hommage à trois

i just want to pay a little homage to some people today. one is to my ex-aunty-in-law  (in other words, my ex’s aunty), who passed away over night.  she was diagnosed with cancer before christmas, was put on morphine last week, and passed into a coma yesterday. she died at 2am this morning.

she was always so good to me, her and her husband and their children (t’s cousins) welcomed me into their family and even when we split, they stayed open and welcoming to me. this is more than i can say for other parts of the ex-in law family and sadly, its a lot more than i can say for my own family. my dads sisters made a big deal about me being ‘discovered’ again a few years ago (as did my dad) but now im lucky to get a birthday card, from any of them (father included). family is hard work, and im not good at it, ive been without it for so long, so im sure its partly my fault. it meant a lot to me though, that aunty j and her daughters were so nice to me, and it was lovely to see t find a family again as well, after so long in the wilderness. i spent christmas with them this year and aunty j was determined that we all get our photos taken with her, me included, and it was obvious she knew she wouldnt see another christmas. i felt really blessed to be part of that huge gathering on christmas day. it was hilarious and heart warming to see her perch her tiny little frame on a chair and command the people around her.  i hope she rests in peace, i know a few will be lost without her.

the other homage is to my favourite knitted sock designer, whose new book arrived this morning, not more than an hour after we heard about aunty j. j always admired my knitting, so i dont think she would mind sharing a post with the likes of cookie a.

i say she’s my favourite, because as much as i love nancy bush and her timeless elegance, it’s cookie’s socks i look to for inspiration. i thought her first book, sock innovation, tried a bit too hard. too many complicated patterns, and not always the best choices of yarns. but this book is different. it breaks up the patterns into design ‘types’, columns:


and diagonals:

and its definitely the diagonals im most drawn to. my favourite knitted socks EVER, are diagonals, kai meis, from sock innovation, and the first pair im going to make out of this book are ‘thelonious’ which are kind of similiar:

the other ones i really like in this section are ‘pointelle’

and ‘in and out’

you can see that theme of those bands coming across the top of the foot, there is just something about that little trick i love. there are plenty of others in this book i want to knit as well, including some i have seen published before, but even if there werent heaps of great patterns, there is plenty about this book to love. the older patterns have been updated with new sizes and more charts and there are detailed schematics for each sock. the sizing options are a real treat, as is the book itself. its big, clearly set out, glossy, and well designed, and complemented by the most amazing photography. there is a lot to look forward to in this book, but for now i must finish hederas:

which are moving ever so slowly, partly because i was seduced by some tarty french alpaca. and also because its been so damn hot. tell me about it, i hear the collective wail. nearly too hot to knit at all. nearly too hot for flyball too. but being the tough sports people we are (snort) me and possum in one team, and trent and jem in another team, ran in the heat in canberra on the weekend. i am very pleased to report that possum and my team, ‘muddys’, came first in division one, losing only one race along the way. we werent racing our top competition, and we ran a bit slower than usual, but we made hardly any mistakes all day, and it was a great feeling, to get our groove happening, and to get our hands (or noses) on a trophy finally!

my final hommage is to trent, who has been running possum the last few years while jem was on hiatus, but now jem’s running again i get possum back, and it was weird to be in a team without trent. but we wouldnt have won it without him, because hes the one who’s done most of possum’s flyball training, and he’s the one who’s taught the team its tricks. thank trent, but this time, its me and my girl’s trophy!

and winning (just for a change!) is kind of sweet.

k xx


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17 responses to “hommage à trois

  • jennifer

    and there we have life. sads and happies. hot and cold. presents. prizes. pups. +family and -family.

  • jennifer

    p.s. and hurrah for knitting.

  • Sarah

    Oh gosh, Jennifer’s comment says it all really – the highs and lows we face every day. Those photos of Possum are a beautiful way to round it all off!

  • jp

    It’s wonderful when we connect with people who become our family of choice (or is it their choice we become family!). In-laws and ex relationships are tricky and I have amazing respect for those that maintain the relationship with the individual after the break-up. A very special group of people do it.

    Congratulations on the win with the puppies (or not so puppy anymore).

    And I am drooling over the Alpaga I know how special it is. We are lucky knitters when gifts such as these are given.

  • Knitdra

    A lovely post all round, though you really had me at tesellations!

  • Bells

    three fitting and wonderful tributes.

    Thanks for the run down on the Cookie book. I haven’t even looked around for other review. I knew nothing except that I’d get it at some point. I think it looks like a very good progression from the first book which, as you say, tried too hard.

    You’ve convinced me. I’ll buy it this week.

  • RoseRed

    I am sorry about your ex-aunty. Cancer sucks, there’s no other way of looking at it.

    I will get the Cookie book sometime too. No rush, because it’s not like I haven’t already got 12, or maybe 13, sock pattern books…heh!

    Love the pics of Possum. Hope she’s having a well-earned beer out of the cup!! (did you know you can buy Dog Beer? Obviously not alcoholic!)

    • tds

      Possum does have a pre-existing drinking disorder. We laid out beer snail baits in the vege patch. She jumped the fence and drank every last one of them within 15 min of being laid, So no more little drinkys for her.

  • 2paw

    Well doe Possum, she looks like she has some celebratory Dog Bubbly in that trophy!!
    I am sorry to read of your kind aunt’s death. You must be glad to have spent such a lovely Christmas with her.
    I am now going to be heretical and say that I am not a big Cookie A fan. I like the Monkeys and I made the Pomatomus socks, but, not too fussed by her other patterns really. Each to her own though, I am sure she is not sitting, worrying, about me not liking all her sock patterns!!

  • Emma

    Knit.Sock.Love sounds interesting. I’ve seen a couple of good reviews, so I should consider it if I’m ever bitten by the sock bug.

    I’m sorry about Auntie J.

  • Leonie

    My sympathy on your loss of Auntie J, she sounds like she was a real gem.
    Congratulations on your win, nice to see everyone’s effort pay off.

  • justthreadtwiddling

    You are right, family is hard work! But it is lovely to be part of one.
    It is always good to see the dogs happy 🙂
    And I love to see which books other knitters buy!

  • Sue

    I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as a “normal” family. The best families are not necesarily connected genetically, I think.

    A great post – a homage to and a thank you for being blessed with a lovely aunty, knitting & knitting patterns and wonderful puppies!

  • sue

    I am so sorry that you lost a loved person in your life. Family is hard to deal with on my side and my partner’s side is just wonderful making me thankful that they are in my life. I am sure your ex-aunty would have loved sharing the post with Cookie A. I bought her first sock book too but found it so overwhelming I never knit anything from it. This new book looks quite nice, might have to put it on my wish list. Congrats on the win too!

  • Annie

    Hugs to you while you are sad for losing what sounds like a very nice person from your life. Probably good timing to recieve your sock book so they can distract you a bit. Congratulations to you and your girls for winning the trophy.

  • donna lee

    She sounds like my kind of aunt. Families of the heart are often the best parts of our lives.
    Congrats to you and Possum! Double points for running in all the heat.
    I’m a Cookie A fan but not of the first book. The patterns were odd and not appealing to me. I’m anxious to see the new one.

  • 1funkyknitwit

    Oh sorry to hear about your aunt Kylie, always hard when someone you love leaves this place. xxoo

    That Cookie A looks like YET another book for the shelf, evil you showing me that ;D
    Love your sock choices, but I have to say they all look lovely as well as the book cover.

    congrats on your win ! …well the dog that is…lol

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