duck, er, sock season

todays photo shoot scene was the duck pond outside my faculty.

i could have just sat here all day really, the sun is shining and there is a cool south westerly coming off the mountains. its supposed to be warm today, but there is a slight autumn edge to the colour of the air and the temperature of the breeze. the ground is still mushy from all the rain but the water in the pond is nice and clear. perfect sock knitting conditions really.

as promised, i was very self-willed and decided to just cast on the socks in the yarn that i most wanted to work with, the spud and chloe wool/silk.

i always intended these to be long socks, and i have gone with the nancy bush ‘evening stockings for a young lady‘ from knitting vintage socks (favourite sock book ever). i dont have enough yardage to make VERY long socks, so im going for somewhere up near the top of my calf. its not like i have long legs or anything.

this is such a well designed pattern, that even with changing the stick size and stitch count to ensure they were roomy enough, i can follow along in principle. it calls for many infrequent decreases along the back of the calf, but given the shape of my legs, ive done a few quicker decreases (every 5 rounds) and will now just decrease every 10 rounds until i get to the ankle.

it looks good doesnt it, so very clever! knitting these socks has made me dissatisifed with the boy socks i am knitting for T.

he might not get a new jumper this year but he should at least get a couple of pairs of socks. these are good for car or social knitting, but they are just too boring for other times. also, ive realised i prefer top down on DPNs. magic loop toe up has advantages but im just more comfortable the other way, and i feel like the socks move faster. do you have a preference?

i also decided T was finally worthy of some serious sock  yarn. he has a few in that regia, and some patonyle and heirloom, its time to take things up a notch. plus, i want to knit the wollmeise! so im thinking the gentlemans fancy socks in this gorgeous blue.

the colour is labelled as a ‘not perfect’ but i think its ‘midnight’. im not sure about the pattern, im looking for good solid mens socks that arent just rib, with a bit of texture, but not too hard. suggestions welcome.

the ducks had nothing of any value to offer in that regard, and were slightly miffed i didnt feed them.

im slightly miffed that im back inside my office and not sitting out there still.

k xx


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18 responses to “duck, er, sock season

  • Ailsa

    I walked past that duck pond at 8:10am this morning, and again at 9:30!

    I should have called you, but I was late for what I was going to both times. As usual. I’m going to have to get a job there I think.

    It was BEAUTIFUL there this morning.

  • justthreadtwiddling

    After frogging several single socks for reasons as varied as I didn’t like the texture to I didn’t like the fit, I am glad others are having better luck. Right now I am FINISHING a pair of 2-at-a-time toe-ups. I have a very bad habit of losing DPs so am doing magic loop.

  • gidgetknits

    You have ducks outside your office??? I want ducks! Mind, one of my light sussex hens apparently honks like a duck…

  • Bells

    oh see when you said which socks you were doing I think I pictured a different pattern entirely – the ones I thought of had a fancy lace cuff? I’ve never really looked at your pattern before and I think I am in love. Bugger whatever the next sock pattern in the club is – I’m doing those ones. All hail Nancy Bush.

    You are very good, making wollmeise socks not for yourself. I’m not ready to do that yet. All wollmeise is for me, except that yellow stuff I got.

  • Bells

    and yes now I remember that that was the one pattern I REALLY wanted to do in the sock club. I’m doing it.

  • shellauw

    What a gorgeous setting for beautiful socks! As for preference… I like magic loop for both, but if I had to choose, I’d say the loop is far easier for toe-ups than DPNs.

    And I really had ought to get onto those nutkins. If only I didn’t hate them so…

  • jp

    How beautiful is that.

    Socks and ducks very nice.!

  • LynS

    Nancy Bush – sigh – my sock knitting hero. If I ever survive S62011 the first thing on my list will be these exquisite evening stocking. Great colour choice, too.

  • RoseRed

    duck duck sock!
    I really want to see those socks in the flesh (so to speak!). Looks like a fab pattern and such lush yarn.

    I like cable socks for boys. You really should try some cables, they are not at all hard and are lots of fun (I reckon!). I think Spey Valley is a good boy sock, although it is mostly rib (but a wide rib). Or the railway stitch sock from Knitting Vintage Socks. I’ll see if I can think of others. Oh, I know, Primavera.

    I like toe up magic loop and top down dpns pretty much equally I think. But I don’t like short row heels, I am sure of that!

  • travellersyarn

    I wish my workplace had ducks – instead we have manky pigeons and smoking students….

    What about the Railway stitch socks from Knitting Vintage Socks – I’m making them out of Wollmeise.

  • Melissa

    What a lovely place you work in! Love the Nancy Bush socks, I am so tempted to get that book.

    I nearly always knit my socks toe up, magic loop. I just can not do DPNs they seem to have a mind of their own in my hands.

  • 2paw

    What lovely duckies, I am glad Lorelai Gilmore was no there, she would have chased them all and interrupted your oasis of peace!!
    I like top down socks on double pointed needles. I can knit them without a pattern, I know how all the parts go together and I love the way they form, it’s magic!!

  • donna lee

    That’s a very inviting looking photo of the pond. We have rain/sleet/snow this morning and today and you’re pond is like a promise of spring (although it’s already spring here if only Mother Nature would get with her own program).

    I like dpns and cuff down but I think toe up (still on dpns, I don’t like magic loop) move quicker.

  • Leonie Tewierik

    My preference for sock knitting is top down but that may just be because I’ve only ever knitted 1 complete pair of toe ups and 3/4 of the next pair and haven’t gotten to the automatic construction zone yet. I can do top down without thinking. My choice of needles is not personal preference though, it is governed by necessity. Necessity part A: husband doesn’t like knitting needles poking out of bags to catch the unwary passers-by. Necessity part B: 3 small children who land in my lap at inopportune times resulting in needles removing themselves from my knitting or needles making dints in their bodies. So in my house, I’m guessing for the next 5 or so more years, it will be magic looping for me, less pointy sticks and less likelihood of accidental removal from garment. Personal preference is straight sticks for cardi’s jumpers, etc but due to aforementioned issues only one garment at a time is in progress on straights and it is only brought out when small people are in bed.
    As for suitable Men’s patterns, a quick peruse of my Rav faves reveals: Hedgerow socks, Crosswaves, Kalajoki, Java socks, Bayerische socks, Temperence, Mesmer. Haven’t made any of them, but they are in the list for either me or Jules.

  • 1funkyknitwit

    I really love your sock choice and they are on my wish list, they are going to look so pretty.

    I’m gobsmacked by the Wollmeise… GORGOUS colour.. swoon!!! the sock choice is also another fave of mine, so I say.. go for it because the combination of that blue in the Gentlemans sock will look scrumptious. Also if he doesn’t like them in the end feel free to donate them over here as I will appreciate them… lol ;D

    I will also add what a divine serene place to be able to sit and knit, and this time of the year is really lovely ! 🙂

  • Sarah

    Nice sock choice and oh that scenery – not sure if you’ve had this suggested already but I loved Primavera for a good man friendly sock pattern – am always meaning to knit it again

  • Emma

    It looks so very nice and serene out there with the ducks!

    Your long socks are coming up a treat. That Spud and Chloe looks so soft and warm.

    I don’t have much experience with knitting socks, but I think I prefer toe up, dpns. I just feel more comfortable getting the feet done with first, because I feel that it’s the non-negotiable part of sock knitting.

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