knitter about town

for a shy retiring type, i sure have been getting out a lot lately. its nice to be busy, but it can cut into precious knitting time. i’ve decided that i really need to make more of an effort to knit wherever i go. so what if i get funny looks or weird comments? (and i do. i especially love when people look at you and smile and make that weird hand motion, as though they are knitting too. i usually smile back and nod and say ‘yes….knitting’ very slowly).

it helps that a lot of my social engagements this week have been with knitters. it started a week ago with the monthly local ‘stitch and bitch’ with lunch first at diggies:

lunch mates this week were ailsa, zena, becky and our new friend catherine, who is canadian and working at the uni (yay for a knitter working at the uni!):

we missed randomknits this week, apparently a daughter turning 18 is more important! regardless, i worked on the evening stockings in the spud and chloe. drool:

then it was up to the novotel to join the rest of the gang:

and knitting of the stripe study shawl:

i hope they vacuum that floor regularly. later in the week i managed to catch up with catherine again on campus:

and wicked parity packages were planned (since acquired. more about that later). that day i was working on the greenfield cardigan. that night at home i tried to cast on the conwy socks in wollmeise, and i followed the instructions to the letter but i just knew it wasnt right. i have never done cables before, not ever (i know, what sort of knitter am i?) and i am more of a visual learner, and they just werent right, so i ripped them out. i started them again friday morning and took them to work that day, where i worked on the cuff at the friday afternoon work party (no occassion apart from free wine and an early mark).

its interesting to see the questions i get about knitting at work. socks? really, youre making socks? yes people, knitted socks. theyre not that weird. sheesh.

that night i had a dinner date. rosered happened to be in town so i took the opportunity to make a booking at one of my favourite places, michaels trattoria. even at a slightly fancy place, the knitting came out, mostly because i needed help with the whole cable thing, and rosered’s been trying to get me to do them for ages. we started with studying the pattern:

moved on to scallops:

then a demonstration of an alternative cabling method that was like a light bulb moment, followed by quail with pickled cherries:

veal for main was followed by my favourite thing in the whole world, proper tiramisu in a bowl, with the coffee and amaretto making a slurpy pool at the bottom:

yum. a most excellent dinner. pretty good company too. and the result (apart from a rather full belly)?

cabled socks. well, the start of them anyway. as well as a crazy week at work, cleaning the house for a property inspection, a car in the smash repairers, songs to learn for choir and knitting camp, its just been a pretty average week around here!


k xx

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12 responses to “knitter about town

  • justthreadtwiddling

    You really are out and about. I have been enjoying at home time with the pups. I really should get out more.

  • RoseRed

    So lovely to catch up and squeeze in a bit of knitting over dinner. And hello, YAY for cables!!

    Knitting rocks. Some people just don’t get it, hey! It rocks at home by yourself and at work functions and best of all, out with friends of a like mind!

  • Ailsa

    I love that restaurant too. I have only been there twice, and both times were really great nights out. The scallops look divine..

  • Bells

    man there is so much great knitting in your life right now. The evening stockings. Sigh.

    I love knitting at work social functions. I do it most Fridays at afternoon drinks. I love that people are used to it now – not so much with the weird comments anymore – I love that it just happens and no one even comments.

  • Knitdra

    Yay for fancy dining and cables and tiramisu, what a wonderful trifecta!

  • 2paw

    Cables are not as difficult as they appear, they are such good fun. I am always amazed at how they ‘work’!!

  • Olivia

    I’m coveting your tiramisu. It’s so hard to get a really good sloppy one.

  • LynS

    I think you’re going to have to reconsider that ‘shy retiring type’ line (regardless of whatever it is Myer-Briggs has said about you)!

  • Emma

    Lucky you, having randoms talk to you about your knitting! Every now and again I hear people on the tram talking about my knitting, as if I can’t hear them. It’s kind of odd but mostly I’m happy to not be disturbed.

    I reckon you should get your knitting out whenever you can/want to. I figure it’s no different to people who muck around on their phones!

  • 1funkyknitwit

    Oh I’m a bit like you I have trouble knitting in public and I often think it’s quite silly and I should just knit.

    I’m in AWE of your stripe study shawl mine was close to BO and I frogged it because I’m not loving it as much as yours, maybe might copy yours cause it sure is inspiring ;D

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