red head

im a brunette actually, but, at the risk of perpetuating certain (gendered) stereotypes, i do sometimes feel like a fiery tempered blazing red haired demon. i have been feeling very ranty lately, im not sure what its about, just getting a bit sick and tired of the same old human stupidity, and i think the increase in social media and online life makes it harder to regulate what you let in. im a big believer in the power of anger for social and personal change, and i dont want to be one of those people who says ‘you cant do anything about it so whats the point of caring’, but i do need to find a way of not letting said human stupidity get to me (and my blogging!) so much.

i think being creative in my own life is one way i try and bring some balance. i dont mean creative like some great artist or anything, but i do mean finding ways to appreciate the beauty and small things in life, and maybe contribute to that in some way. knitting has been my main avenue for this over the last few years, and i really have become dependent on it as a form of meditation. when i was doing my phd i just couldnt read for pleasure anymore, and doing something with my hands was a great alternative. it gave my brain a break, the simple counting of rows and stitches and pattern repeats a blessed relief, and at the end of the day i had something new and pretty to show for it (unlike a phd which takes years for no immediate return and sucks the very soul out of you along the way).

i really needed some good old knitting therapy this weekend, so i set about finishing a couple of things. first was sock number one of the ‘evening stockings for a young lady‘ and i am pretty happy with this:

i wont give any more project details until i’ve finished the second one, but that wont be for a while now because im going to finish sock one of the conwy’s i started a while ago. (keeping things balanced see?!).

i also finished the spur of the moment beret i started.  i dont know what compelled me to knit a hat this weekend, i think maybe i just wanted to knit with the lovely string cashmere. it was so beautiful to knit with, and the finished product was lovely and supersoft

i thought about not blocking it, it being cashmere and all, but i really wanted the peaky bits to flatten out and for it to droop like a proper beret, so while i cooked cindy’s yummy pear and honey cake, i wet it and let it dry around a plate. i think it was a good idea:

(the cake was pretty good too):

it has become a fair bit drapier,

and is probably too loose around the rim, but it feels great to wear:

the pattern is hannah fettig’s early morning beret, really simple and easy and i knit exactly to the pattern (although i probably could have made it bigger in the head and more ribbing for the rim). i have about 45g of the second ball left, so im thinking some ribbed wrist warmers.  who wouldnt want to be draped in cashmere?!

and when knitting a hat doesnt quite restore your equanimity, there is always the thought of a 3 day week at work, followed by nearly 2 weeks off for easter and our annual local knit camp retreat.

i can not wait.



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13 responses to “red head

  • Bells

    i was just thinking, it’s Monday, must be time for a post from Drk and there you are!

    OMG the beret is GORGEOUS! And so fast. I’m totally impressed and want one RIGHT NOW. How good is that for a bit of instant gratification!

    And the sock! Oh that pattern is beautiful.

    Here’s hoping you feel wonderful restored now. You should!

  • shellauw

    I hear you re: the stabby. I’m chalking it up to a severe lack of knitting, amongst other things.

    But your socks is *beautiful* I’m inspired to look at the pattern too. And I still love, love, LOVE that cashmere beret… swoon!

    And I think red heads and Scorpios do share the same fiery temperament. But that’s just me…

  • RoseRed

    Oh my that sock…it’s GORGEOUS!! I hadn’t noticed how pretty that pattern was until now! Look at how the pattern flows into the heel flap ribbing thingy. Just lovely. I will definitely have to make some of these for my very own self!

    And the hat – wow, finished already! Wonderful wonderful cashmere. Definitely wrist warmers or similar with the leftover, great idea. How snuggly.

    And hey, we all have those ranty times. It’s not like it’s all the time.

  • kgirlknits

    draped in cashmere – who wouldn’t want that, indeed!

    and I’ve been wanting to make Conway for some time now, I think yours has just reminded me – such a fab-o pattern

  • nettie

    mmmm…String cashmere

  • 2paw

    I love your beret, it looks so soft and deliciously warm!! I hope you enjoyed your pear cake, it looks yummy and I tasted mine and it was yummy too.
    I get ranty. About the principle of things mainly. I think Easter is nicely places in the calendar, whenever it falls, to have a nice little pre-Winter break!!

  • donna lee

    I, too, love that sock pattern. There are times when I feel particularly ranty (we call them potty mouth days at work) when it feels like there is all this negative frenetic energy. Knitting helps me to let go of that and find some positive focus.

    I think I need a beret like that!

  • Sarah

    Great spontaneous knit 🙂

  • yogaknitdra

    Oh the cashmere! Beautiful beret. Some Mala beads are headed your way, hopefully they will held reduce stabbiness generally and especially at work. You know I’m a big fan of the Evening Stocking pattern already, hopefully I’ll have my red ones finished about same time as your gorgeous S&C’s and we can have a virtual fashion parade.

  • Leonie Tewierik

    Love the hat, and in that yarn, it’s sure to be toasty warm 🙂

  • Emma

    oh that hat! Perfect use of cashmere. It looks so soft and warm.

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