FO: Girasole Shawl

i had a lot of trouble concentrating at work yesterday. all day, i was thinking of that lovely piece of red wollmeise stretched out on knitabulous’ floor, waiting to be unpinned. i raced over after work yesterday, and up it came. its so beautiful it nearly made me cry:

the wollmeise has just blocked beautifully, it is so smooth and light and drapey, and its HUGE! its at least 140cm across::

im not sure i made it to wear it, i thought of it more as a decoration, but it was actually very hard to take off:

i should stop preening and tell you a little bit about it, although you can see all the details on ravelry of course. the pattern is jared flood’s girasole, italian for sunflower, which it does indeed invoke:

the yarn is wollmeise lace-garn, in merlot, that george got for me in pfaffenhoffen, and really only natural light does the colour justice. it looks like, well, merlot. the pattern was written for a fingering and an aran weight, but the wollmeise is probably about a 3 ply. i went with 3.75mm sticks, or knit pick option interchangeable with the longest cable actually. it opened up beautifully on blocking:

and is light, and flowing, and drapey. i did extra repeats on chart E and G (6 and 4 respectively i think) and i still have enough yarn left over to make another small shawl. but not enough that i dont think i wasted it, and im certainly not thinking its too small! im so pleased with it, ive bought it to work today.

just because.


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