FO: celaeno shawl

in the quest for the perfect set of red accessories this coming winter, (hedera socks item one, a pigeon hat in bluesky alapaca/silk to come), late friday night i finished the celaeno shawl. i took it to guild yesterday unblocked

and blocked it when i came home

and took it off the pins this morning

i didnt block it too fiercely, because i do want it to be smallish, and its meant to be rounded along the top so it sits on the shoulders nicely. which it really does, and then wraps around the neck just so. youll have to wait for winter of photos of me wearing it! but even on a hot day like today i can appreciate how lovely this is going to be to wear, in its all divine parisian alpacky goodness, with the gorgeous contrast between the garter stitch body and the stocking stitch border:

and the stunning detail of these little flowers:

it was an easy shawl to knit for the most part, the flowers were a little tricky with fuzzy alpacka because they required a make 7 from 3 stitches on one side and then a knit 5 together later. i made a mistake at one point and spent a night tinking back a row that required a sl3tog, k2tog, psso. tricky.

other than that, and skipping the addition of beads, i made no mods and the  details are as follows. the pattern is romi hills from 7 small shawls (no shawlettes here either thanks), knit in la droguerie alpaca purchased in paris as a gift from ailsa, on 3.75mm knit picks options cable. a confession, however. i ran out of yarn, right at the end. i thought i had enough when i started but then the border ate it up a lot quicker. i didnt frog it though because i had a plan that i thought might work and it did. i ran out about 20 stitches short of the third last row, so theres was one row and then the cast off to go. a certain lovely missfee had given me a lovely ball of red packy lace weight for my birthday, i checked, and it pretty well matched.

i held it double and had no problems finishing with it. i dont think you’d ever pick it, but this is one of the little traps that comes with knitting yarn that comes from a long way away in another language! i’m perfectly happy with it though, and wouldnt change a thing.

and im thinking i might have a touch of shawl flu again. i started another one yesterday. more about that later.

k xx


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