all my pretties

today is monday, work from home day. i have lots of stuff to read, and a paper to edit:

but first i went grocery shopping. when i came home, a package had arrived:

i tried to distract ricco from eating it with some basil that needed trimming:

but apparently dogs dont do basil.

i knew what was in the box and was excited, because ive wanted this book for ages and have been trying to knit something from it:

and then i got distracted taking photos of my first foray into the land of the cabled sock:

i am pretty happy with these. yesterday knitabulous showed me yet another way of doing the difficult ‘through the back loop’ left crossover and i think the ‘cable’ is right:

and if its not, im learning something new in the attempt! i showed them to trent, for whom they are intended. he thought they were ‘very pretty’. if hes ok with wearing pretty socks, im ok with making them. jem thought the wollmeise in ‘mitternacht’ was actually a bit annoying and flicked it out of the way

and then stood there till i took a picture of him:

well he is rather handsome. not to be outdone was the princess basking in the morning sunshine.

i think this is her favourite time of year for sun baking, not too hot, a slight breeze. and she is very pretty! i also couldnt resist taking a photo of the greenfield cardigan in progress:

ive done lots of it and its almost ready to be divided for the arm holes, but i need a break from the garter stitch for a day or two. not that i dont love it. like Lyn, i am pleasantly surprised at how the simplicity of the garter rows are creating an elegant fabric that looks like something’s happening, but isnt.

and the berocco ultra alpaca light. swoon. very pretty indeed.

all my reading? not so much….

k xx


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11 responses to “all my pretties

  • shellauw

    That book looks lovely! I must investigate. And your pretties are all so gorgeous. That is a beautiful shot of your princess on her throne. I can’t wait to see them again! 🙂

  • Bells

    oh that is such a great photo of Jem and the sock. He does look like he’s waiting for you to snap a photo. Mitternacht is gorgeous. Such a great dark blue and well suited to those tiny cables. I have that book. I really ought to knit something out of it some time. Great inspiration, thanks!

  • RoseRed

    The socks look so great! I think I’d want to keep them for myself if I were you…(shhh don’t tell Trent!).

    Am v. excited about knitting with my Ultra Alpacky…just have to get a few other things out of the way first! (d*mn you wips, why don’t you knit yourselves when I’m sleeping!)

  • Ailsa

    I don’t know why I haven’t got that book either. I wish I did.

    I wouldn’t be giving those socks away either, unless it was to me of course.

    WIPS look great.

  • Knitdra

    I don’t believe it I ordered that book yesterday! Great minds and all that. Was it the joy of Evening Stockings that did it? Was for me. Loving your Princess in the sun, it’s a wonderful time of year for basking in it.

    • drkknits

      i think its the evening stockings yes. there is just something about her patterns. they go right everytime. apart from the colourworks, i want to make everything in this one, and then even some of the colourwork ones!

  • sue

    Isnt it a great book. I think the cable socks look great, and it is always fun to learn new ways of doing things. Your dogs are gorgeous, and the princess is very pretty sunbaking away. Our cats love to sunbake too!

  • 2paw

    No self respecting dog would choose basil over a parcel!!! I love the photos of all your pups today. It is excellent sunbathing weather!!!
    Hooray for your cables socks, I am so happy for you. You are speeding along on your cardigan too!!

  • donna lee

    I have made a few pairs of socks from that book but not Conwy. I’ve admired it but haven’t attempted it. I love the book, though I think the photos are not terribly helpful.

  • Emma

    Oh, that photo of Jem is great!

    Mitternacht is a stunning colourway. The cables look great in it.

  • 1funkyknitwit

    Those socks are going to look amazing !

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