show at all?

  • Emma

    The knitting. All I can do is shake my head in despair.

    It looks like you had a good time despite it though! I hope the CWA picks up on the ‘food on a stick’ trend next year and offers scones on a stick.

  • missfee

    Damns those displays – not good at all

    A travesty in display indeed – your shawl was voted the bestest ever at work when you I showed them
    so you get a prize and a ribbon from us at the un -named tv show production, accounts, costume, extras and art department!!!

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