holding pattern

contrary to the majority of the rest of the two legged fauna on this continent, i try to hibernate during summer. the only time i ever liked summer was when i was a kid, up till i was about 12, and free to ride my bike around my half wild- bush cicada and christmas beetle infested neighbourhood, and get smashed repeatedly onto the shore at wanda beach. these days, im scared of the sun, having had a BCC removed from my face a couple of years ago, and am mostly ideologically opposed to the outdoors rednecked culture of australia-major. yes yes gross sweeping generalisation, and there is lots to love about australia in the summer. the smell and feel of salt air (this is why i could never live inland again), sand in everything, melting icecream, the joy of a cold shower after a day in the sun, the fantastic fresh produce, mangos, seafood, outdoor cafes, all that. but its getting hotter out there, and the beaches are more crowded, and the outfits getting skimpier, and well, im not 12 anymore. and its so hard to WORK when its that hot. i guess thats the clincher for me. summer means holidays. how are you meant to get your head into gear when you work in front of a computer in a non air conditioned building with a workmate who doesnt want the ceiling fan on? (trust me, it got turned on).

so i feel like i have been in a bit of limbo for the last month or so, really struggling to get my head and feet moving. the feet havent had a lot of choice, kept moving a little at least by being home alone for most of the summer and needing to take the dogs for runs. today is my last day of that, and i cant wait for it to be over. not that i dont like living on my own, i actually really enjoy it, although i do start having conversations with the dogs after a while and they look at me like im quite mad.

maybe i am. its a strange living arrangement we have here, me and my ex of fifteen years living together as friends! its not always easy, and sometimes i think its a terrible mistake, but most of the time we get along better now than we did when we were together, and its just too hard to separate the dogs, and hes quite handy about the house, and if you have to share with someone it might as well be someone you know well, right? plus, im getting a lot of joy out of watching him realise his dream of going to law school. he comes back tonight after a summer in canberra doing a government cadetship, and to be honest, im very happy about it. looking after the house and three dogs by myself, plus trying to work full time, has been much harder than i thought it would be, and with things about to ramp up at work, the timing is perfect.

i’ve been in a bit of a holding pattern at work during the academic summer, but the last week has seen that shift, with a project ive been working on unfunded getting the official stamp of approval and a large sum of money from the uni. i get to hire minions now and will be travelling to perth and melbourne, and working pretty hard this year. im hoping it doesnt cut into my knitting time, which is all about the ‘in progress’ since girasole was finished (thank you everyone for the wonderful comments!). im trying to get my not-shurtugals finished by the end of february

and i just started the heel on the second one last night

so these should meet the deadline for the ss62011 first installment. im enjoying the knitting-to-deadline part of a sock club, and its nice to know i might actually have some knitted socks this winter. i am hoping to have a couple of new cardigans as well, i was left in awe last saturday at guild by missfees amazing cardigan output and i came home thinking i needed to rip what i had done on the leaving cardigan because it was so daggy and old fashioned compared to her modern snappy things. but i did some more on it

and fell in love with it again. the pattern panel up the back is really lovely,

and works beautifully in the madtosh pashmina. and anyway,  i have a whole heap of lovely black berroco alpaca to make into something a little more ‘trendy’ when leaving is done.

and we are about to start on a whole round of flyball comps as well, which means the hibernation is nearly over, and the year is really about to begin. lets hope its a good one!


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12 responses to “holding pattern

  • missfee

    no no no not daggy at all

    it is gorgeous and on my list too

    and the socks rock

    and your puppies are so CUTE

  • Bells

    you know, the colour and style of Leaving is almost instantly recognisable as ‘Kylie’ now. You’ve done a few in that sort of colour and fabric (not the leaves) and it’s really becoming a thing. Beautiful.

    And your Not-Shur’tugals! So so fabulous! So red!

    You’re gonna have a big year. Perth! Hooray! Not quite NYC admittedly but still exciting.

  • gidgetknits

    Oh I love the colour on those socks! And laughed about your getting your own minions (having lots of Harmony in Buffy flashbacks). But most of all… oh I don’t like summer either! I’m only happy if my hair freezes. I’m in the wrong country…

  • justthreadtwiddling

    I’ve decided I need to be ‘bipolar’. An Aussie for your winter, an Oregonian for ours. As usual, the knitting and the dogs are beautiful.

  • RoseRed

    I’m quite sure the pups are looking at you adoringly, not like you are mad!!

    I love Leaving! I’m so glad you have kept going, it is classic, not daggy! And will look so fetch with the red Hederas (get the pop culture reference there??)

  • Leonie

    Your Hederas are beautiful, so nice that the almost knit-a-long is providing you with such loveliness. The Leaving is such a simple and classic looking knit, no dagginess there at all.

  • jp

    Those dogs are adorable and it is obvious they adore you.

    Your cardigans are always elegant and the leaving is going to be stunning.

    As a fair skinned lass i like Summer but not direct sunlight so recognise some of your feeling.

    It’s wonderful to see you excited about a work project. Love to hear how it goes for you.

  • 1funkyknitwit

    I agree 100% on the summer part, I could do without this season and would be very happy with all the others.

    Luv’n your socks, very pretty colour and great pattern ! 🙂

  • GeekKnitter

    Minions… I could do with a few of those myself, except I’m not sure when I’d find the time to train them.

  • Emma

    I’m another one that doesn’t really like Summer. Or more, being out in the sun. And funny, being able to smell the salty air is one thing I really missed when living in Canberra.

    Agree with RoseRed, Leaving isn’t daggy, it’s most definitely classic.

  • Ailsa

    Perth! How wonderful, I’ve always wanted to see what it’s like over there.

    I do like summer, but autumn is my absolute favourite.

  • shellauw

    Allow me to sit here and ooh and aah at your wips…
    And congrats on the funding and impending travel.
    You on linkedin yet?!

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