FO: Not-Shur’tugal Socks

And now for something completely different. Knitting! one good thing about not going to canberra for the weekend has been plenty of knitting time (as well as plenty of knitting-socialising time. so much that my head hurts). but i did get the not-shur’tugal socks finished, finally:

in case you didnt know, these are for the s62011 sock club, the first pattern of which was shur’tugal, which i didnt like (short version) and because there are no knitting police, i chose an alternate pair, cookie’s hederas. i have been meaning to make these for ages, and with the reissue of the pattern in the wonderful knit. sock. love, i had sizing options! so i went up to the largest size and they really are lovely on:

i probably could have got away with the medium size, but i dont want to stretch the lovely malabrigo sock yarn (in ravelryred colourway), and these just slide on. ive not been this happy with a pair of socks in a long time.

i knit them exactly as per the pattern, and its a very easy one to remember and joy to knit. and even though they are not the same socks as the majority of people are knitting for the first s62011 installment, i still finished them on time, and that is a very good feeling. i am going to do the nominated pair for the second installment, nutkins, and i have a very smooshy yarn picked for those:

but first, i have an alpaca shawl to finish.



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16 responses to “FO: Not-Shur’tugal Socks

  • justthreadtwiddling

    That pattern is on my list as well, but I’m thinking blues

  • jp

    Those socks are almost enough to make me buy red sock yarn.

    They are just stunning and the pattern is gorgeous. Awesome knitting.

  • RoseRed

    They look GREAT! You can never have too many pairs of red socks!

    And I LOVE the yarn you’ve chosen for Nutkins! Can’t wait to see it knitted up.

  • Bells

    fantastic! I don’t know why I’ve never actively considered these socks. Oh wait, I know. I think I tried them early on and they seemed hard. They sound like a great knit and in that red, oh wow, they look wonderful.

    It’s great there are no knitting police because as you know, I didn’t knit Shur’tugal either! Totally doing nutkins though.

  • LynS

    I agree with RoseRed that a surfeit of red socks can never be too many…and how nice that the hederas are comfortable as well. Looking forward to red nutkins.

  • gidgetknits

    Oh, I love my nutkins! And that is great nutkins yarn. I really need to do red socks too… look at that pop of colour!

  • shellauw

    Oh my, aren’t they just stunning?! What a beautiful colour! And they look so good.

    Looking forward to the nutkins. Just need to finish this Henry first…

  • travellersyarn

    I love the not shturgals (will not bother to spell that silly name properly). You are good to have gotten then done in the required time. I’ve done 5 cm on my not shturgals, and very much doubt that they will be finished by the end of the month. Can’t wait to see the Nutkins.

  • Ailsa

    I didn’t finish my shurtgals either, love hederas – my alltime favourite knitted sock in the drawer. I’m going to knit an alternative dragon sock instead. Maybe even two.

    your red socks look great. alpacky shawl, can’t wait.

  • 1funkyknitwit

    Well, what can I say except… LOVE !!!!!! the most perfect shade of red in a fab pattern, huge thumbs up from me 😀

    Your Nutkins are equally going to be as smoochy in that colour Koigu, seriously envious of both pairs of socks…lol

    Can’t wait to see.. arhmmm …that shawl 😉 hehehehe

  • Tam

    I’ve been wearing my red Shur’tugals all day, and those ones look just as beautiful… there’s something about red socks! Glad you had more fun with these ones, and finished on time 😉

  • Emma

    Beautiful, they look magnificent in red. There can never be enough red socks in this world. Never. Ok, except if they’re not colourfast and get into a washing machine load of white clothes.

  • 2paw

    Lovely NSS, and it is always a bonus when your knitted article fits!!

  • Emily

    Gorgeous! Totally enamoured of the red!

  • donna lee

    Hederas is a pattern I’ve long admired and they look like they are perfect socks!

    I am working on a few pairs of socks and today I’m going to pick up the many cabled bayerische with an eye to finishing them finally (after more than a year).

  • Leonie Tewierik

    Lovely Hederas. The combo of colour and pattern are gorgeous.

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