the next ten days

what a good good friday it is. being a godless heathen (my paternal grandmother was jewish but that doesnt count) i have no interest this weekend in all things religious (or anzac, which is a whole other blinding religion in this ridiculously sentimental nationalistic country). i dont mind the treats though:

i have a whole 10 days off work and i have plenty to do. normally i would be at the easter show with the flyball, but im not and i dont want to talk about that. i am home alone with ricco, and we have been a for a walk, and will go again, but right now hes busy eating yoghurt.

arent you sweetie?

ive opened the new coffee (i like south american coffees best):

i have some chores to do, washing, a bit of ‘spring’ cleaning, some social outings planned (thor tomorrow, the show on monday to see the travesty of the lace display, a knitting lunch on tuesday), some buffy to watch:

not all of them, just season six on the top. i think this is my favourite season: buffy and spike, ‘once more with feeling’, whats not to love?

i am not even going to think about work, and the paper i didnt get finished, even though its sitting here on my new little mini netbook (its red you know):

(ooh self-reflexive moment there). and then this time next week i will be packing for our annual LYS’s knitting retreat. can. not. wait. in the meantime i need to get a move on with some knitting. i want to knit these mittens to go with my cashmere hat but i think i will save them for camp. right now i need to finish at least one of this pair

and i still have a long way to go with greenfield:

but ive got 10 long luxurious days to do it in.

what will you be doing?

k xx

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9 responses to “the next ten days

  • jp

    Enjoy the 10 days! Knitting, chocolate, baked goods and coffee!

  • Bells

    oh i agree re season six. It’s the one I go back to over and over. We’re hitting Madmen here, eating my home made buns and I’m trying desperately to finish featherweight!

    I think you need these ten days. You’ve been so full on with work. Happy happy joy joy!

  • RoseRed

    I am doing a bit of Buffy watching too…it’s the TrueBuff marathon on the Foxtel – all of Buffy, all the time, all weekend. Woo hoo!

    I plan on knitting a lot too, as much as I can. And perhaps there is a Greenfield in my future too. My near future even. How exciting!

  • justthreadtwiddling

    I’ve never watched Buffy. Am I missing something? Socks on the needles will keep me busy I am sure. The grandbaby is too young for the kids’ part of Easter, and we are heathens as well. So dogs and knitting it is!

  • Sarah

    I’ve got 4 days then 3 days back then 4 days off – I will be KNITTING and maybe crocheting too – happy days!

  • 2paw

    Ricco looks a tiny bit guilty, or surprised!!! The Labradors love yoghurt too. He’s a lucky boy to have you all to himself.
    Your Cardi is looking so nice, I have lots of stitch and row tension issues with mine and so I am doing lots of maths and measuring!!

  • kgirlknits

    10 days off is fantastic! sounds like there is a full schedule planned – bet there’s a bit more progress on that cardigan by the end.

    knitting retreat sounds perfect πŸ˜€

  • Leonie

    I’m hoping that since it is Monday you have knocked over a serious amount of Buffy including the seminal “Once more with feeling” which we have for listening to in the car for long trips. Also hoping that the Show is not as disappointing as you anticipate, and that your lace has been treated better than reported.

  • 1funkyknitwit

    Enjoy your time off, knitting, eating chocolate or doing whatever pleases you most πŸ˜€

    We had a family gathering yesterday, a lovely day but disgusted at the sheer amount of chocolate I’ve consumed…lol

    yom yom yom.. of to get another piece πŸ˜‰

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